T.H.E. Light Blue Songbook

T.H.E. Light Blue Songbook

by Jeffrey V. Perry

ISBN: 9781304984937


Published in Literature & Fiction/Poetry, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

A collection of poems of the heart, the soul, and the spirit. It is focused on the Black male point of view, showing some of our very sensitive sides.

Sample Chapter

Passed a Bogus Check


Somewhere down the line

They found the placebo effect.

Something on their mind,

If, looked in retrospect.

Somehow this we did confine.

They have passed a bogus check.


On paper was the name of a great institution.

Sheepskins stating promise, a great solution.

A sociological and psychological revolution

That would replace a barbaric confusion.


Yet, when we summoned them to ask what was next?

They just sat there confused with a bogus check.


Not their intent was just the waste of time!

It's criminal? There was no real intent of a crime.

Yet the pains and sorrows all were only mine.

They had pompous ideals, too sublime!


Theirs were the thoughts of caring hearts;

That never felt what I felt, all my pain.

They only knew we both played opposing parts.

Still their part was that one said would reign.

Four wheels on a box put together their carts.

I was carried about; I was their shame and the blame.


Now I say this check be fulfilled which I sign.

Stop passing the checks with mine valued a dime.

You work white and blue collar, still should be here a crime?

Just why have you never ever changed my mind?


Why is it you I do not trust?

Have you considered your care about us?

You say, "You are just crazy! What is the fuss?"

"Just you stay calm, what is your rush?"


There is only one lifetime here to go.

There is only one life here to know.

You said, "We cannot abide them sex!"

"I am just here getting a check."


We are held in mental jails.

Convicted by industrial swells,

Scraps of impeccable ego trips,

Undercover lives our fallen chips.


Bull, you passed this bogus check!

You balanced your budget with my neck.

The pain and shame you inflected are too direct.

You blame me, while you filibuster with my respect.


If ever you opened the door.

If ever you saw I knew more.

It is life that I reach for-

I am present from head to core!

Your mental prisons lack any allure;

And promotes no life and bore,

But it promotes my doom evermore!



I Have Gone


I have gone.

He has lifted me up.

I am home.

I have suffered enough.


We die once.

We die in His name.

He took the brunt.

I will never be the same.


We are just innocent.

All unprotected, by Satan's reign.

Jesus' love is omnipresent.

He protects us again and again.

The devil causes much pain,

And he can create our doubt.

Jesus' love will sustain.

If HE we keep about.


The Father never wants to see our distress.

Yet, for our betterments, He would us test.

So, keep your faith, keep in His spirit!

Trials you may take, the best is there yet!


In your spirit you can rejoice.

In God's will, we have no choice.

Know His love and hear His voice.

His gift is in our spiritual hoist.


Bow down to your pains.

But, never give in!

God will make gains!

Found there within.


His seeds of mercy we must trust.

Life is no single solitary breath.

His perfect love is protecting us.

God's plan includes more than our self.

He is one, we are more than billions.

God's love moves smoothly, not in minions.


I have gone.

He has taken me up!

I have gone home!

I will be strong, and I will remain tough.



Her Trust


It is not only to be her friend,

As I dream of taking her within.

Am I twisted or I am real like the wind?

Am I an Angel or a devil, my blessing or my sin?


I gave up trying to find myself.

I know I just must trust myself.

If good or bad, I stand first with myself.

I have nothing else left, but myself.


She knows me, but oh, how she knows them!

She really loved him, she'll never love again?

I know just where she has been, it's bleak and it's dim!

Yet, she lets me stay in, it shows love does bend.


When will I win her trust?

When can I let my heartbeat rush?

When will there be the two of us?

When will I have her trust?


I question if I only need my piece?

I question my own emotional release?

My love is both man and beast,

So, I tell my heart it must find peace.


I must also trust her.

Just like I need her,

As much as I love her,

Oh how so must I believe her!


At the end it is all about trust.

There are times we will go through.

Will our love catch us or will it all go bust?

If, you lean on me, and then I lean back on you.


When will we both have trust, first?

When will we love as one?

When can we let emotions just burst?

When can love just be for fun?



Are We Doomed?


Are we doomed?

Because of the zoom,

How will we be there soon?

Like when we went to the moon.


We have sacrificed being nice.

Lived our vices on bad advice,

We have been tempted, been enticed

We regret what we did not get.

Or hated those times we never met.

Higher standards we had truly set.


We have moved through the ages

And have gone through those stages.

Recorded our lives on the pages,

Where, we have tried to hide our rages.


Yet, we have only displaced them.

Disputed, yet misquoted Him.

A man whose life becomes dim

And dimmer is just in our next whim.


We have been fools of our own rule.

As we just lose to our literal tool.

Words and their people still are cruel,

And who will still swim with blood in the pool?


Are we doomed like history herself?

Has not this life we live been a mess?

Our minds tried their very best,

Still, our hearts have failed our test.


The times go by,

The time can fly.

As we still cry

Tears, Our Lord why?


Lord is just that one we can blame.

The one we can cry out His name.

With nothing inside; when we have no shame!

We only ask time, money, and fame for a refrain.


Doomed? We turned in reverse!

Whatever is the other direction?

We know not which came first.

Where ever goes to perfection?


If we learn to pray,

We may stay.

One last day!

Only allow Jesus to pay!

Like the Scriptures say!

He can make a way.

And children can continue to play.

He may just give us one more Today.


Something's Burning in Here


I smell something burning in here.

Every time I walk into your place.

You can lie and still have no fear.

You rip me off with a straight face.

I feel like a fool as I walk away.

I am not going back I say every day.


Is it me I smell a mile away?

It is strongest when I am about to pay.

I told myself that I would not play.

The sun burns down its telling ray.


We can ignore that smell and flat out tell a lie.

When we smell flesh or see evil before our eye.

Where did it come from and for what reason why?

"People today are something…" is our firm reply.


I can smell it burning all around.

Pull the alarm, make the sound!

Souls are losing from town to town.

The cities are on fire, burning down.


We can't smell it!

We won't tell it!

We don't know it!

We won't show it!


Every now and then I see a spot of red.

Every other minute I remember what Scriptures said.

I speak with my Lord, I become less afraid.

That devil would have me with no faith ahead.


This world is burning in vanity.

We are not learning amidst its insanity.

We can explain away the entire calamity.

Now, we lay enjoying Satan's rhapsody.


We don't want to hear it.

We will never fear it.

We have no heart for it.

We have no part in it.


Something's burning, you better run!

Care less for ego, be leery of pure fun!

Your self-judgment is soon to come.

Feel the burn! The devil's work is never done!

Excerpted from "T.H.E. Light Blue Songbook" by Jeffrey V. Perry. Copyright © 2014 by Jeffrey V. Perry. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Jeffrey V. Perry

Jeffrey V. Perry

JEFFREY V. PERRY- has Master's Degree in Business Management from Colorado Technical University, and received a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College.1977

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