Things N General

Things N General

by Cary Hendrix Jr.

ISBN: 9780692349823

Publisher Cary Hendrix Jr.

Published in Comics & Graphic Novels/Comic Strips, Humor & Entertainment, Nonfiction

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Book Description

These are the thoughts that we have all had, but have never spoken. THINGS N GENERAL is Cary Hendrix jr.'s compendium of these ideas and hypotheses, filled with wisdom, wit and humor and illustrated by his original cartoons. THINGS N GENERAL will make you laugh, but more important, it will make you think.

Sample Chapter

If we can't find it on the inside - we won't find it on the outside.

The more attention we devote to our outside, the less we tend to devote to our inside.

many people are obsessed with fame and fortune, because they don't know any better.

Things in life that are better than fame and fortune: good health, education, self-awareness, maturity and spiritual joy.

We do not become better by thinking we are better than others, we become better by realizing how much we are just like everyone else.

We are more concerned with if we are loved than we are about if we love.

Our children not only inherit our positives, they inherit our negatives.

We crave soft answers to all of the hard questions.

Most leaders who wish to sustain or retain their leadership must ultimately end up following their followers.

Most women like a man who isn't afraid to cry a little, but never a man who cries a lot. 

Some people "living large" are compensationg for feeling small.

We are all different on the outside and all the same on the inside.

We are generally willing to die for whatever we were born into.

Most of us believe we would make great parents just because we can make great babies.


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