One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls

One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls

by Rick Blaisdell

ISBN: 9781498423816

Publisher Xulon Press

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Self-Help/Personal Transformation, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Book Description: Rick Blaisdell’s new book exists for those who are sincerely looking for hope and purpose in their lives. It is a living testimony of what God can do with a life given to Him in faith. The author’s experiences prove that God opens the door, and makes the seemingly impossible, possible. In addition to the detailed journal entries, which provide vivid details of Rick’s mission trips, the book is comprised of original color photos, maps, countless testimonies of salvation, transformation, miracles and signs, and more.

Sample Chapter

Sunday, Feb. 18th-

Today began as another warm and sunny morning. Pastor Sharad and I had our early tea and cookies, and he said at that time, he wanted to have a shorter Sunday service with just a time of praise and worship, communion, and prayer for the people. That, alone, took quite some time, but it was very needful, as everyone present wanted prayer. My last Sunday in this Talavadi house is a very emotional time. I have now had the privilege of coming here for six consecutive years, and connecting with the multitudes of remote villagers, unseen and unknown by this world’s standards. But to me, each one of their faces is a living epistle of the wonderful works of God. My mind is flooded with fond memories of them all, and the countless issues which we brought before the Lord together in prayer. In oneness of heart, we released our faith, and believed we have received.

There is no bond known to man, greater than to be one with each other in Christ, He in us, and we in Him. We are all of the same Spirit, no matter where we live, rich or poor, black, green, purple, white, red, yellow, brown, or whatever. To me, Sunday service in this Talavadi house is the culmination of all the ministry of the Holy Spirit in each of the villages during the past week. It is the one place where all the village cell groups gather together in one place for a jubilant celebration of the goodness of God. When Sharad said he desired to have a shorter service so we could leave earlier for Bangalore, I was somewhat taken aback. How is it possible to pray quicker? How do I know ahead of time what each need will be? Who can know these things, but God?

And now, looking out at the sea of people before me, sitting cross-legged on mats, leaving not so much as a place to stand for anyone else trying to get into the house, has captured my heart. In an instant, and with my natural eyes, I see their lack, their poverty, their smiles, their tears. I see the sadness in the eyes of the elderly, suffering from their aches and pains. I see those who are suffering with sickness and disease. I see the grieving faces of young parents whose children died due to a fever, or a common illness, which could have been treated if there had been antibiotics available. I am certain, without God, many more would have died.

And in the spirit, I see the richness of faith in these same people coming to celebrate. They have come to share their testimonies. They tell us how God has come to them in response to their cries, saved them, healed them, delivered them, and brought them comfort in their afflictions. They openly testify about the great hope He has given them.

And Sharad wants to leave early? Please understand me, I am not finding fault with this beloved brother who has been joined together with me in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. I am simply expressing what goes through my mind at the end of my time of ministry in this place, and having to leave them all behind. It hurts, and it hurts deeply. Some of you may never know what that experience is like. I can only give you my words that you might get a glimpse of what our Great God has done in these remote villages, and He continues to do so every day

Excerpted from "One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls" by Rick Blaisdell. Copyright © 2015 by Rick Blaisdell. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Rick Blaisdell

Rick Blaisdell

Rick Blaisdell-Author BiographyRICK BLAISDELL – AUTHOR/PASTOR [ ] Rick was born in New Hampshire and moved to Vermont at the age of 6 months, and has been a Vermont resident for most of his life. After graduating from high school in June 1964, he enlisted in the US Air Force, serving in Texas, Georgia, and Germany. He received an honorable discharge from active duty in 1968, followed by an additional two years in the Air Force Reserves. Civilian work included several plastics molding factories and golf courses. In brief, his life after the military took a turn toward playing in several rock bands, (he was a drummer), drugs, and alcohol. This lifestyle continued for another 13 years, until God supernaturally intervened in Rick’s life. In the Preface of his recently published book One Life to Give, Rick shares his life in more depth with the intent of showing the reader how powerfully God can and will change a person’s life if he or she is willing. Rick became a born-again believer on March 21, 1983 and instantly delivered from 13 years of drug and alcohol addictions through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Rick’s own words, “It was also the same gospel that forgave me of all my sins through the Blood of Jesus. All the bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness in my own heart left immediately, as I forgave every person who had ever taken advantage, hurt, or offended me. Right after my salvation experience, I had, and still do, have a fire of desire to see others saved and set free by the same gospel that saved me.” Rick and his wife Faith are the co-founders of Renewed Life in Jesus Church, established in 1986 in Rockingham, Vermont. He was ordained into the ministry on November 18, 1990, and served as the co-pastor until April 1999. Later in the same month, he was officially designated by the Board of Ministry to serve as the new senior pastor. At the time of this writing in 2014, Rick still serves the church in that capacity. His heart's desire is to see people from all lifestyles, with all kinds of problems and issues, sicknesses, and diseases brought willingly to the Cross of Christ for healing, deliverance, and restoration. Through Renewed Life in Jesus Church, Rick is, and has been very much involved with supporting missionaries and sending short-term mission workers nearly every year since 1991, (including himself), into foreign countries including the Czech Republic, the Republic of Slovakia, Kenya, Africa, the Philippines, and South India. “One Life to Give was written to be an inspiration to those who may think that just because they are only one person, ‘What difference can my life make?’ If that is you possibly wondering what you can do, please read this book. Through the constant urging of my wife and many faithful friends, and a very strong inner desire to be an encouragement to others, it is written to give you, the reader, the courage to never give up, never look back, and always be open to God to use you for all the time you have remaining.”

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