The Dragons of Rosemar: The Dragon King Prophecy [Kindle Edition]

The Dragons of Rosemar: The Dragon King Prophecy [Kindle Edition]

by Daniel S. Patrick


Publisher BookBaby

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Trouble is coming to the land of Rosemar, but who can save the kingdom from falling into the hands of the dark warlord? What possibly could 17-year-old Daniel have to offer the Kingdom of Rosemar? Unlike his father, he knew nothing of being a soldier, nor did he know anything about magic or what went on behind the gates of the Dragon Quarters. Yet, he was approaching manhood and would have to choose how to best serve the kingdom. Only fate will decide, as Daniel is taken on an incredible adventure when he discovers three strange objects and a dragon that will change his life forever

Sample Chapter


It was a hot summer day in the land of Rosemar. Daniel was sitting in the kitchen helping to make lunch for the people of the palace. Daniel was a handsome young man of all most seventeen, a bit stocky with black hair and fiery blue eyes. His job, like all the jobs in the kingdom, was assigned by the king. King Zimri was a good king. He had his heart in the right place and tried to take care off all the people in Rosemar.

Daniel felt lucky to even be working in the kitchen. Although he was a mere kitchen boy, he was still contributing to the kingdom; even if it was looked down upon by others who thought it to be a duty assigned to the poor.

Daniel also like the fact that working in the kitchen during the rainy season meant that he had a place to keep dry, and during the cold and bitter months of winter he was warm and toasty next to the fires in the kitchen, Today was the beginning of the summer, and Daniel dreaded the heat that came with it. And, truth be told, Daniel didn’t like the thought of cleaning up after all of the animals. The few times that Daniel had been in the barns he could hardly stand the smells, and the barns would surely reek of manure with the rising heat and moisture that had begun to fill the air. He tried not to think about the stables that would be a duty he would save for later.

Many times he often wondered what his path in life would be. He had hoped for a life filled with adventures, like his father who had served in the Royal Guard. Daniel wished that his father was there to provide guidance in the right direction, but that could never be, as his father had died in the last war.

Daniel’s mother on the other hand, was a maid for one of the princesses in the palace. Daniel didn’t see her very often; in fact he missed having her around to talk to. Although it had only been two years since she had started working in the palace, to Daniel it felt like an eternity.

In three months time Daniel would have to make up his mind about what he wanted to do with his life in King Zimri’s kingdom. The time of the turning was quickly approaching, and as with all the men of his age he must choose a trade in the kingdom. Should he be a solider, or work with the Dragon Riders, or perhaps he could be an apprentice to the mage. Perhaps he should just stay in the kitchens, where he was safe and content? After an hour he had become frustrated. Finally he thought to himself, why am I worrying, I have three months to figure it out.

Maggie abruptly walked into the kitchen and shouted in her usual squeaky voice, “Daniel what are you doing? I asked you to watch the bread!”

Daniel jumped off of the table and opened the oven. He quickly pulled out the bread.

Maggie said, “It’s a good thing I came back or the bread would be ruined.”

“Sorry Maggie,” Daniel said.

Maggie asked, “Have you had your head in the clouds again boy?”

Her short plump body stood in front of Daniel as she stared disapprovingly at him with her evergreen eyes, while tapping a rolling pin between her hands. Maggie had been head of the kitchen for many years, and she looked it. Anyone could tell this by looking at her stubby arms that were covered with many scars that were once burns. Nevertheless she was proud of her ‘battle scars’, as she liked to call them. She usually worked in front of the hot stove from, sunup to sundown.

Maggie was more like Daniel’s mom than his boss. She always seemed to know when Daniel was thinking too much.

Daniel turned to Maggie, “What should I do?”

Maggie looked at Daniel and said, “Get off the table and get to work.”

Daniel smiled and said, “No Maggie, I mean about my future.”

“Daniel you will not have a future if you don’t get your work done.” Maggie replied, not taking her eyes off the food she was preparing.

Daniel reluctantly got off of the table and started to cut up some vegetables, as it was time to prepare lunch for the people of the palace.

Maggie smiled as she watched him. “Daniel you must follow your heart. What ever makes you happy will be the right choice.”

“But Maggie…” Daniel’s voice trailed off. “I’m not sure what will make me happy.”

Maggie thought about this for a moment and then said, “Well why don’t you go and explore your options. You already know all the people you could work for Daniel.” She paused before listing off his options. “There is Sagar, the Captain of the Royal Guard. You could ask him if you could watch his troops train. Or you could go see Wyndham, the head of the Dragon Riders. He is fond of you Daniel. You could also talk with the Mage, Gunther Stormcloud. Just go talk to them, see what they have to offer you. Then you can make your decision.” Maggie then softly added in a hopeful tone, “Or you could just stay here in the kitchen with me.” She tried to force a smile, although the thought of him leaving saddened her.

Daniel smiled at her; it would be hard to leave her behind as he sought out his own path in life. Nevertheless, Daniel knew he had to move on to something else. He knew that his destiny did not revolve around scrubbing pots and cooking, this is something he felt very strongly about.


Excerpted from "The Dragons of Rosemar: The Dragon King Prophecy [Kindle Edition]" by Daniel S. Patrick. Copyright © 2009 by Daniel S. Patrick. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Daniel S. Patrick

Daniel S. Patrick

D.S. Patrick's lifelong love of fantasy books and role playing games inspired him to write his first novel. He was born in New York where his younger years were spent playing Dungeons & Dragons. He has always been fascinated by the aspects of fantasy; from dragons to wizards and everything in between. D.S. Patrick served in the military for over twenty years, where he learned good fighting strategies that helped him to write his novel. Being in the military also taught him leadership skills, how to command troops, and problem solving techniques. D.S. Patrick has also been a cook for over thirty years.

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