The Escape: Naughty Bluejay & Woodpecker

The Escape: Naughty Bluejay & Woodpecker

by C. W. Henney

ISBN: 9781503022287

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

A delightful bedtime story with lots of pictures and a happy ending. Bluejay and Woodpecker are confined in the aviary of a living museum and long to get out and join the birds they see outside the windows. Bluejay figures out how to escape and is accompanied by Woodpecker. However, the outside world is quite different from what they expected! The author was teased by a little bluejay and a little woodpecker while she was a docent in an aviary, and grew to love them. Her love for these most interesting of the many birds in the aviary made her want to write a story about them, so she did.

Sample Chapter


Just as he was almost asleep, there was a slight noise


near him. He opened his eyes and strained to see in


the dark.


“Who’s there?” he called.


The answer was a low “whooo.”


There was a faint whir of wings and a little screech


owl lit on the branch next to Bluejay


“Goodness, you scared me,” said Bluejay.


He almost fell off his tree limb.


Owl just blinked his large eyes at Bluejay. To ease


his mind at being awakened by a complete stranger


in the middle of the night, Bluejay started talking.


“I’ve been looking for my friend all day, and haven’t


had any luck at all. He’s a w oodpecker you know.”


At this, Owl turned to look at Bluejay with more


interest. He was in the market for a new house, and


woodpeckers were the birds to know!


“Ahem,” he said, clearing his throat. “I know where


one woodpecker lives. Maybe he can tell you about


your friend.”


Bluejay felt excited about that.


“The only trouble,” he said to the owl, “is that I


can’t see to fl y at night.”


“Hmm, that is a problem, but I can give you the


directions, or if I get enough to eat tonight, and get


a little rest, perhaps I can take you to the tree in the


early morning. It’s not too far away from here,” said




“That’s a wonderful idea.”


Bluejay was very happy now, and he went back


to sleep with a smile on his face. Of course, he did


remember to thank Owl for being a kind friend.


In the very early morning before all the other birds


were up for the day, Owl and Bluejay set off to fi nd


the tree with the woodpecker living in it. They fl ew


across the forest to a large tree.


Just as he was almost asleep, there was a slight noise


near him. He opened his eyes and strained to see in


the dark.


“Who’s there?” he called.


The answer was a low “whooo.”


There was a faint whir of wings and a little screech


owl lit on the branch next to Bluejay.


24 25


“There is the woodpecker’s tree,” said owl. “I’ll wait


to see what he says.”


This was the tree that Owl had had his eyes on for


quite a while. He liked the hole this woodpecker was


in, and he desperately needed a new home. Bluejay


flew near the hole and called,


“Woodpecker, can you come out to talk to me?”


Woodpecker recognized his friend’s voice and popped


his head out of the hole.


26 27 “Is that you, Bluejay?”


“Oh, Woodpecker, it really is you! I thought I had


lost you forever. I don’t like it out here in the forest.


I miss my friends at the Aviary.”


There were tears in his eyes as he spoke to Woodpecker.


“I’m homesick for the Aviary, too,” sighed little


Woodpecker. “And, I’m hungry. I don’t like the forest


either. Do you think we can fi nd our way back?”


“Let’s try,” chirped Bluejay.


“You can have my house, Owl. And thanks for your


help,” said Woodpecker.


The owl hooted his joy at having such a nice home


to move into right away. And he did feel sleepy!


“Good luck, friends,” he hooted as he yawned and


climbed into Woodpecker’s hole in the tree.


Excerpted from "The Escape: Naughty Bluejay & Woodpecker" by C. W. Henney. Copyright © 0 by C. W. Henney. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

C. W. Henney

C. W. Henney

Carolee Wells Henney, with her sweet, old, cat between her keyboard and her computer monitor, writes stories about animals for children. And, she has conducted writing seminars for children, talked to children at Elementary Schools, to high school creative writing classes, and to college Children’s Literature classes. She has done book signings, has appeared on local television in Hampton, Virginia, and Bowie, Maryland, and has written award-winning poetry. In addition to four children’s stories published in the last few years, two books, Calbert and His Adventures, and Tac and Tuk, published in the 1990s by what was then Aton Press, in both paperback and hardcover, are still available online from independent booksellers. In the coming months, she plans to publish several more children’s stories, a young adult story, a third novel, short stories, and poetry.. Google and Bing have more information about Carolee Wells Henney.

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