Nursing Home Fears: A  Buyer's Guide To Long-Term Care Insurance

Nursing Home Fears: A Buyer's Guide To Long-Term Care Insurance

by Ken R. Butler

ISBN: 9781494918859

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Business & Money/Insurance, Health, Fitness & Dieting/Aging, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Nonfiction, Business & Money

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Book Description

How can you tell what is myth and what is truth about Long Term Health Insurance? Do you even need to purchase insurance?

The answers to all of your questions lies in the pages of this buyer's guide. This guide will direct you to the most important coverage and help you avoid the options that are not worth the money.

Gain more than peace of mind! This guide will build confidence in your decision regarding you and your loved one's long term care insurance needs.

Sample Chapter

What Are Common Consumer Concerns?

It seems everyone is trying to sell long-term care insurance!Insurance agents, banks, financial planning consultants, associations and even companies involved in direct sales efforts over the Internet have all gotten into the act, which is a good indication that there is money to be made selling this product. The long-term care products are intentionally marketed using glossy brochures, with so many options that it makes a fair comparison nearly impossible for the consumer. Consumer concerns include:

1. Is the insurance company financially stable?

2. What is the likelihood an insurance company will raise rates in the first three years?

3. How can the buyer force a fair comparison?

4. Which options are the most important?

5. What tricks do insurance companies use to limit access to benefits?

6. Does the insurance make sense for the buyer’s needs and wealth profile?

A common complaint is that insurance companies increase rates three and four times from the time of purchase! This situation has not changed for the insurance companies; insurers retain the right to increase rates on all new policies if raised for all age-classes.

Long-term care insurance is a wise purchase for some but not all consumers.

Long-term care insurance is a wise purchase for some butnot all consumers.However, this insurance product has been a win-win for the insurance industry! Long-term care insurance products have been sold since the early 1990s. Many consumers who bought these early policies were told that purchasing the policies at an early age, well in advance of retirement, would lock in the rates. Unfortunately, consumers were not clearly informed that the insurance companies reserved their right to increase future rates if the insurance company increased the rates for all their policyholders within the same age-class.

This buyer’s guide will provide answers to the above-mentioned consumer concerns. The guide will help the buyer to evaluate proposals using a comparison worksheet that forces a fair comparison.


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Author Profile

Ken R. Butler

Ken R. Butler

Ken R. Butler, CPCU is independent from the insurance industry. He sells no insurance products. Mr. Butler has devoted his career to exclusively serving the interests of the insurance consumer.

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