From FBI Agent to an Apostle

From FBI Agent to an Apostle

by Frank Burton Jr.

ISBN: 9781498434157

Publisher Xulon Press

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

The autobiography of Retired FBI Special Agent Frank Burton Jr. Burton is also the Pastor and founder of Perfect Will Ministries in Delaware. He served in the Bureau for more than 22 1/2 years working several major cases and has been Pastor for over 12 years. This book details how the best of both his worlds collide.

Sample Chapter


“When Faith replaces Fear… then success will replace Failure.”

                There are no “chance” meetings or “chance” encounters in God!  There are no coincidences, nor are there any “OMG” connections, because He is God!  He knows all things and does everything well.

                Every relationship we develop and/or experience that formulates, whether it is good or bad… is intentional!  God does things on purpose and for purpose.  Every encounter therefore, is purposeful.  If it is an encounter that is not to our liking, we have to remember that God is not a “child abuser” and no matter what the extent of your hurt or discomfort, His goal is never intended to harm you.  With that, I might offer this bit of advice to you:  Don’t ever mistake God’s process for punishment.  Sometimes we have to endure the “valley experiences” in order to appreciate the “mountain top” experiences.  Remember, it is virtually impossible for you to go from mountain top to mountain top without first coming down and traveling through the valley.  So embrace your “valley experience” and learn all that God has in store for you while you are there.


                So we must be “Intentional” in our encounters!  We must “INFECT” every single encounter with the love, spirit, presence, and the very essence of the Holy Spirit.  To take a term from my accomplished sports past (and I know this to be true in many areas of life): “You only get ONE time to make a best and lasting First impression.”  This was a motto I lived by when competing in Sports Camps and Showcases.  On those particular days, you had to demonstrate your best!  For many, there were no “second chances” or “do overs.”  You had to be on your “A” game at that very moment.  You had to bring it!  No excuses!

Excerpted from "From FBI Agent to an Apostle" by Frank Burton Jr.. Copyright © 0 by Frank Burton Jr.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Frank Burton Jr.

Frank Burton Jr.

"FROM FBI AGENT TO AN APOSTLE" - Is the autobiography of Retired FBI Special Agent Frank Burton Jr. Burton is also an Apostle and the Pastor and founder of Perfect Will Ministries in New Castle, DE. He has been Pastor and Overseer of the Church for almost 12 years. This book, details Burton's life's experience and how one Apostolic encounter changed his entire life. The book is about Spiritual Warfare and how God used him to solve some of the biggest Cases in the FBI and powerfully minister to those in need, while on the job. Most of his successful cases literally had nothing to do with sophisticated FBI techniques. However, it was by the leading of the Holy Spirit he was able to become one of America's Finest in the FBI & labeled an "Expert," at the same time, be one of the greatest Servants in the Ministry. Apostle Burton is very accomplished and well-rounded in many aspects of life. He has served many of Today's ministry greats (as contained is this prolific autobiography) and ministered the Word of God in many parts of this Country. He was a Hostage Negotiator, Head Media Representative and National Recruiter for the FBI. Apostle Burton's mission is to encourage the Body of Christ and inform them that Spiritual Warfare is real, and yet an additional tool in our spiritual tool box. Journey with him, as you experience some of the FBI's featured cases, as well as, experiencing some of his most intense warfare experiences. In the end, what Apostle Burton wants all to understand... is that God WINS! Enjoy this Book and allow it to be a blessing to you!

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