The Hawk In Winter (Rise of the Hawk Book 1)

The Hawk In Winter (Rise of the Hawk Book 1)

by Bekah Clark

ISBN: 9781311830739

Publisher Bekah Clark

Published in Children's Books/Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Horror, Romance/Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Children & Teens (Young Adult), Literature & Fiction

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Coming September 16, The Raven In Spring, book 2 of Rise of the Hawk.

Book Description

Stepping aside eighteen years ago, Maevan’s mother had chose exile rather than a war she could not win. Now, Mae is taken to live in the Summer Palace with the very woman who took everything away from her family. Like her mother and sisters, Maevan wants to regain the throne that belongs to them. Like any teenage girl, she wants the boy she loves to return her feelings. But, far greater is at stake than love.

Surrounded by her enemies, Maevan has to navigate life within the Palace walls. Her very life is at stake, as well as the fate of her family. Will she triumph or will she break and die?

Sample Chapter

“Well, we are all still young. Remember, our goal is to work things out so we can each be with the one we love.”

Mae smiled at him brightly and he knew one major reason why Jorgan liked her. She was beautiful. When she smiled, she glowed with a face full of light and warmth. Coran found himself starting to blush and turned away. When he returned his gaze to her, she was still and no longer smiling. When he opened his mouth to speak, she put up her hand to stop him. Slowly, quietly, she reached for her bow and quiver and then rose to her feet. When she spoke, her voice was so low he almost missed it.

“We are not alone.”

“What is it?” he nervously queried, trying to keep the same low tone as her.

“Not sure. Animal for certain. Or… maybe animals. It may be wolves who smelled the blood.”

Coran froze and watched as Mae slung the quiver over her shoulder, drew an arrow and notched it in her bow. Drawing back on the bowstring, she took careful aim at a spot he could not see.

“What are you doing?”

She did not reply. Instead she was tense, focused. He had never seen her so intense in the two months that he had known her, it was as if she’d become a new girl in front of his eyes. No, girl was the wrong choice of word; she was a powerful warrior woman at the moment. There was none of the innocence or sweetness or even the calm front she always had. Shaking his head he whispered again, “What are you doing?”

"Defending you. Now be quiet and don’t move at all. You understand me? Trust me."

Coran felt his heart squeeze a moment and he watched her with wide silent eyes. If he died, it would put her in a better position and yet she was willing to protect him. More than that, she was willing to put her life on the line or even lose that life just to protect him. Maevan was truly not like any of the women he had been allowed to meet within the walls of the Summer Palace. She was far too strong for him to handle. She was, however, the most honorable person he had ever met. Coran was not sure he’d be able to control her if they were forced to marry and he certainly did not want her as an adversary. He wondered if perhaps he should warn his mother about her. However, the moment he thought it, he realized what a betrayal it was to this girl who was going to risk her life for him and changed his mind.

At the moment, Mae was incredibly still. There was no movement to be heard and he wondered if she was imagining things. But as they remained there, unmoving, he realized as he listened that it was quiet; far too quiet to be normal. Coran could feel the anxiety building in his body. If Mae failed him, they would both certainly die. His heart started to pound so loud all he could hear was its thunderous beating.

When it happened, it happened so fast Coran could barely keep up with what was going on. There was a snarling, followed quickly by a yelping, there were wolves everywhere before he could even fathom when that happened and when he looked to the yelping, Mae’s arrow was sticking out of one of the wolves’ side. It seemed barely a second had passed since the first yelping when there was another. This wolf tried to drag itself away, but Mae paid it no attention, she knew that it was going to die and she was drawing her bow again and again.

Not every arrow hit. But the ones that did struck in such a way that the animal would not survive. Soon four of the wolves were dead and two were trying to drag themselves away. At this point, the wolves stood around them in a loose circle, watching her, growling. When he raised his eyes to Mae, who was looking to the right of him, he noticed she was smiling ever so slightly. The girl was not afraid of the wolves, rather she saw this as a challenge. It sent a chill up his spine to realize that she was actually enjoying this.

Coran wondered what they were waiting for. They were not running away, but they also seemed to be nervous about Maevan. That was when he realized, Maevan was projecting such a strong telepathic image of her being incredibly powerful, dangerous and something to be feared that even he, who had very little telepathic skill, could feel its intensity. She was doing this to frighten the wolves. He was hoping they would leave, but they just stood around them, growling. She was not pushing them to run either, but it seemed she was trying to force them to stay. Coran could feel fear sinking into his soul. If Mae could not fight them off, the two of them would die.

Maevan, however, was not about to wait for them to make up their minds as to whether they would run or attack. In a flurry of motion, she let three more arrows fly, taking out two more of the wolves. The wolves started howling and growling, circling the two of them. Maevan’s arrows were gone and she raised her sword. Raising his dark jade gaze up to Maevan, he found himself strengthened just by her deadly aura of power. Coran knew he would hate having that power turned on him. Maevan was a woman to be feared.

At that moment, the wolves attacked again.


Excerpted from "The Hawk In Winter (Rise of the Hawk Book 1)" by Bekah Clark. Copyright © 2015 by Bekah Clark. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Bekah Clark

Bekah Clark

Once upon a time, a little girl was born in Massachusetts. She was a hopeless romantic, this little girl, always writing her stories and her love poems in her little notebook. She didn't realize that a predator had caught her scent. It wasn't swift or violent, this predator. It was cunning, and patient, hunting her over years. When it caught up to her, it devoured her completely.

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