The Angel Corps: The Necessity of Putting Others First

The Angel Corps: The Necessity of Putting Others First

by Andy Boerger

ISBN: 9780692521977

Publisher Inknbeans Press

Published in Self-Help/Motivational, Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

“This is a self-help book about helping others” The Angel Corps shows how simple acts of service to others can map out our path to true happiness. Boerger’s personal experiences, which range from picking up worms from broiling concrete paths, to the rescue of a woman from a horrific wildfire – and the lessons he draws from them – help provide answers to the most important quests that we all face: How can we make the world better? What can really make us happy? How shall we live as human beings upon this earth in relation to each other and all of life?

Sample Chapter

In referring to putting others first as a ‘necessity’ (for our own personal growth, and for the healing of the planet), I in no way mean to imply that we should put ourselves last. Being an angel doesn’t mean being a doormat; itdoesn’t mean letting others push you around or manipulate you, and it doesn’t mean playing the role of martyr. An angel feels good about his or her acts of service; far from resenting the ones we serve, we feel profoundly grateful to them for providing us with an opportunity to act as our best selves.

Such distinctions have become harder than they need to be. We are taught, either through societal sins of omission or commission, to be selfish. The advertising industry daily - hourly even - assaults us with messages of what we need to have in order to be ‘whole’. Its aim is to have us be both self-absorbed and forever unfulfilled, in need of that next product or service to complete us. Sports and entertainment and the cult of celebrity have trained us to look upon success, and ‘winning’, as the highest human achievements. And the news (which is almost invariably bad) teaches us to to fearcalamity around every corner. It is a dizzying array of signals that have taught us that we’re in it for ourselves, we’re on our own, and we’ll never be good enough.

One of the greatest things about the Angel Corps is that, as one commits to it, it blows those fantasies apart. It breaks those spells. By making personal gestures of service on a continual basis, we achieve a greater sense of deep connection to others - and to formerly hidden parts of ourselves - that serve to gradually dissolve the corrosive selfishness that our dysfunctional society has steeped us in.

This enables us to become the exact opposite of selfish: we become self loving. We love ourselves as we observe our transformation into more considerate and caring people, and more alert and attentive to others. We love the expanded world we grow into inhabiting. A world filled with beautiful interactions that have not been manufactured by media, but through personal contacts. We have real ‘strangers’ to care more about than the strangers on television shows, even though our interactions with them might last no more than a few seconds. Consequently, our days become more valuable. Putting others first has the seemingly paradoxical effect of making it easier to enjoy spending life with that one person that we spend each and every single moment with: our own self.

As a result of joining The Angel Corps, the lines between self and other, between our own needs and the ones of those who are ‘in need’, become wonderfully blurred. Whereas self-chosen martyrdom, and allowing ourselves to be somebody’s doormat, create a deepening sense of separation be- tween ourselves and others - and whatever sense we may have of a Guiding Principle to this universe - Angel Corps operations forge deeper connections. Our souls, or, if you prefer, the center of our being, will not be fooled. It is aware ofwhich activities nourish it, and which harm it. Deep down, we all recognize the human need to be on the receiving end of help sometimes, and the giving end at others. A person who manages to go through an entire life bereft of either experience - if indeed such were even possible - will have missed out on the greatest opportunities that life offers.

Thus, Angel Corps activity can be seen as far more than the sum of myriad acts of service. Rather, it should be seen as a necessary cultural spearhead; toward reconnection and healing. It invites us to challenge the very principles upon which our modern society is founded upon - and to find them wanting. “I’m in’” means embracing one’s true human identity, and abandoning the false, demeaning costumes of ‘consumer’ (of resources) and ‘competitor’ ( for the ‘right’ values, truths, opinions, etc). Surprise! You are a member of a family (that includes all living creatures). Your relationship to life is exactly that - a relationship.


Excerpted from "The Angel Corps: The Necessity of Putting Others First" by Andy Boerger. Copyright © 2015 by Andy Boerger. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Andy Boerger

Andy Boerger

Writer and Illustrator Andy Boerger, through his verses, prose and drawings, encapsulates all that is beautiful, absurd, funny, sexy, deep, silly, young, old, happy, sad, profound, profane, puzzling and endearing about the human experience. We are a captivating species, and one with a long way to go. Our need to understand and accept each other, encourage and help each other, and move into each others' spaces with gentleness and love is the driving force that fuels Andy's creativity.

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