Pimples and Periods (When We Were Kids, Book 3)

Pimples and Periods (When We Were Kids, Book 3)

by Flo Barnett

ISBN: 9781500812003

Publisher CreateSpace

Published in Children's Books/Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children's Books/Ages 9-12, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

Dealing with ugly zits, school bullies, and a three-day suspension leaves Danny Kolinski sad and angry. His younger sister, Betty Lou, has her own problems. Most of her seventh grade friends are wearing bras, but she remains flat-chested. To compensate for her delayed development, Betty Lou takes extreme measures to make herself look and feel better.

Sample Chapter

“I can’t believe I don’t have boobs yet,” Betty Lou mumbled shamefully. “At this rate, I’ll be the only flat-chested twenty-year-old in the whole entire world!” Glumly the seventh grader donned her uniform, tied her shoes, and went to meet her three best friends.

“Where’s Frannie?” asked Lou. “If she’s not here in two minutes, we’ll have to leave without her. I’m shooting for a perfect attendance record this year, and I don’t want a tardy slip messing things up.”

Trudy informed the girls that Frannie wasn’t coming to school today because she got her period and had really bad cramps. “I feel sorry for Frannie,” said Trudy. “When it’s my time of the month, I can hardly get out of bed, my stomach hurts and my breasts are tender,” complained the girl. “I completely understand why Frannie stayed home.”

Jo could have added to the conversation but decided not to. She didn’t want to embarrass Betty Lou since Jo knew her friend wasn’t menstruating yet.

“You’re all a bunch of crybabies,” yelled Lou. “A few cramps and sore boobs and you act like you’re about to die. When I get my period, you don’t hear me bellyaching, do you?”

“No, we don’t,” Trudy agreed. “And the reason you don’t complain is because you haven’t had a period,” Trudy stated emphatically.

“How do you know, Miss Smarty-Pants? Are you some kind of fortune teller?” questioned Betty Lou gruffly.

Trudy didn’t want to argue with her friend, but when Lou got on her high horse, Trudy had no choice. “I know because if you’d have gotten your period, you would’ve told us. And since you haven’t said a word, I’m pretty sure you didn’t.”


Excerpted from "Pimples and Periods (When We Were Kids, Book 3)" by Flo Barnett. Copyright © 2014 by Flo Barnett. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Flo Barnett

Flo Barnett

During her professional career, Flo Barnett was a preschool administrator and daycare provider. She also taught kindergarten and elementary school for many years. Now retired, Flo writes hilarious tales for, and sometimes based on, the real-life antics of her seven energetic grandchildren whom she loving refers to as "Grammy's Gang." More recently, Flo is directing her focus on publishing chapter books geared for older children, ages 9-99. She explores serious topics such as abuse, bullying and loss of a loved one in a sensitive manner in order to empower youngsters to face adversity with courage and conviction. Flo lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her hubby, Barry, and her dog, Shadow. Flo can be reached at: and on Twitter @FloBarnett1

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