In Search of Piétons: a photo documentary

In Search of Piétons: a photo documentary

by Bill Bolton

ISBN: 9781483425672

Publisher Lulu Publishing Services

Published in Biographies & Memoirs/Memoirs, Travel, Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction

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Book Description

The French word piéton means pedestrian.

This is a photo documentary showcasing a collection of 25 uniquely different illuminated pedestrian crossing signs discovered all across France in the early 1990’s.

This book about pedestrians is anything but pedestrian. It is multifaceted in that it covers detailed photographic techniques, an interesting and distinctive collection of double exposure photographs on color film all taken at night, unique adventures and descriptive details.

The take-away message conveyed by this book is to, ‘encourage people to explore, to go by foot, to roam about.

Sample Chapter

Searching for Piétons

Little did I know that while exploring Paris with my daughter Jen in the fall of 1991, a simple observation would lead to a near obsession for the next two years. We were roaming about the bustling streets of Paris paying witness to the magnificent Botero statues exhibited on the Champs when waiting to cross the street I happened to take notice of the illuminated pedestrian crossing sign (IPCS). While at first this sign did not evoke anything beyond a casual disclaimer, it was having approached the next street corner that I couldn’t help but notice that this particular illuminated pedestrian crossing sign was distinctly different from the previous. What at first seemed a mere oddity perhaps typifying the penchant for the French to embrace even the most seemingly simple things in such a stylistic fashion, turned out to be the beginnings of a quest to reveal the extent of yet another artistic forum for expression. I often wonder if even the French realize the pervasiveness of their innate preoccupation with style and uniqueness…but of course they do!

What initially was a curiosity, evolved into something short of a crazed obsession, an obsession to discover the extent and diversity of illuminated pedestrian crossing signs throughout France. At the beginning I had absolutely no idea how many different illuminated pedestrian crossing signs I would end up finding. I do remember that I was quite surprised when I found the 5th, then 6th, then astonishingly the 7th, and thought... hey, this is pretty good, but if someone had told me that there were over two dozen I never would have believed it...never. So needless to say the more I discovered the more intrigued I was to find another, then another...hence the near obsession. Only in France would one expect to find such examples embodying style and variety for something so commonplace as illuminated pedestrian crossing signs.

It turns out that I discovered at least twenty-five distinctly different IPCS and immortalized the images on film including at last, in the summer of 1993, the elusive ‘Man in the Hat’. I am not certain whether the ‘Man in the Hat’ image came to me in a previous dream or whether I had seen it before at some point in the past. What I did know was that this image was etched in my mind from some previous encounter although the actual revelation remained a mystery. Regardless, the quest to find him again had the makings of a compulsion as much if not more than it did adding another distinct IPCS to the ever increasing tally. I had to find him.

It wasn’t just a matter of simply photographing the images, which in itself was a unique experience but that each resultant photograph represented a double exposure in order to capture both the red and green figure on the same film frame negative. Photographic details pertaining to the double exposure technique will follow.


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Author Profile

Bill Bolton

Bill Bolton

Bill Bolton is an amateur photographer, inventor, veterinarian, deck designer/builder and more importantly a seasoned modern day flâneur with an insatiable desire to explore and discover.

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