Mickey the Cricket and Friends Take a Leap for Love

Mickey the Cricket and Friends Take a Leap for Love

by Kay Green


Publisher Kay Green

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Children's & Teens, Children & Teens (Young Adult), Children's Books

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Book Description

Mickey the Cricket and Friends Take a Leap for Love", is a delightful story filled with adventure and excitement for children. Your children will learn about friendship and what God's true love is all about.

Sample Chapter

Once upon a time there was a cricket named Mickey. Mickey was the noisiest cricket around; every time he rubbed his wings together all the other crickets just knew it was Mickey. Mickey’s parents told him that he was only to rub his wings together for three reasons: Number One is for help, number two is to scare away his enemies and number three is to attract a mate during their mating season.

Well, one beautiful spring evening Mickey wanted to go out into the fields with some of his friends, so Mickey asked his mother and father if it was alright for him to join his friends in the field. That’s fine son said Mickey’s parents. We hope that you will enjoy yourself and find the girl that God has intended for you to have. [ For you see Mickey was a young adult cricket and this was the time of year for all young crickets to find a mate so Mickey’s parents were very excited for him they wanted their son to find someone special. That night Mickey was so excited he jumped and leaped all over the house and right out into the night.]

As Mickey jumped through the tall green grass he looked up high into the sky. The sky was filled with beautiful sparkling stars. Mickey just knew that this would be the night he would meet his special mate; the mate that God had intended for him to have. As Mickey came closer to the middle of the field where his friends were waiting to meet him, Mickey could see all of his friends jumping and leaping all around the field. One of Mickey’s friends saw him coming. “Hay Mickey, hurry up we’ve been waiting for you a long time. What took you so long yelled Taribo Cricket. I stopped to speak to my parents and say goodnight to them. “Alright you two we’re all here now”, said Tee Cricket. Then Taribo Cricket said,” I’m so excited, just think tonight might just be the night for us to meet that special mate that God has intended for us to spend the rest of our lives with.”

“Come on guys”, Tee Cricket said, “let’s get started”! Then Tee turned and shouted, “Hay Mickey, try not to out chirp the rest of us, we would like to find a mate too”! [All of Mickey’s friends started to laugh. After everyone stopped laughing they all began to chirp.] (Chirping is a loud sound that crickets make when they rub their wings together; this is done to get the attention of the female crickets.) For a while the male crickets did not see any female crickets at all; then all of a sudden the sky was filled with female crickets. When all of the male crickets saw the beautiful female crickets they took off to the sky each one looking for their perfect mate.

In no time at all Mickey sees the most beautiful girl cricket that he had ever seen. “Mickey said to himself she must be the one for me”. [To get her attention Mickey rubbed his wings together as fast as he could, in doing this his chirping became the loudest. As this beautiful creature came closer to Mickey, he began to get a little nervous.] “Hello you’re beautiful. What’s your name, Mickey asked?” “My name is Ashley”, she said. “That’s a pretty name, my name is Mickey”. “Hello Mickey, would you like to go leaping and jumping with me through the field”? “Yes, I would”, said Mickey, and off they went.

[Now while Mickey and Ashley were getting to know each other Mickey’s friend Taribo was not doing so well with the ladies. No matter how loud Taribo chirped none of the female cricket seam to pay him any attention and this made Taribo very sad. Taribo just did not understand why none of the female crickets liked him]

[While, Taribo was wondering why he didn’t meet a nice girl cricket; Mickey and Ashley were having a great time together. The moon was shining so bright and the air was just right for jumping and leaping. Tee and some of the other crickets were talking about how tall and green the grass was and how it would be great for hiding in. then one of the crickets suggests that they all play hide and seek.] “That sounds like a great idea said Tee”, so they all went down to the other end of the field to play. [That is, everyone except Taribo, he felt like he would be a third wheel, Taribo thought that he was the only one who did not find a mate, so he went off to be by his-self.]


Excerpted from "Mickey the Cricket and Friends Take a Leap for Love" by Kay Green. Copyright © 2012 by Kay Green. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Kay Green

Kay Green

My name is Ms. Kay Green, and I am a grandmother of six, I have written this book as a fun and enjoyable way to teach my grandchildren about the Love of God. I hope that when you read,‟ Mickey the Cricket and Friends take a Leap for Love” that they too will understand what true love is all about.

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