The Dying Time: Impact (The Dying Time Trilogy Book 1)

The Dying Time: Impact (The Dying Time Trilogy Book 1)

by Raymond Dean White


Publisher Raymond Dean White

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


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Fans of Lucifer's Hammer will love this Prepper friendly, apocalyptic book. It's getting great reviews.

When the Impact destroyed civilization and re-sculpted the globe the only survivors were the hastily expanded crew of the ISS, who watched the devastation below with growing horror, while wondering if they would ever get to go home, a few Preppers, whose stores of food and other commodities made them irresistible targets and the desperate hordes who would do anything--eat anyone--to live.

Sample Chapter

The Bad News

Washington, D.C.

Everyone will be dead in two months.

Carl Borzowski, Science Advisor to the President of the United States, sat at his government issue, brown metal desk, head in his hands and tried desperately to think of some way to save humanity. A tall, slender, good-looking man with thinning blonde hair, devoted to mathematics, physics and Jack Daniels whiskey since the split with his fiancée, Monica, he knuckled his eyes and sighed--a long, deep, weight-of-the-world gust that left him drained. Somewhere in the back of his mind he realized it had only been twenty minutes since he’d learned the world was going to die. He wished he could toss back a shot right now but he never brought whiskey to work.


Carl stared at the retro-style phone on his desk like it had leprosy. Beads of sweat formed on his upper lip. He knew he had to pick up, but what if it was Harry calling again, probably confirming the worst.

“Riiiiing!” The tone was intrusive, strident, annoying, jarring and, above all, demanding. His hand trembled slightly as he reached for the receiver.

“Borzowski,” he announced. At least the tremor hadn’t reached his voice. Yet.

“It’s Harry Garrison, Carl. I’m sorry, but it’s going to hit. And it’s bigger than we thought.”

“Extinction Level Event?” Carl asked. Please, no.

“The asteroid is almost twelve miles wide, Carl,” Harry explained gently. “Extinction Level is putting it mildly.”

“Jesus!” Borzowski whispered.

“I need to see the President, Carl. ASAP.”

Carl stared at the pewter gray carpet, then at the oak-framed photograph of him with the President. His heart galloped like a Kentucky Derby thoroughbred. He wiped the sweat off his palms on his pant legs. He wondered if this was how combat troops felt when bullets started flying, because he wanted to find a hole.

Instead, he took a deep breath to steady himself and said, “Of course. I’ll set it up. How soon can you get here?”


The Situation Room

The President, flanked by Farley Moffat, his Chief of Staff, and Morgan Hamilton his National Security Advisor, walked swiftly into the room and took his seat at the head of a long, dark walnut table. Arrayed down both sides were the Secretary of Defense, the Joints Chiefs and the rest of the National Security Council and Eli Cohen from NASA. At the opposite end from the President sat Carl Borzowski and Harry Garrison.

The silence was deafening.

The President cleared his throat and said, “Carl, why don’t you bring us all up to speed.”

Carl Borzowski ran a hand through his thinning blonde hair and rose to his feet. “Gentlemen,” he began. “I’d like you to think back to 1994 and the concerns raised by the scientific community when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 slammed into Jupiter. You might even remember several “impact” movies that were made shortly afterwards.”

Men shifted in their chairs and exchanged uneasy glances as they realized the direction this was heading.

Carl continued. “For a while we beefed up Star Wars spending, seeking a solution in case we discovered an object headed for Earth.” He looked away from them. “We failed to find that solution, but Dr. Garrison’s Spacewatch Program has found an asteroid that will hit Earth in about two months.”

Frightened eyes spotlighted Harry Garrison.

“Are you sure it will hit?” Eli Cohens’ words overrode others who had all tried to speak at once.

The bleakness in Carl’s eyes answered him.

“How big will this…ugh, event be?” Farley Moffat asked.

“Remember the Extinction Level Impact Studies?” Carl replied.

Farley nodded. “The E.L.I.’s,” he said. Eli Cohen covered his face with his hands. He understood.

“Mid-range, is the best we can hope for,” Carl answered.

Juan Salazar, from FEMA, grunted.

General Roland Mabry, Secretary of the Air Force, caught Carl’s eye. “Want to refresh my memory?”

Carl gestured to Harry Garrison, who cleared his throat and said, “The Earth itself will survive…lower orders…possibly a few vertebrates.”

“Jesus!” Farley Moffat swore. “Isn’t there something--”

“This is ridiculous,” Morgan Hamilton interrupted, glaring at Harry Garrison like he wanted to kill the messenger. “You honestly expect us to believe some…some rock is going to kill us all. Pure Hollywood.”

Dr. Harold Garrison, a small, dark man who, second only to his family, loved Chicago Cubs baseball and old Marvel comic books, climbed slowly to his feet. The concern in his eyes, the grave expression on his face silenced the bickering in the room. “That ‘rock’, Mr. Hamilton, is a mountain twelve miles wide moving at forty-three-thousand miles per hour. It’s a cosmic bullet and we’re the bull’s-eye.”

“Dr. Garrison?”

“Yes, Mr. President?” Harry welcomed any escape from the irrational denial of the National Security Advisor.

“If I remember correctly, an asteroid like the one you are talking about would cause a nuclear explosion like an atom bomb?”

“No, Sir. Not exactly. But any object that big and that fast is going to lose a lot of mass when it hits.”

“Lose mass?”

“The force of the impact will convert a significant percentage of the asteroid's mass directly to energy, E = mc2, a non-radioactive nuclear explosion of several hundred million, possibly billions, of megatons.”

Stunned silence greeted that statement. Eyes widened among the Joint Chiefs.

“That’s right, gentlemen, an explosion so vast it will make setting off all the world’s nukes in one place at the same time look like popping a pimple!”

When the meeting broke up, two hours later, every resource the government had was being mobilized to avert the disaster.


But all over America a small percentage of the population, dismissed as crazies by the press and often by their own relatives, had been preparing to survive what they believed was the coming societal collapse. Known as Preppers, many had gone back to the land and built small self-sufficient homesteads, complete with solar, wind, mini-hydro or other alternative sources of power. They grew heirloom vegetables so they could save seed and preserved their food by freezing, canning, dehydrating or pickling it. They kept chickens and other fowl for eggs and protein, raised rabbits and hogs for meat and goats and cattle for milk and cheese.

Others, trapped in cities and unable to have large gardens and livestock, developed container gardens for fresh food. All, whether urban or rural, stocked up on canned, freeze-dried or dehydrated food and barrels of water, communications equipment, medical supplies, guns and ammunition and other useful items. All of them had prepped for the disasters they thought most likely to occur. Some of them thought they were ready for anything.

They were wrong.


Excerpted from "The Dying Time: Impact (The Dying Time Trilogy Book 1)" by Raymond Dean White. Copyright © 2014 by Raymond Dean White. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Raymond Dean White

Raymond Dean White

I've been writing for more than 30 years and have always had a fondness for apocalyptic tales. In "The Dying Time: Impact" I've created a story that fans of Lucifer's Hammer, The Stand, The Postman, One Second After, and The Perseid Collapse Series will enjoy. The book is getting great reviews on Amazon and I've held the price down to $1.99 to encourage readers to take a chance on me.

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