Princess Trinka and Basil: Cats in Love

Princess Trinka and Basil: Cats in Love

by C. W. Henney


Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Children's Books/Action & Adventure, Children's Books/Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children & Teens (Young Adult), Children's Books

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Book Description


Cat lovers, parents who love to read bedtime stories to children, and children who love to read, here is a book for you. Richly illustrated and charming, it may even bring a tear to your eye as you read how the lovely Princess Trinka almost missed finding her true love, the handsome Basil. Parents, your little ones will ask you to read it to them again and again (and you might find yourself reading it just for your own enjoyment). Read how Princess Trinka eluded the tormenting tomcats. How Basil gained Trinka's love, and who helped him do so is a heartwarming story of persistence and devotion.

Sample Chapter

Pretty soon, Princess Trinka began to lose weight because she was too sleepy to eat. Her sleep was interrupted every night by her suitors. She did not have the heart to fuss with them. She was a gentle soul who did not like to hurt anyone’s feelings. So night after night, she would move from room to room trying to find a quiet spot in which to sleep.

Princess Trinka finally became so desperate for rest that she held a meeting with her court of cats.

“Oh great and wise cats, I have called you together to help me find a solution to my problem. ”

She looked around at all their faces. They were graymuzzled and thin haired. Most of them were a bit bony, for these were the oldest and wisest of all the cats.

Their eyes shone with wisdom as they sat quietly listening to the princess tell them about the suitors who simply would not let her sleep.

They scratched and scratched their heads as they worried and thought. Finally, seeing the tears in the beautiful princess’s eyes, one of the oldest of the cats scratched his ear thoroughly and said to her, “My Princess, I may have the answer to your problem.”

All the cats stopped scratching and sat up alert, with their ears pointed toward this eldest cat. Continuing, he meowed, “You must leave the kingdom!”

“What?” exclaimed all the cats together. They were horrified at the thought of their princess’s leaving the kingdom.

“What I mean to say is that you should take a little vacation to rest up and have a change of scenery for your health, Princess. Maybe the noisy suitors will go off and find someone else, and when you return, you can pick a suitor at your leisure.”

The old cats all meowed together, “Yes, yes, yes!” The princess lowered her large, almond-shaped eyes and looked at her court of cats.

“You are all very wise and I shall take your advice. I shall leave in the morning.”

The old cats bowed to their princess and left to relax in the sunshine.


Excerpted from "Princess Trinka and Basil: Cats in Love" by C. W. Henney. Copyright © 2015 by C. W. Henney. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

C. W. Henney

C. W. Henney

Carolee Wells Henney, with her sweet, old, cat between her keyboard and her computer monitor, writes stories about animals for children. And, she has conducted writing seminars for children, talked to children at Elementary Schools, to high school creative writing classes, and to college Children’s Literature classes. She has done book signings, has appeared on local television in Hampton, Virginia, and Bowie, Maryland, and has written award-winning poetry. In addition to four children’s stories published in the last few years, two books, Calbert and His Adventures, and Tac and Tuk, published in the 1990s by what was then Aton Press, in both paperback and hardcover, are still available online from independent booksellers. In the coming months, she plans to publish several more children’s stories, a young adult story, a third novel, short stories, and poetry.. Google and Bing have more information about Carolee Wells Henney.

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