The Next America: How to Survive and Thrive in Today's Unpredictable Economy

The Next America: How to Survive and Thrive in Today's Unpredictable Economy

by Don A. Holbrook

ISBN: 9781628650846

Publisher Motivational Press, Inc.

Published in Politics & Social Sciences/Politics & Government, Nonfiction/Politics, Business & Investing/Popular Economics, Nonfiction, Business & Money

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The economic chaos of 2008-2013 wrecked many Americans version of the American Dream... getting our country back on track and our own lives will require some much needed changes in our political systems accountability. It will also require we get rid of what hasn't worked and make much needed improvements to governance. Capitalism is still the best system but our political reforms need to be made to create a more robust and balanced system for all Americans to rebuild and pursue the American Dream before it is too late.

Sample Chapter


Saving Humanity One Place at a Time and Rebuilding the American Dream

On account of us being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years no matter what it does.

—Will Rogers, American Entertainer and Humorist[1]

From reading the newspaper, watching television, or listening to the radio, it should be clear that the unsettling situation America finds itself in today has presented us with several conundrums. We are concerned about where our nation is headed, how to make a living, how to prepare for retirement, how to create a better life for our families today, and how to leave our posterity with an inheritance of economic opportunities and not a bunch of unpayable financial obligations.

The global economy has created more chaos and hardships than most of us have previously experienced. Not since the Great Depression have folks been so beleaguered by so many tumultuous problems. Even more devastating is the degradation of our main pillar of humanity, our core: the family unit. With the massive amount of unemployment and underemployment that has arisen in this perfect economic storm, many of us have burned through our benefit claims, extensions, and all financial options. We face loss of income and also hope and self-dignity. These immense problems have made many of us rethink our values and dreams. In the worst of cases, we have given up the ideal of aspiring for a better life—not only for ourselves, but also for our children. The economic pressures are not the only problems in this perfect storm. We face burgeoning pressure from religious zealots who are not tolerant of religious differences. We face environmental calamities, both natural and man-made. In addition, the resources that we depend on to fuel our global economy, such as energy, are peaking in costs and diminishing in availability.

To further frustrate and annoy our already overloaded psyches, we have a complete lack of trust in our governmental systems. People are weary of the either/or partisan politics and government’s failure to look out for our best interests. Many folks see the crazies and zealots at each end of the political spectrum as a gridlock that cannot be resolved. Our politicians continue paying more attention to the special interests instead of their constituents, those special interests that most folks feel helped create the economic chaos in the first place and benefited from the governments focus on the recovery. The real and perceived corruption of those who claim to create the jobs, make the policies, and take our hard-earned money through taxes for governance have led us to distrust politicians. Along with our distrust of government, we distrust employers and other institutions, such as the media, banking, and health care organizations. The blame game is running rampant, and still no economic changes have taken hold to correct our course. We are quickly approaching the tipping point, and without a major overhaul, the American Dream could become a real-life nightmare. We could see the flow of money drying up, people losing their buying power, businesses folding at a record pace, and possible food rioting in the streets. After six long years of economic destruction for most American’s the now nascent recovery that actually started in late 2013 is too little too late.

How am I different from other doomsayers? I feel that fear is not what inspires men and women to action; although it is helpful to recognize potential consequences, men and women must be inspired by higher motives than fear to rebuild a fractured economy and society. So more than simply pointing out the problems, The Next America contains solutions to troubles that beset us today. The Next America suggests that although inconvenient, we can rebuild our economy. We always have. It is meant to inspire us as a people to individual accountability for the nation we want and desire for us and for our future generations.

Rebuilding our society to be responsible for the future and to create economic opportunities today so we can support a sound and happy family core tomorrow must be the main objective. Humanity deserves to have access to quality education, affordable health care, economic opportunities, and recreational activities. Rebuilding our country to include these privileges comes with risks, but the risks of failure far outweigh the risks of not acting at all. Rebuilding does not require a shift to bigger government or a more socialistic government; rather, it requires a better, more honest government that is in tune with economic realities, moral convictions, and our spirit of capitalism. It requires advocating for a change in how much we give to the government, how we all must participate in paying our taxes and our expectations of what they do with our monies.

It is good to remember that humankind makes its decisions based upon three sides of human nature: fear, greed, and natural honor or bravery; the decision-making process is additionally affected by the caliber of the moral compass an individual possesses and by his or her underlying belief in God’s own requirements of us all. If it were not for these counterbalances, our world would quickly revert to the dark ages of savagery and warlords. The recent corruption of our political systems threatens to undermine our common voice, a voice trying to make sure that all are treated equally and are equally able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Three things prompt men to a regular discharge of their duty in time of action: natural bravery, hope of reward, and fear of punishment.

—George Washington, from a Letter to the President of Congress, February 9, 1776[2]

[1] Ketchum, Will Rogers, His Life and Times, 280. From a column sent from his Daily Telegrams to the News Wires, February 21, 1930.

[2] Washington, Maxims of Washington, 154.


Excerpted from "The Next America: How to Survive and Thrive in Today's Unpredictable Economy" by Don A. Holbrook. Copyright © 2014 by Don A. Holbrook. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Don A. Holbrook

Don A. Holbrook

Don Holbrook is a private consultant/practitioner involved in economic development public policy, site location decisions for private sector investments of new facilities, strategic destination tourism development feasibility and public-private partnership conceptualization, including public sector incentives to entice business investment into local economies. He is one of the few practitioner-based economists in the field of economic development. His non-fiction books on local economic development efforts to rebuild, renew and sustainably balance economic development public policy to create world-class communities have been groundbreaking successes within his industry. His first book, the “Little Black Book of Economic Development” has spawned a series of follow-up books on how communities, companies, individuals and families can navigate these treacherous economic times.

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