The Boatrockers: Journey to Boatrocker Mountain

The Boatrockers: Journey to Boatrocker Mountain

by Amanda Nicole

ISBN: 9781511747325

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Religion & Spirituality/Fiction, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

The Boatrockers: Powerful, Prophetic New YA Novel Calls on “Christian Superheroes” to Receive Instructions from Heaven & Help Earth Prosper

This gripping adventure introduces youngsters to our maverick group of Christian superheroes and invites them to travel together to reach Boatrocker Mountain and literally change life on Earth. For those committed to their faith, this is one story not to be missed!

Sample Chapter

As the vision began, I saw God. It was God—not just the Father, or the Son, or the Holy Spirit but God, the entire trinity together. There they stood in front of me. I looked around. There was nothing but blue—the clearest blue skies I’d ever seen; the atmosphere looked as if we were standing in the sky. I looked down, expecting to see the earth below me. I didn’t. It felt like I was standing on air. I couldn’t feel any gravity, or ground, or anything. When I looked down, all I saw was white. It was as if I was standing on a cloud.

The Father motioned for me to come to Him. As I did, He put His arm around my shoulders and then leaned over and said that He wanted to show me something.

As we walked, we came across two large groups of young adults. It was as if they appeared out of nowhere. One minute there was nothing to see, and the next this large group of people appeared. They were to our right and countless in number. I describe them as groups, but in actuality, they looked more like two civilizations with millions of people in each. We had a bird’s eye view even though we were standing only meters away from them.

He said to me, “The first group represents unbelievers—those who have not yet given their hearts to me. The second group that you see represents believers—young adults that are born again.”

As I stared at the two groups, I noticed something that disturbed me. Those who were in the believer group were going back and forth between the unbeliever and the believer groups. They looked frustrated and exhausted. I asked God what was going on. Why were they going back and forth? Was it because they were lukewarm (Revelation 3:15)?

God answered me and said, “No, they are not lukewarm. Your generation is not lukewarm. They were not created to be that way; they truly believe in me. Their problem is that they don’t know who they are. They have not embraced the kind of people that they were created to be, so it is hard for them to stand strong for me.”

Just as He said that, I looked a little closer at the unbeliever group. They were bullying the believer group. Slander, ridicule, physical violence, you name it. The believer group fought back at first with the only way they knew how, by trying to ignore them and praying under their breath.

That didn’t make the bullying stop.

Next, they resorted to the same tactics that the unbelievers were using on them. They defended themselves physically and verbally the best way they could. Eventually, they realized that they were largely outnumbered and that none of it was doing any good. They got tired of being bullied, tired of having to always watch their backs, tired of always having to fight.

They decided to try a different approach: They would try to blend in with the unbeliever group. Perhaps if they could blend in and go unnoticed, maybe they could get a break from the fighting for a while. They moved to the other side and tried to blend in with the crowd.

It worked for a little while, but each time, they would be spotted. The light that shined on the inside of them gave them away every time, and after being beat up badly, they would be kicked out and thrown back to the other side.

I looked away. I couldn’t take anymore. I grieved so heavily for them. They looked pitiful. They were so bruised and broken, so defeated and exhausted. I wiped my tears and tried to get myself together. I thought, I’ve got to try to help. As I began to run over there, I was pulled back. The Father took my hand and said to me, “I know you want to help, and I want you to help, but I need to show you how.” Then He stretched out His arm and pointed off to the left side in the distance and said, “Look over there. There is another group.”

I looked in the direction that He pointed and could barely see it. It was located so far in the distance and was surrounded by a huge body of water. In the water were huge alligators and stingrays. Their size was unbelievable. The stingrays looked like submarines, and the alligators looked as if they were 50 feet long.

The water surrounded a mountain with ice, snow, and huge boulders of rock on the sides. I looked at God, and He said to me, “That group is your group.”

Great, I thought to myself as I looked over there. Of course I would belong to the group that is harder to get into than Fort Knox. But just then, I looked at the young adults that were there. They were literally glowing. They were so confident and so free. They were alive and happy. They were like superheroes. Some of them were flying around the mountain—actually flying—not in airplanes but really flying. Some of them were riding on the alligators’ backs as if they were horses. Some of them were skiing off the side of the mountain with special skateboards. They were awesome!

God said to me, “Those young adults are called the Boatrockers. They were created with a specific kind of spirit that I need to use in order to get the young adults from the other two groups to that group—the group that I created them to belong to. In the natural, you are already in that group and have been for a few years. But I am showing you this vision with you being on the outside of all of the groups because I want you to see what the current state of the other two groups is so that you can develop even more of a compassion for them and a greater sense of urgency to help get them out.”

Just then, the Father stepped back, and the Holy Spirit began to speak. “You are much like the others in your group. They spent the longest time in group two. Day in and day out they were picked on, rejected, ridiculed, hurt, and frustrated. They tried the same things and repeated the same cycles as the others for years. Eventually, they got fed up and said, “There has got to be another way.” They decided to stop the cycle and to start looking for something different. Something that no one else had ever tried. That is when they truly found me and my presence and started learning what I can do in their lives. It was at that point, by my leading, that they were able to see the mountain. They saw the alligators and the stingrays and every obstacle, but they didn’t care. Their desperation surpassed their fear. They started running and never looked back.

“To this day, they have no idea how they got there. They remember the pain of the persecution in group two, but they don’t know how they ended up in group three. You are no different. You know that you are in the Boatrocker group, but you don’t know how you got there.

“I am going to take you on a journey to understand how you got in that group. You, like the rest of the young adults in that group, don’t know how you got there, so you can’t tell anyone else how to get there. I want to teach you how to get there step by step so that you can teach others.

“Once you get enough people over there, you all are going to set off a nuclear bomb both in the natural as well as in the spirit worlds. When the other two groups see, hear, and feel the explosion, they will stop what they’re doing, and hundreds of thousands of them will run towards your group out of sheer curiosity. The remainder of the ones that don’t move, but that are called and chosen to be in your group, will be won by the ministries that I have placed inside the rest of the Boatrockers.”

I looked at group three. I looked again at groups one and two. Then I turned to the Holy Spirit and said, “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go.”


Excerpted from "The Boatrockers: Journey to Boatrocker Mountain" by Amanda Nicole. Copyright © 2015 by Amanda Nicole. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Amanda Nicole

Amanda Nicole

Amanda Nicole has always been both a teacher and a writer at heart. From a teenager in her high school English, class who would always ask the teacher if her paper could be longer than the recommended page limit, to the young adult who realized that there were others that needed to hear what she had learned the hard way, Amanda enjoys helping others learn. After years of helping teenagers and young adults find their purpose in God, and years of seeing others struggle in ungodly marriages out of sheer fear and bondage because of what they’d been taught, Amanda sought to do her part to help them find their way; not seeking to tell them what to do, but seeking to help lead them to the truth.

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