Numerology for Healing: Your Personal Numbers as the Key to a Healthier Life

Numerology for Healing: Your Personal Numbers as the Key to a Healthier Life

by Michael Brill

ISBN: 9781594772368

Publisher Destiny Books

Published in Calendars/Diet & Health, Calendars/Family & Relationships

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How Numerology for Healing Works

An essence or soul consciously selects the letters of its name and the numbers for its birthday. Using the letters of your name and the numbers of your birthday, numerology can interpret the emotional and psychological characteristics you choose to experience in this lifetime as well as identifying your life challenges and their soulutions (soul-chosen solutions).
     Information derived from our names and birthdays includes the following, which are expressed as personal numbers:

• The first name represents the physical self--health, finances, professional relationships, and how we behave every day, especially at work.
• The middle name represents the emotional self--how we behave in relationships and what we seek in a partner.
• The last name represents our relationship with our birth or adopted family; the lessons we are to learn from them and they from us. It’s also a number that can guide us in a spiritual direction. The total of all the letters in a name represents “the face the world sees” and the type of work preferred.
• Letters not appearing in a name identify unfinished business (karma).
• The month, day, and year of birth identify our destiny and determine our life challenges and soulutions, our mental approach to life (sub-cycles), and the timing of physical events (pinnacles).
     This system of numerology sees all energy as frequencies composed of combinations of sub-frequencies generated by the blending of the numbers 1-9. Once the numeric sequence of someone’s name and birth data are plotted and the soul-chosen challenges and soulutions are overlaid, a picture of lifelong behavior patterns emerges. These patterns can be the triggers for illnesses, diseases, physical injuries, or the activators of genetic predispositions (e.g., diabetes, heart disease).
     By converting the letters of an illness, disease, or injury into their numeric equivalents, we can look at the relationship between someone’s personal numbers and the illness or disease they have contracted/created. The patterns show an almost direct relationship between someone’s numeric challenges and the numbers of their illness or disease.

The Numbers

Every number is composed of both positive and negative energy. In this instance, the terms positive and negative are being used to describe the flow of energetic patterns of choice and not as something that is either good or bad.
     As you compare the aspects of your personal numbers to those of your illness or disease, study all of the aspects of the numbers that compose that illness or disease and determine which apply to you.
     The main themes of the nine numbers are as follows:

1. Issues involving the self.
2. Issues involving communication and interaction with others.
3. Issues involving social interactions and acceptance of self/others.
4. Issues involving procrastination, control, and constrictions.
5. Issues involving flexibility (mental, emotional, and physical) and the ability to transition.
6. Issues involving levels of responsibility toward family, community, relationships, and work.
7. Issues involving control (fear of abandonment, humiliation, being blamed). A 7 can also be associated with mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual paralysis.
8. Issues involving anger, frustration, personal power, money, status, and recognition.
9. Issues involving emotions and how they are expressed. The 9 also represents a need to be thanked, recognized, appreciated, and loved or to be able to maintain control.

Numeric Interpretations of Specific Diseases and Illnesses
The numbers in parentheses to the right of the disease or illness represent the numeric equivalent of the letter values of the disease being discussed.

Cancer (26/8)
Using the conversion chart given on page 3, we get a numeric value of 8 for the word cancer. C (3) A (1) N (5) C (3) E (5) R (9) = 26, which by adding the 2 and the 6 together, is then reduced to 8.
     The number 8 deals with self-empowerment issues. The deeper we bury something, whether it’s a dream, an emotion, or a feeling, the more it wants to surface. Cancer deals with issues involving money, power, status, recognition, and suppressed anger and/or frustration. I believe that frustration and anger--resulting from a lack of recognition, aggressive behavior patterns, or feelings of powerlessness, whether related to relationships (2), family (6), or work (8)--are the triggers/catalysts for the various forms of cancer (26/8).
     In the following sections, we will explore the numeric interpretations of specific types of cancer. The numeric value of each word is given in parentheses. If the sum of the letters is a double digit, it is reduced to a single digit and both numbers are shown (separated by a slash). Because the names of the types of cancer are composed of more than one word, the numeric value of each word is then added together to produce a number for the entire phrase.

Basal (8) Cell (14/5) Carcinoma (41/5) = 63/9:
Triggers for this type of skin cancer (in the bottom layer of the epidermis) can involve suppressed anger/frustration (8) and the storage of excess emotions (5* and 9) under the surface, at the cellular level. The number 63 involves feelings of inadequacy or a lack of communication (3) in relationships (6), which can lead to suppressed emotions (9) looking for a way to the surface.

*Both the 14 and the 41 can be reduced to the number 5.

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