How I Beat Macular Degeneration

How I Beat Macular Degeneration

by Alan N McClain

ISBN: 9781515250500

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Medicine/Alternative & Holistic, Health, Mind & Body/Alternative Medicine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Nonfiction

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Book Description

A NEW TOTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR AGES 18 AND UP Builds energy & career success – improves vision – many proven health tips Developed for career success in the exciting computer & aviation industries Further improved to enable those over 50 to avoid a worldwide eye epidemic currently affecting one in three people over the age of 65 – blurred vision that prevents reading, driving, and recognizing faces DON’T WAIT – ACT NOW TO BUILD YOUR HEALTH & SAVE YOUR SIGHT ! Simple – easy - affordable

Sample Chapter

This was me. Will you be next for this age-related problem? It was relatively unknown prior to the year 2000, but now some doctors are calling it “a growing epidemic.” Here is how you can beat it back in its early stages, see much better, and feel better too!

Like most health-conscious people, I went in for my yearly eye examination at a very up-to-date optometrist’s office, and the doctor told me that I had something called “drusen” on the retinas of my eyes. Drusen are waste compound spots on the retina, where the drainage is not working well. I had been careful about my health and food for 30 years, and I was about age 64 at the time, feeling great as always.

The doctor explained macular degeneration and how it can blur the central vision we need to read, recognize faces, and drive. What really disturbed me was that I heard that “aside from a few drugs which help a little in the late stages, there is nothing we can do for you.” That really got my attention! She referred me to a retina specialist for an examination.

The retina specialist did an eye test using a dye that is injected into a vein in the back of the hand, and it makes any drusen show up as bright gold flecks in a photograph of each retina. The test is called a fluorescein angiography. He showed me the images of my retinas on a viewing screen and he said casually, “There are some drusen.”

Early drusen usually call for no concern because people often have drusen as they grow older. If none are on the macula, people can live for many years without the drusen developing into serious macular degeneration.

However, I was shocked – the bright gold flecks were all around the macula (the part of the retina where we have our sharp focus for reading, recognizing faces, and driving) in each eye. I felt instinctively that I must act immediately.

As airplane pilots say, “The alarm bells were ringing, loud and clear!” At that moment, the pilot must act quickly and decisively, to avoid a disaster.

The call to action -

For me, this was yet another immediate challenge, and like most other people, I have faced many of them. I went home and searched my large collection of health and nutrition knowledge, studied and saved for over 30 years. I began pouring through my many health newsletters and books, saved from years back.

I found an excellent article written in 2001 by an ophthalmologist. Drusen can be the beginning stage of age-related macular degenera-tion (ARMD).

This put me onto the track of searching the Internet for informative books on the subject and ordering them promptly. From my studies I developed the simple daily diet introduced in Chapter 8, The Most Healthy Foods for Your Eyes, and Foods to Avoid. Chapters 9 - 11 add to this success.

The results -

Two years later I went in for another eye examination, and the drusen were gone! The optometrist was amazed. She sent me to a nearby ophthalmologist, and his fluorescein angiography retina test confirmed it– there were no drusen – I had beaten macular degeneration in its earliest stage! He was equally amazed. Both doctors could see that this was really progress!

The combined powerful effect -

Now you and your family members and friends can benefit from this discovery, with delicious, healthful natural foods and some small amounts of supplemental vitamins, for sharper vision, more energy, and a cheerful attitude all day.

It is easy, and it just requires improving your nutrition and changing some habits. This daily routine is called a regimen, which is defined as “a systematic course of therapy.” Its greatest effects will be in the early stages of macular degeneration symptoms, and that is when we want to take immediate action to respond to any symptoms of vision problems.

If your results are like mine, you can improve your eyesight by “throwing everything you have at it,” as we say when responding to an emergency. Most likely you will feel that you are seeing the world around you through two high-resolution telescopes, seeing with sharpness and detail you did not experience before -- what an amazing new experience!

With this regimen there is a good chance that your eyesight will improve, but even if there is just a little improvement, you will be much more energetic and positive from applying the important health knowledge in this book. Additionally, you will feel that each day can be the beginning of something new and better.

This is an ongoing journey

As you look through this book you will see that it goes in many directions because it is the result of many years of study and practical problem-solving for best results in one’s health so as to be at one’s best each day. Being at our best is important to each of us in all that we do, and clearly, the end goal is to be high achievers in the things that are important to us.

Other people around us can tell when we are on the track to good things, and we shape their thinking with what we do and say. We draw silent attention to our effective ways of being at our best, and we influence others to use their creative thinking to do the same.

One of the early discoveries in this journey was the power of the supplemental vitamins and minerals that release energy from our good foods, giving us a steady happy, positive attitude and tone of voice -- this really influences those around us. When they can see that we clearly are “in a good mood,” those around us respond positively, and we win their support and cheerful cooperation.

We also win their respect and give them good ideas about how they can do the same, for a better day every day. As people in sales like to say, “enthusiasm is contagious.” The question is, how do we build enthusiasm? Much of it is in our nutrition. The supplemental B-vitamins, added to good natural foods, are the key. We say to the skeptics, “Happiness comes in a bottle” -- to sum up the powerful effect of the B-vitamins in overcoming vitamin deficiencies that previously gave us a depressed, “blue” mood.

The rest is in setting out each day to accomplish what we need to do in the all-around best way and in being happy about what we are accom-plishing. Now we like to say, “Have a good day!”

By doing what is currently called critical thinking, we study many approaches to understanding issues and events, and then we develop a reasoned choice that meets our needs. This is the process of looking for lots of information on a subject, understanding many views of it, and arriving at a choice that seems best for each of us at the current time.

For those of us who have “been around” for many years, critical thinking is what we were doing all along: Thinking for ourselves. It is a very welcome improvement over the ways things were done for many years, following what was being done at the time instead of finding new and better ways of doing things. Sometimes the pressure for conformity was so great that anyone with an idea for a better way of doing something was ridiculed and nearly laughed out of the room.

The development of the Internet and the sharing of good ideas from all directions and from many creative minds has changed the thinking of the world. Now we can find out how to do many things, and our resources for information on almost any subject seem endless. New ideas for dealing with problems, both new and old, are abounding, and professionals are pressed to keep up with the discoveries week by week.

In a steady effort to discover new ideas for improving our energy levels and staying in strong health, many good sources are studied every day for traditional, known healthy nutrition and current scientific breakthroughs in health issues. This is an open-minded effort to learn what others are finding to improve our lives in the field of health and nutrition.

Some of the products and ideas presented on these pages may appear to be unusual, but each has been tested and has been proven to be of practical value. It is the combination of many proven ideas that can improve our health (including our eyesight) in a major way. This First Edition is the present important sum of years of finding ways to make many things better and build solid progress along a road to more discoveries in the near future.

As we roll along through the years, through many challenges and a wide variety of experiences, we become more adept at looking everywhere for ideas from all directions and from many thoughtful people with inquisitive minds who are discovering new ways to deal with problems that are both old and new.

Readers are encouraged to explore many helpful sources of health and nutrition information, some of which are listed in Chapter 20 - Additional Reading, others currently available on the Internet, and even today’s health magazines at the local markets -- good information is everywhere now!

This book should be a starting point for your own journey to better vision and health or at least a valuable addition to your ongoing studies of ways to make your life better.

Though written mainly for the problems we see as we become “seniors,” its information is usable to most ages because it sets a high standard of daily health habits beneficial to all.


Excerpted from "How I Beat Macular Degeneration" by Alan N McClain. Copyright © 2015 by Alan N McClain. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Alan N McClain

Alan N McClain

Alan N. McClain is a paralegal and a former management systems analyst in some of America's most famous computer and aviation companies, having written many original management operating manuals spanning over 15 years, which led to his work as a traveling auditor and consultant.

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