Visions of Teaoga

Visions of Teaoga

by Jim Remsen

ISBN: 9781620064511

Publisher Sunbury Press, Inc.

Published in Children's Books/Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction/Historical, Children's Books/History & Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

'Visions of Teaoga' is a critically praised historical novel that has its readers sitting in on an Indian storytelling circle in the late 1700s, and then joining a girl today who visits the same spot - and hears the whispers of its powerful past. By examining who gets to tell our history and how, this multicultural saga finds the girl's journey into history becoming a journey of self-discovery. "Engrossing," says the Christian Science Monitor. "Beautifully written," says the Historical Novels Review.

Sample Chapter

Reaching into her deerskin pouch, Esther retrieved two wampum strings. They were the two remaining strands she had carried to Teaoga – the sacred white strings of peace. She held them out in her open palm.“Daughters, I ask you to walk together on the bright path, the path of peace. I pray that you will keep the path smooth and wide. I pray that you, Sisketung, will teach you, Sarah, our sacred ways of the peace women. I pray that you will open your hearts to one another, and will show the bright path to your people as well. These peace strings will give you strength, and they will be clear signs to all of your good intent.”She placed the two long strands in Sisketung’s hand, and asked her to present one of them to Sarah. Sisketung paced back up the footpath and motioned to Sarah to open her hand. She ceremonially placed a pure white strand on the girl’s half-clenched palm.Sarah stared at it without moving. “This is what you call wampum, ain’t it. But what’s the hag saying to us? What does she want, anyway?”“Is for you. Means peace, Sarah. Wants peace. You. Me. All.” Sisketung raised her face toward the treetops and swept an outstretched arm in a wide arc to encompass Teaoga and beyond. “Peace. You. Me. All.”When she lowered her gaze again, Sarah was gone. The girl had turned and was trotting off toward her brother. At Sisketung’s feet lay the coiled wampum string. Sarah had hurled it into the dirt.


Excerpted from "Visions of Teaoga" by Jim Remsen. Copyright © 2014 by Jim Remsen. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Jim Remsen

Jim Remsen

Jim Remsen spent most of his award-winning career in daily journalism at one of the country’s most distinguished newspapers, The Philadelphia Inquirer. There he worked initially as a copy editor and copy-desk chief, then became the founding editor of the Inquirer’s FaithLife religion pages, was a religion writer, and ultimately served as the newspaper’s Religion Editor. Since his retirement from newspaper work, Jim has pursued his keen interest in history -- with a focus on underappreciated aspects of our nation's local history. His 'Visions of Teaoga' has won rave reviews from readers, authorities and leading media. The Christian Science Monitor called it "an engrossing read," while the Historical Novels Review praised it as "admirably researched and beautifully written."

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