The Most Important Word

The Most Important Word

by Hewlette Pearson

ISBN: 9781498416078

Publisher Xulon Press

Published in Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

In The Most Important Word, Hewlette interviewed 38 people from various backgrounds and walks of life, and recorded each person's response to 3 simple questions: (1) What is your definition of love? (2) How do you show love? and (3) How do you feel when love is shown or expressed to you?

The results were astonishing! The respondents' words will inspire you and help to bring love to the forefront of your minds. You will find your way back to the perfect, unfailing love of God, and to truly experience the power of The Most Important Word: LOVE

Sample Chapter

Parent of Special Needs Adult


My definition of love is being with someone who makes you feel like Cinderella; someone who thinks you’re beautiful even when you’re not; someone who orders chicken fried rice because you like it even though he doesn’t; someone who gives you DSW gift cards even though you have too many shoes because he knows you love shoes; someone who stops what they are doing to help you because “your job is always his job”; someone who tells you when you are wrong in a gentle way so you can learn and grow; someone who forgives you when you behave badly and lets it go immediately; someone who makes you feel safe and secure and doesn’t use your insecurities against you; and someone who is your best friend. 

Ok, this is me . . . explaining my husband’s love for me as it makes me love him all the more.  But in all seriousness, my definition of love is remembering that God loves everyone and sees the value in each one of us, and that is true love.

I like to think of my life as beginning when I met Lou & Chris—there seems like there was no “before”—it is all there ever was and it erases all the hurts that are part of the past; it makes all of that seem unimportant.  I think of my journey as a love story involving two men, each so much a part of my being that it is difficult to define me anymore without including them in the definition.  I am so thankful to God that he created Lou for me and gave him to me as a gift that I am responsible for treasuring and holding dear through life.  I do not take for granted the immensity of the present and never disrespect the opportunity to love him and receive his love. 

As Chris will tell you, he is my favorite and the one I love best.  We have a little game we play: 

Chris: “I love you, Amy” 

Amy: “I love you, too.” 

Chris: “I love you the most.” 

Amy: “No, I love you more!” 

Chris: “How much?” 

Amy: “This much!” as I spread my arms out to their fullest extent and then I say, “And that’s more!!”

Then we start over again and again and again.  My life would be incomplete without his unconditional love and the joy that he brings to my life every day.  Being his parent is a blessing that I didn’t know I was going to get in life.

How does it make me feel when others show me love?  Blessed! 


--Amy C.

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