How To Survive A Dead End Job

How To Survive A Dead End Job

by Wilson Jackson

ISBN: 9781478752011

Publisher Outskirts Press

Published in Nonfiction, Business & Money

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Book Description

A selif-help, self-esteem /motivational book about saving money, realizing working a dead end job is not the end of the world. Why income tax returns is not your saviour, but saving money is.

Sample Chapter


Never lose your sense humor. This chapter is to lighten the mood a bit.

Here are some true, but humorous reasons why you should leave your dead end job. I actually experienced

most of what I am about to tell you and some are just for the sake of humor. I'll let you decide which ones.

On a serious note in which I mentioned before that I worked for a security company that forced me and other

employees to take a training class that wasn't authorized by the state of North Carolina. It was a four hour class

and employees had to pay with their own money. Most companies pay out of the budget and pay the employees for

attending. Not this one. I made eigh dollars an hour. Imagine that.

There were optional classes that cost more than the so called mandatory class Those optional classes would have been

fine if I wanted to join the police force. The class they wanted me to pay for out of my own pocket was a Pepper spraying

class It cost sixty-five dollars.

I've seen women buy pepper spray over the counter, even my wife owned one and she never took a four hour class to

learn how to use it. In fact she never did use it and she no longer has it in her possession. Anyway, what my company was

trying to do was nickel and dime their own employees. The average basic security company just wears a uniform and that's

all. Only on television have I ever seen security guards actually use guns. A lot of armed security equipment is just for show.

I didn't take the class and they found a way to fire me. I didn't take the class because a coworker called Raleigh, North

Carolina where the state security companies get their background checks said a woman told him the class was not authoized by

the state of North Carolina. He didn't take the class either, but kept his job. Trust me I didn't cry over eight dollars an hour.

I found another job, but felt for the employees who took the class. A lot of companies use their employees, but Im speaking

from personal experience. When you are in a lousy paying job and they don't respect you, what more motivation do you need to

look for a better job?

For you out there who want a fresh start on findng a better job? Take a gander at this list of when it's time to leave your dead

end job.

1. When you're making six dollars and fifty cents an hour an d your boss tells you that you can only max out at eight dollars

no matter how long you work for the company.

2. when pay is reduce by one and two dollars based on your education and your boss says to you with a smile how's the


3. When you ask for a raise and your boss calls you into his office on pay day and holds your check over his head and says

here is your raise.

4. When your overtime pay is fifty cents an hour.

5. When the pencil drop on the sexy administrative assistant no longer thrills you.

6. When you're accused of sexual harassment after telling a female coworker you'd put her on lay-a-way after she said

you couldn't afford her.

7. No paid sick days, no vacations, no benfits, and no company stock options.

8. They hire your spouse to work alongside you or they hire her period.

9. You're served leftover food from your boss at the company Christmas dinner that came from his family's Christmas


10. When you get a month's notice about your wedding anniversary and on the night of it, you get a call asking you why

you're not at work while in bed with your spouse.

11. When you get tired of hearing where the beef is, two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on

a sesame seed bun. Having it your way, the monster burger really scare you and you wish Jack would stay in the box.

12. When you get tired of wearing a uniform for minimum wage that has nothing to do with sports team.

13. When asking someone to make a choice about paper or plastic and it has nothing to do with cash or a credit card.

14. When your parents make more money than you do and their retired.

15. When your kids make more money than you on their summer jobs.

16. The two most dangerous words known to man ... I DO! I know this doesn't have anything to do with the list, but I just

thought it would be funny.

17. On a serious note, you never want to stay on any job that can't help you grow as a person or financially. If these are

some probems you face on your dead end job then say to yourself; FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW. But remember you

should have another job in place before ever quitting because being unemployed is not the answer.

Common sense should be a contagious disease - Wilson Jackson

Chapter 15


Common sense should be a contagious disease. This chapter deals with life in general. Money, education, and people all come into play. The choices and decisions we make can either break us or make us. Intelligence and ignorance are all part of the game we play with one another. If you have common sense then you will have a better chance winning in the game of life.

It is not known whether or not you are born with common sense. Can you develop it over a course of time, maybe through experience, depending on what you come across in your life? There are many things in life that goes along with common sense. The most important of these things is money. If you don't know by now money shapes your life.

I've mentioned throughout this book about getting a career and try not to stay in a dead end job. I also mentioned the reality of some of us may never get a career type job, but that does not mean you still can't have a good life. How can you have a good life you ask?

You save your money and not just for the expression rainy days. It makes total sense regardless of the so called rainy days. It doesn't rain every day and you need money to survive no matter who you are, so get with the program and start saving.

If you don't start saving then you is headed for a world of hurt. Some people believe you have to have a good job in order to start saving. Not true. While you are on your life raft (dead end job) it is possible to put some money into a savings account.

The first thing you need to do is decide how much money you're able to put aside to start your savings. If you are married and work a dead end job then you and your spouse need to decide how much to take out of your paychecks. You get paid at least twice a month. Before I get started let me say some spouses will have better jobs. It's okay if the wife makes more money than her husband. The key is making sure you have a job and work consistently in order for the plan to work. Marriage is based on understanding and support. Not degrading the other because of job status.

I will say this again, some of us may never get career type jobs. Now with that being said, set a goal of how much money should be saved at the end of each year. Depending on what type of jobs you have, you take out of your paycheck what you can afford to put in the bank to start your savings.

A married couple on the average based on their job situation should at least take out twenty-five every pay period(combined, that's fifty dollars from both equaling a hundred a month and it works if you take out twenty each pay period, forty from both equaling eighty a month). Before I continue a person should not depend on a 401 or pension for income as they approach the twilight years of their lives. A married couple should have their own life savings as well.

You both take out at least that amount and yes it seems small, but in time it will add up. Time flies when you start getting older. At the end of each month you should have eighty or a hundred dollars to put away. It's a lot easier when you start at the beginning of the year.

Trust me when I say after the first two months of the year go by, the rest of the ten months will fly by as well. Do this technique of saving at the beginning of each year and at the end of the year you should have at least nine-hundred sixty dollars or twelve-hundred in your savings account.

A span of five years or more you should start seeing the fruits of your labor. In which it should encourage you to stick with your savings plan. The amount of twenty and twenty-five dollars are basically for low income families. Also for young couples this is a good way to start putting money away for your future. That doesn't mean if you're an older couple you shouldn't start saving, but it's better to start at a young age.

As time flies you will see the benefits of this savings plan. In order to not fall off course you have to have patience and discipline. Think like a Squirrel if you have to. They collect all their nuts during the summer so they can have plenty of food for the winter. I'm not saying by the end of summer you'll have a big savings account in the winter, but you get my point.

Every now and then you'll probably dip into your savings account. We all have weaknesses when it comes to money. You see somthing you want to buy and you just have to have it. That's fine if you want to indulge yourself, but don't make it a habit. Remember this is money for your future. You will need this money when you get old. So stay on course and be disciplined. It will pay off in the long run.

If you need help to stay focus on saving your money then think about how many times you've heard someone say, boy I can't wait to file my income tax. First of all if you're a young man or woman and you're waiting for your firstincome tax return then I can understand the excitement. But if this is not your first rodeo and year after year you keep harping on the ennd of the year odyssey of getting money that will be gone in a blink of an eye then you have problem. Income tax is to an adult as Christmas is to a kid. A lot of excitement and when it comes you are happy, but it's once a year and once gone it's a long wait for it to come again.

No one should have to depend on income tax as if it is a savior. Your savior should be your savings. Sure your income tax return can help pay off some bills, car repairs, buy furniture or used for having some fun. After you've used it for whatever you need it for, it's gone and you're back again waiting for another end of the year tax return.

This money comes once a year. To understand the significance of depending on your income tax return let me tell you a brief story. I was twenty-five years old smiling from ear to ear because I was going to HR and Block to file my taxes. I was young single and free. In other words no ball and chain to hold me back from spending my money. Then to my surprise the woman doing my taxes told me I had worked too much overtime and therefore I would not get a tax return. She wasted no time filing away my tax form as if I was going to grab it back and seek the help of some hole in the wall tax office to cut corners in order to get a return.

Of course during that time I didn't know about the hole in wall tax companies and that's another story. The point is I didn't get any money for the end of the year and the same can happen to you. You could also owe back taxes to the goverment. Your tax return can be garnished if you have unpaid debt. Tax returns are not a guarantee you will get money when you file. That's why you should never depend on your tax return. To make my point clear, if you are depending on a tax return every year then you are not taking care of your money and that means you're not saving it. If anything your tax return should enhance your bank account.

To not save money means you do not have common sense. What if you need car repairs, an unsuspecting bill comes in the mail?These are examples of two things that can happen to you. So in other words can your income tax help you? Maybe if these things happen around tax time.

Income tax comes once a year like the holidays and then it is gone because for some of you as fast as you get it you spend it. There is no telling when your car may break down or that unsuspecting bill may come. In fact bills come basically every day, but income tax does not. That's why you need to have savings.

What do you do when you don't have any savings? You borrow money. a family member, friend or loan agency may lend you money, but do you want borrowing for a habit? No. Keep in mind your relatives and friends have responsibilities of their own and you are not their responsibility. Loan agencies may turn down because of bad credit. Those are the pros and cons of borrowing money.

Your pride plays a big part when it comes to having your own money to take care of porential problems. You also build your pride by saving your money. It's not easy and it's not supposed to be, but it's something that needs to be done. Saving your money won't guarantee to make you a millionaire, but in the long run it will make your life comfortable. That should be everyone's goal to make your life comfortable. If you don't save your money then your life will not be comfortable.

Will there be obstacles that might prevent you from saving your money? Sure, you may not be disciplined. You night be one of those types of people that put money in the bank or some place in your house and see something on TV or the internet that catches your eye and you just got to have it. So you dip into your savings and buy it.

We all have weaknesses. What you havee to do is over come it and realize this money is for the future. Sometimes material things have to wait. Another problem you may face when trying to save money is believe it or not your spouse. If you have a wife or husband then it's important that you both be on the same page. Saving money is team work. If you are the only one saving money and your spouse is not with the program then you have a problem. If you plan to grow old together then you need to be on the same page because if you're not then you will eventually have marital problems and rightfully so.

There is no need to be married if you see life differently than your spouse. Ifyou disagree on everything especially when it comes to saving money then it's time to part ways. Marriage is a partnership. It is not meant for one person to sit down and watch the other do all the work. Unfortunately most marriage end because of financial problems.

On the other hand if you have a spouse who is on the same page as you then you will have a better chance to accomplish your goal of saving money. Saving money is not rocket science. It's just plain and simple common sense.

Common sense is not only about saving money. Unfortunately it is also about perceiving the value of a person in society. Unfortunately it is also about perceiving the value of a person in society. We live in a judmental wold. We feel we have the right to determine if another is worthy to be among one's self as far as status in society

Wealth and education along with your accomplishment are tools used to pass judgment amongst others. You are going to have your rich and poor people. Why does a man in a suit get more respect because to most people all they see is a person dressed for success?

As we all should know by now just because you put on a suit doesn't mean you are successful or rich. Then again most men when they die wear a suit in a casket and there's no success in death. A man can be rich and successful wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Mark Cuban, owner of the N.B.A. 's Dallas Mavericks is a billionaire. At all the games and even interviews he dresses care free, unless you're Donald Trump. He wears suits all the time. Wing tips, high heels are the uniforms for some jobs, to be more specific, corporate jobs.

Then again times have change and a lot of corporate jobs have dumped the suits and ties and have gone to a more casual look. Polo shirts, loafers and khakis are now worn in corporate offices. Of course you could be a mail clerk and you don't really need to dress up to sort mail.

Take it from me, I worked in the mail room and I'll never forget when a management team took over, they required the men to wear slacks, dress shirts, and ties. They said dressing that way would prevent us being looked upon by the cubicle dwellers. They couldn't have been more wrong. When I was seen pushing a dirty mail gurney in my shirt and tie, trust me when I say they knew what I was doing for a living. But, that didn't mean that they made more money than me or had more money in the bank. If you are making an honest living, you have nothing to be ashamed of. The problem you will face is letting people make you feel ashamed.

Common sense comes in many forms, but the most important are saving money and how people treat one another. If you are laughing, making fun, or judging someone then rest assure somebody is doing the same about you. And those of us who think they are untouchable don't have common sense.


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