Doug's Story

Doug's Story

by Gary Fry

ISBN: 9781634173834

Publisher Page Publishing, Inc.

Published in Nonfiction

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Book Description

" Doug is a high functioning young man who has Down syndrome. The story follows the adventures of Doug's journeys and experiences with sports legends to his daily work and social challenges to his travels around the world. Doug is an avid traveler who is preparing for cruise number 36, has worked at the same job for 22 years and has entertained sports celebrities of the highest caliber.This book chronicles Doug’s adventures but also tells of a unique individual who is always outspoken, charming, and has a strong desire to be independent.

Sample Chapter

Key West and Cozumel

Practically all cruise ships that sail from the East Coast of Florida venturing to the Western Caribbean make a stop in Key West, Florida.  In 2002 while sailing on Celebrity cruise lines we were joined by two of our children, Jennifer and Doug.  My wife and Jennifer had made plans to do some shopping in Key West while Doug and I decided to ride a jet ski. We rented one of the big two-seat jet skis and I drove out into the very choppy waters on the south end of Key West with Doug sitting behind me.  We were having a great time jumping and making hard turns even though the water was abnormally rough. Eventually Doug, like all kids do, decided that he should drive and I should sit on the back of the ski.  I agreed to this but cautioned Doug that the water was very choppy and that he should go easy on the throttle until he got the feel of the ski and the water.  He got the feel all right. He immediately opened the throttle all of the way.  The nose of the Jet Ski went up, the Jet Ski took off like a rocket and I came off of the back. I hollered for Doug to return and pick me up but he was in the wind. He cruised around the bay having a great time. I was thankful that I had on a life jacket as I started to drift to the south. Maybe this would be my opportunity to say hello to Fidel Castro.  I started to think about the lyrics of the Hank Williams Jr. song, “I’ll Never Get out of this World Alive.”  I spotted a small island, perhaps 200 yards west of me and headed in that direction against a strong tide. After getting halfway to the island, I heard the sound of an engine approaching.  And who do my wandering eyes did appear?  It was Douglas and his little jet ski. “Hey Dad, would you like a ride?”  Doug said that he did not know that I fell off of the ski, but the little smirk says otherwise.  I think that they have laws protecting children these days!  I climbed aboard and gratefully accepted a ride back to the dock.

After getting into dry clothes, Doug and I headed to Sloppy Joes for lunch and a beverage.  The restaurant was packed when we arrived at 13:00.  I told Doug to hang tight while I went to the rest room.  As usual when I returned, the D-man was not hanging tight. He was gone. No problem, he should be easy to find. All I had to do was listen for a commotion somewhere in the restaurant. That worked.  I heard hollering, clapping, shouting and knew that Doug was close. There he was dancing with a “motorcycle mamma. “  He had adopted a Hells Angel look-alike gang. This group was not your weekend Harley rider. This gang was scary. I was two weeks over due for a haircut and the gang made me look as if I had a “Butch”.  These ladies would not even look good at closing time.  But they liked Doug immediately. This entire group of” lovely ladies” showed Doug what “Dirty Dancing” was all about. Doug does not like beer but when invited by “the leader of the pack “climbed up on a table and chugged a cold brew.  We spent about 30 minutes, and the truth be told they were enjoyable minutes, carrying on with the gang.  We declined transportation from two members of the cycle gang and headed to Jimmy Buffets joint to meet up with our own gang.  I had a rough day and had to take a nap as the ship sailed out of the port of Key West.  I’m sure Doug was already working on his “To Do” list plans for our next port in Cozumel, Mexico.


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