Loving Annalise

Loving Annalise

by Gabriel Constans

ISBN: 9781619334854

Publisher FastPencil

Published in Romance

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Book Description

An erotic European Romance. Based on a true story.

After years of poverty, heartbreak, loss and betrayal, Tomas enters Annalise's world and shatters the iron casing she's erected around her heart. Tomas is kind, intelligent, romantic and handsome, but he's also her husband's brother!

Once Tomas and Annalise meet, they are forever intertwined and repeatedly ripped apart by fate, self-doubt and blackmail. Her husband, Jens, is a brilliant, jealous and manipulative scoundrel who keeps her psychologically under lock and key, until her passion for Tomas sets her free.

Sample Chapter

His soft fingertips lightly scratched the skin as they moved towards the base of my spine, lighting a torch that licked my groin from the inside out, filling my body with the heat of the sun. The snow melted on the window with single-minded rapture at its release from solidity. My hands pulled his hips to me with an urgency and excitement I couldn’t control. I heard the snow’s remnants meet the porch as the bed creaked and moaned. My mind slipped into a bewitched state of clarity. This was raw sensation; this was joy incarnate.

As my legs wrapped him tightly into my cocoon, I knew that unless death came calling, we’d transformed our separate selves into a creature united by love, lust and marriage. The man I’d hungered after for eighteen years was filling my body with every pore of his existence. I heard a voice rise from my gut, screaming, “Tomas! Tomas!” My body shook and jerked on the wet sheet with gale-force winds. The muscles undulated and contracted from my toes to the crown of my head. The candles danced, and my back arched towards an invisible force. I was conscious of nothing and everything; bathing in a river of sex, I swam in its smell, sight, sound, taste and touch. His wavy brown hair was a mess, and his chocolate-brown eyes were filled with such wonderment and love that I couldn’t stop smiling. Somehow, the blanket found its way up to cover our bodies from the winter air.

The room was humid, full of heat and moisture. His eyelids closed ever so slightly. Time waded in and swept him into the river of sleep. He looked like an angel preparing to dive as he stretched his handsome, hard body to its full length with a sigh. I kissed him gently on the lips, rested my head on his chest, and gazed at the snow waltzing past the window of our honeymoon cabin in the Colorado Rockies. The snow reminded me of a childhood long gone.

If, as a child, I’d known what pain Tomas and I would endure to get this far, I might have entered a convent.

Excerpted from "Loving Annalise" by Gabriel Constans. Copyright © 2015 by Gabriel Constans. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Gabriel Constans

Gabriel Constans

Gabriel's books include over a dozen works of fiction and nonfiction (by a variety of publishers). The Last Conception (a novel); Buddha's Wife (a novel); Don't Just Sit There, Do Something! Grief's Wake Up Call; Saint Catherine's Baby (stories); The Skin of Lions: Rwandan Folk Tales; Paging Doctor Leff: Pride, Patriotism & Protest (biography); Luscious Chocolate Smoothies: An irresistible collection of healthy cocoa delights; and Good Grief: Love, Loss & Laughter, are a few of his most recent titles. Buddha's Wife has been adapted into a contemporary screenplay for film and presently seeking a producer.

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