The Hidden Puzzle in Marriage

The Hidden Puzzle in Marriage

by Samuel Adjeipong


Publisher Xulon Press

Published in Self-Help/Spiritual, Parenting & Relationships, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

This book provides the original details of the intent and thoughts of the Almighty God as He set out in the Garden of Eden to initiate His concept of marriage. It captures the various steps He took and delves into these steps to reveal how it relates to marriage.

Sample Chapter


Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. —Psalm 40:5 (NIV)

Around March 2006, I remember sitting in the Office of the Dean of Theology & Missions Department in Central University College. I was ready to inform the Dean of my chosen topic for my long essay to graduate from my degree program. Bubbling with enthusiasm, I eagerly informed him of my desire to write on the topic, “Intimacy in Marriage.” He looked at me for a moment and said, “you cannot write on that topic because marriage is intimacy. You have to choose another topic.” I had wanted to have my way—he shrugged his shoulders and told me that I could go ahead if I wanted to.

He could be right, because God’s expectation for every marriage is that every marriage must have a certain level of intimacy that binds the couple together; however, that fact was not the barometer to determine whether I could write on that topic. But on a second thought, what if I had gone ahead and poured myself into that project? No matter the amount of wisdom or depth of truth articulated in the long essay, it would have become the intellectual property of the university. As their property, I would lose the right to further write on it. It would end up within the stack of long essays sitting on the racks in an inaccessible, locked down room.

Maybe the reason for the Dean’s refusal of this topic was that, at that moment, it was a seed that had to be nurtured and blossom into this book. The silent germination of this seed resulted in The Hidden Puzzle in Marriage. For the truth is that every marriage has the fullest possibility of being intimate, but there is a catch to intimacy in marriage, which Hidden Puzzle in Marriage reveals. In the process of writing the final script, the wealth of ideas and thoughts turned my writing in unexpected directions. At that moment, I realized that I was experiencing an outpouring from the heart of the Creator Himself.

The Hidden Puzzle in Marriage is a journey back into the confines of the beautiful Garden of Eden. It delves into the before-and-after processes that God Almighty engaged in to initiate marriage. These processes reveal the actual truth of the depth of His expectations for every marriage as He meticulously and purposefully created a being called woman from a bone of the man. This very act of the Creator embodies the totality of marriage.

Therefore, spending your precious time in the pages of this book will never be a time-wasted venture. This book will challenge all that you have ever believed, known, and understood about marriage. Every person believes that God has plans and thoughts for them. The truth is that these plans and thoughts are in the plural form. Therefore, God has many plans for us, ranging from the profound to the very minute details of our life, including marriage. Does this mean that God already has a choice of spouse for every individual? Also, if He has a choice of spouse for each person, then what is the relevance of our ability to choose a spouse? If this is the absolute truth, then there should be an undeniable proof that substantiates this truth in our lives. Also, the most often quoted Bible verse referring to a spouse is; “I will make a suitable helper for the man.” Does this statement make God Almighty partial, because it favors the man and ignores the woman (though it has a reciprocal effect on the woman)? Or is there a specific promise for every woman who also seeks for a husband? Can it be possible that God Almighty had the forethought of our satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment in marriage when He initiated it in the Garden of Eden? If He did then there might be a prerequisite for its attainment. And also what are His thoughts of intimacy in marriage? Can intimacy be nurtured? Or it is already embedded in His concept of marriage to flourish only with that catch revealed by the Hidden Puzzle? The Hidden Puzzle in Marriage provides concrete answers to these questions and more, exploring thought-provoking truths that we must know and understand in the very moments of our lives when each individual is about to stretch their hand to open and walk through the door of marriage.

One amazing truth I realize as I wrote the Hidden Puzzle in Marriage is that every woman has a unique personality of her own, but she is not an individual unto herself. Why is this so? In the creation of the woman, God Almighty introduced a twist, which holds an important key in marriage. We find it very difficult to rationalize the concept of the twist in relation to the increase in human population and therefore ask if the twist is still relevant and necessary. As a result, over the centuries we rely on our ability to exercise independent discretion in choosing a spouse, instead of finding the one who satisfies the twist in our life. The twist is the determinate that should guide our prospects for a spouse. What is the twist? The main thrust of this book is the twist, which is also addressed as the dynamics and the law of extraction.

The profoundness of what God did in the Garden of Eden concerning marriage is so glaring in our lives but often it escapes our attention. Its relevance is often captured in the statements that ignorantly pop out of our mouths. Otherwise why would Abraham instruct his servant, “go and find a wife for my son?” Why did Abraham use the noun wife? Also, why do we say, “I need a wife / husband” when one gets into the age bracket for marriage and therefore desires to be married but is not yet married? Then again is the issue of whether we need to find a wife or choose a wife? The choice of words in these statements caught my attention because they define the past state of a person though the reality of such a statement is for the future.

If we overlook and lose sight of what God did in the garden, we set in motion a sequence of challenges in our lives. And for this very purpose, the book sets out to examine the lives of Abraham and Sarah; Rebekah and Eliezer; Ruth and Boaz; Jacob; and Samson to explore how they lived their lives in relation to what happened in the Garden of Eden and in the context of their choices and submitting to the will of God.

To the single person, this book brings a heavy sigh of relief. For the burden of meeting the right spouse is nonexistent once you know that a perfect plan is already in place for you. It sets the prayer of the single person on the cutting edge of dissecting the cacophony of humanity to pinpoint who one’s spouse really is. To the married, it reveals the depths of why you are enjoying your marriage. If you are deeply struggling in marriage, it provides the best prayer option by understanding what you really need to pray for, meanwhile your prayer will also set up another struggling marriage to be resolved. Your prayer will set up a chain reaction.

I pray this work will reawaken our desire to seek to better know and understand the ways of the only one true God, His beloved Son Christ Jesus, and the manifest power of their presence, the Holy Spirit. I personally decided not to include any specific prayer, but did provide a possible resolution, which can guide each person’s prayer pattern. For out of the in-depth understanding of this book, there will be a spiritual outpour from the depths of the heart where God Almighty dwells before His throne of mercy and grace, since that is the kind of prayer He desires to answer quickly.


Excerpted from "The Hidden Puzzle in Marriage" by Samuel Adjeipong. Copyright © 2014 by Samuel Adjeipong. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Samuel Adjeipong

Samuel Adjeipong

Samuel Adjeipong is Ghanaian born. He holds a diploma in Christian Ministry from Living Word School of Ministry. He graduated from Central University College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, and worships at Jesus House DC, a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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