Troianne (Time Travel Society Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Troianne (Time Travel Society Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

by Crystal Miles Gauthier


Publisher Beau Coup Publishing LLC

Published in Romance

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Kindle Edition $3.99

Book Description

Troianne Shelden is a student with a bright future. After a night of passion with a handsome stranger, everything changes. Her future is in doubt when she finds herself pregnant. Troianne suddenly finds herself with a large inheritance, but absolutely no one she can trust to turn to for help. She opens her eyes to find herself not in a modern ambulance, but in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. When the door opens she’s greeted by a handsome man dressed like he stepped out of the past. In shock, Troianne realizes that she’s somehow traveled back in time.

Sample Chapter


Lexington, Kentucky 2013




Bam! Bam! Bam!


Troianne! Why have you locked this bathroom door? I need to go now! You know this old woman can’t hold it very long. Come on outta there ‘fore I pee my pants!”


Just a minute, Meemaw, I’m busy.”


One minute more was all she needed in order to see if the test would tell her if she really was pregnant or not. She was two months late and terrified to think that one night of passion could alter her life forever. When she thought about it, being twenty-one and in her third year at the University of Kentucky, wasn’t the most terrible time to be pregnant, although it sure did damper her plans to major in World History and become a teacher. Troianne excelled at anything she put her heart into. Her dream would just take a bit longer.


Ellie and William were loving and very attentive parents to their only child. Their tragic end had rocked Troianne’s young eighteen years to its very core. Broken hearted and left alone with no siblings or any other family in Pleasure Ridge Park—a small community south west of Louisville, Kentucky—Troianne decided to pack up all of her belongings and her seven-toes-on-each-paw tiger-striped cat named Diesel, and move to Lexington, Kentucky, to live with her ailing grandmother, Louanne Waires. Her grandmother lived in an old farmhouse. Troianne used her inheritance money to go to the University of Kentucky to follow her dream of becoming a teacher. Now, however, she would have to rethink everything. Her life was changing quickly, too quickly.


Now looking down at the pregnancy test stick in her long slender fingers, a low groan escaped her full pink lips. Right there glaring at her big as a neon sign was a plus sign on the stick she had recently urinated on. indicating that yes she was definitely pregnant!


"Oh, Lord! Now what do I do?" she asked herself. Looking into the mirror above the sink, she saw her deep sea-green eyes filling with tears. Grabbing fistfuls of her long black hair, she screamed as the reality of it hit her.


"I am pregnant! Really pregnant, shit!"


Bam! Her Grandmother hit the door with her tiny fist one last time.


"Troianne Lee, you better open this door right this minute or I’m gonna whoop your hide! I’m serious, girl, I gotta go!"


Meeeeeooooooowww!” Diesel the cat decided to put his two cents worth in too. He liked going into the bathroom so he could jump on the sink and have you turn the water on so he could get himself a drink.


"Okay, Meemaw, hang on to your panties," she yelled, as she walked to the door, quickly unlocking the knob and yanking it open. In slipped Diesel, and up on the counter he jumped.


"Girl, I almost peed right there on the floor. What the heck are you a doin’ in here anyway? Move," she spat out as she pushed her granddaughter out of her way, knocking the cat gently off the sink.


"I don't need your ole’ cat’s eyes watchin’ me neither. So git. I gotta get on that pot!"


Troianne moved out of the old lady's way and walked out, shutting the door. As she headed to her bedroom, she realized she left the pregnancy test lying on the bathroom sink. No! No! No! Oh, crap. She ran back down the hallway to the bathroom. Meemaw is gonna see it and...just in that precise moment the bathroom door opened and Meemaw stood there with her face white as a sheet blowing in the wind, the positive pregnancy test in her shaking, old gnarled hand.


"Is there something ya wanna tell me, girl?"


With a huge lump in her throat and tears threatening to spill out of her sparkling sea-green eyes, Troianne replied, "Um...yes, ma'am, I guess there is."






Two months earlier...




One Saturday night in mid-June before moving to Lexington, Troianne had been on her way to meet some college friends at ‘Mike Lennigs,’ a local restaurant nestled in a shady grove on the Ohio River. The restaurant had been serving since 1925, well known for the coldest beer in town and its large portions of freshly caught fish and seafood. On most hot and steamy, southern, summer nights on the south-west side of Louisville, you could sit outside at this historical gathering place on white concrete picnic tables, under strings of yellow and white naked light bulbs, listen to good music and let your kids run around like wildcats while you sat and had a meal and some beers with family and friends.


On one of those particularly hot nights, Troianne waited at a table outside in the courtyard of the restaurant for a couple of her friends from high school, Lena Miles and Joe Nelson. While she waited, she went up to the little beer pavilion and ordered a nice cold Miller High Life and watched as cars lined up to get into the parking lot across the street. The place was always packed on summer weekends.


Her friends would be arriving soon, so she sat and watched the activity until she spotted the 1975 shiny, candy apple red, Chevrolet Corvette belonging to her friend Joe. She watched as another white Corvette of the same year pulled in alongside Joe's. Intrigued, she watched as a tall blond man emerged from the white vehicle and met up with Lena and Joe walking across the road from the parking lot. Lena waved and smiled, not even paying attention to the traffic passing in front of her. Joe also waved and smiled to her, as all three strolled into the courtyard over to her table. Lena, a beautiful tall young woman with long blonde hair and big gray eyes, stepped up to her and grabbed her up in a big ole’ hug.


"Hey, Troi, nice to see ya again."


"Hey, Lena," she answered back, "good to see you!"


"Hey, Joe, looking delicious as usual," Troianne said.


Joe, a handsome young man with wavy short blond hair and deep blue eyes, responded with his shy smile, saying, "Hi ya, Troi. What's shakin’?"


"Oh, nothin’. Just decided I needed a break from all the estate closure business and packing up the house after the funerals. Besides, I wanted to see the two of you and enjoy a night out.”


"Joe and I are so sorry to hear about your parents, Troi," Lena said.


"Thanks, guys, it was tough, but I made it through and now I am going to move to Lexington to live with my meemaw. She is sick and needs me."


"Well, that sounds like a good idea," Joe replied, wrapping his arm around her.


"Hey, where have you guys been? I call all the time and you never answer or text me back. What’s with that?" Joe looked at Lena with a hint of anger in his eyes. Quickly recovering from the look, he was back to his old smiling self.


Lena replied, "Oh, Troi, you know we have so much travel involving this archaeological find in England that we don't even have time to catch up with our own families. However, on behalf of this handsome hunk,” she grabbed Joe by the arm, “we apologize and are here now. Sooooo, let’s get this parrrrrrrty started!" She laughed loudly and shook her shapely hips!


The man standing behind Joe waited for an introduction.


Excerpted from "Troianne (Time Travel Society Book 1) [Kindle Edition]" by Crystal Miles Gauthier. Copyright © 2014 by Crystal Miles Gauthier. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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