Don't Retire In Mexico: See Why

Don't Retire In Mexico: See Why

by Mr. Ron W. Jackson


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Published in Travel/Latin America, Self-Help/Relationships, Self-Help, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Ron and Ella were passionately in love with their little village, the Mexican people, their customs and their lifestyle,until unanticipated circumstances forced them to leave Mexico.

It wasn't until they had been living in Florida for almost six months, that Ron learned that living in Mexico had consequences, consequences he felt the world should know, and as a result, penned the book, "Don't Retire in Mexico."

Sample Chapter

Wait, Isn't the Title of this Book

"Don't Retire In Mexico"

I admit, I've certainly failed to make the case, but don't give up, I will, I promise.

Let's begin with restaurants. We'd only been here a few days when we realized there wasn't an Olive Garden an Applebee's, a Longhorn Steak House, a Chilies or even a Mc Donald's in town... That was a major disappointment. Then, while looking for restaurants, we asked someone if there was a Whole Foods, Safeway, King Supers or Winn Dixie in town, and the guy looked at us as if we were stupid, and said,

"This isn't Santé Fe New Mexico, you know, this is Mexico, get used to it, or go home." Then shaking his head, he walked away.

A month later, after eating in several of the recommended restaurants, shopping in the tianquis, similar to the farmers markets back home, we learned the difference and knew we'd never again miss the big franchised chains up north. And there I go again; trashing one of what I thought was going to be one of my best arguments.

However to be fair, should you need a fix you'll find a Costco, Sam's Club, Applebee's, Hooters, Chiles, McDonalds, and Burger Kings 50 miles away in Guadalajara. And yes, we like Sam's and Costco, and their great hotdogs, otherwise, give us any of our wonderful Ajijic restaurants over those chains; they win every time, or well almost every time.

Okay, let me get serious... It's the drug cartels right? It isn't safe to live there is it? The violence they create is horrible and always discussed and regurgitated on every stateside TV network anytime anything happens. It's kinda like the violent neighborhoods you read about in the Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles or Miami newspapers, right. However stateside, you know where you shouldn't go, don't you, and you don't go. You live where you're safe, right? Would you believe it's the same in Mexico? Expats in Mexico know where it's safe to live, travel and play, and avoid areas they know to be unsafe. That’s a simple analogy, I know, but never the less, it once again fails to make the main point of the book doesn't it. So, lets get down to the nitty gritty, the real reason you'll regret retiring in Mexico.

The time comes for everyone or most everyone, when, for one reason or another, they find a need to return to the states, to Canada, or wherever they may have come from. Maybe it's for family, maybe for business or financial reasons, or as in our case, Medicare Insurance. And when it does, the reason for not retiring in Mexico begins to become clear.

Now, since you've lived in what National Geographic describes as the world's best climate, you'll not be anxious to go back to cold, snowy, icy winters, or to Florida's hot summer humidity, Chicago's winds or city streets that all look alike and never change. You realize you've fallen in love with Mexico's vibrant colors, it's mom and pop restaurants, it's old world charm, the year round availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, the amazing flowering trees lining and lighting the streets, and those are only the beginning.

What you'll miss most are the beautiful people, the children dressed in their colorful school uniforms, carrying backpacks as big as they are, the Anables and Rauls, the Davids, Analinas, Luz Marias, the Salvadors and Marias and especially, the precious Martas and so many more. Many of those, Canadians, American and Europeans who have become your close friends. You'll be as sad as I am, knowing you're leaving all behind, knowing you'll never again explore ancient villages, Historic Colonial Cities, beautiful mountain villages or beaches with them. You'll also miss your church, the many friends you have, the leisurely lunches, the parades and fiesta's.

Thinking of leaving brings back memories of homes north of the border, distinctive only by their different shades of antique white. Streets, all with the same storefronts, restaurants gas stations and stoplights, as any other town U.S.A. You begin to think your perspective on life and beauty must have changed, you've changed, and Mexico is in your blood.

Now, I've begun to make my case. However, to understand the validity of my argument, you must have read the proceeding pages. Without reading those pages, I'm certain you will conclude I've again failed to justify the title of this book. Whether you have or have not, I now continue with my case.

Do you enjoy pain? I know I don't. There are many different kinds of pain, toothaches, headaches, cuts and bruises and the pain of a broken heart…and sadly, unlike a headache, broken hearts are rarely ever healed, unless of course you're a teenager. Pain, not headache pain, but the untreatable pain of a broken heart is what justifies the books title, "Don't Retire in Mexico". Ignore my advice, and one day, like me, you'll know this pain. Pain caused by knowing you'll never again walk the streets of Ajijic, drive a street for the 100th time and still find a new picture to take, have leisurely afternoon lunches in outdoor courtyards with the friends you left behind, or explore another of the many cities and towns remaining on your Bucket List.

But now, to be honest, we truly loved living in Mexico and thank God for our many wonderful memories, the love we shared with the people and the joy my bride of 60 years and I shared while living along the shore of Lake Chapala, in the town of Ajijic.

With that, the prosecution rests.

The End...El Fin

Excerpted from "Don't Retire In Mexico: See Why" by Mr. Ron W. Jackson. Copyright © 2015 by Mr. Ron W. Jackson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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