The Saved Man [Kindle Edition]

The Saved Man [Kindle Edition]

by Karen Mann


Publisher Page Turners Publishing LLC

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Literature & Fiction, Religion & Spirituality/Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Four young men find themselves immortal in the first century A.D., the time of the Emperors Augustine, Nero, and Caligula; of Jesus; of the fall of the Jewish Temple; and of the end of Pompeii. What will happen as they realize their lovers—soulmates—will die and they will not?

Join writer Daniel Lockheart in the 21st century, as he unravels the 2,000-year-old story of Lucas, Alexander, Justus, and Mattius in book 1 of The Saved Man series.

Sample Chapter

Rising from the couch, Lucas stood by a window near the desk. His rich baritone voice interrupted Daniel’s thoughts. “I would not want to be a research specimen. Or to be looked upon as a space alien or a merman.” Yet Lucas knew he had the advantage of Daniel’s isolation and lack of ambition. “You seem settled. I will tell you my story.” He pointed to the computer. “To write down.” He leaned against the desk and crossed his arms, as if settling down for a long chat. “It’s time to set it down.”

Daniel considered the opportunity that Lucas was offering him. A one of a kind story, an impossible story, yet true.

Why not? Things had not worked out with Trina, even though he had tried very hard. He loved her very much. He sighed and returned to the present. Here’s something that might give my life purpose.

Lucas spoke softly. “I could get the others to help.” He paused. He had not seen Matt or Alexander or Justus for many years but he would have no trouble finding them and bringing them to Daniel’s apartment. Would they be as willing to share their story as Lucas was? But he had decided. “Yes, it should be everyone’s story. Not only mine.” Lucas had been conscious of his skin zipping itself back together, faintly sounding of Rice Krispies in milk. The slash was fully healed.

From Chapter 13

When Ginevra and Alexander Met

Ginevra and Alexander had met, by chance, at the Forum in Rome. They were drawn to each other like a morning glory to the sun.

The dark-haired, violet-eyed girl had stumbled into him—her sandal caught on a paving stone—and knocked the two of them into a stand of pomades and gourds. A variety of pomades tumbled to the ground around them, and the two young people—they were only fifteen—scrambled to pick them up, tossing them back onto the display table. Yet he only caught her scent: fresh air and grapes.

Dizzy, now, he had to catch the edge of the stand to stand upright. He was centuries away from understanding how pheromones could affect him but he was experiencing it now. He moved his shoulder bag, the one he was to bring pomegranates home in, to below his waist in front of him. After catching his breath, Alexander had asked, “Do you come here often?”

She glanced around for her mother, who was several stands away. “Each week,” she replied to his question.

“They are pretty.” He nodded toward the ceramic and leather containers, which contained spices and herbs. Some were colorful with feathers or quilted silk. He wanted to say, you are pretty.

“I like this one,” she said, holding a brightly colored one up to his nose.

“Myrtle.” He picked up a white one, round, made of fine leather on a small linked gold chain and sniffed it. “Hyacinths.” He handed the stallkeeper some coins and handed the pomade to her. “A scent that reminds me of your eyes.” His mouth was so dry he could barely speak.

“I cannot accept . . .” She shook her head. Her face was framed with dark curls.

He wrapped her fingers around the object. They gasped at the touch. He knew he had to leave.

“I will watch for you next week then. Here. This time.” He walked away trying to hide his slight limp; his body still was not cooperating with him.


Excerpted from "The Saved Man [Kindle Edition]" by Karen Mann. Copyright © 2014 by Karen Mann. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Karen Mann

Karen Mann

Karen Mann is the Administrative Director of the brief-residency Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program at Spalding University in Louisville ( of which she is also the co-founder. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in various anthologies. Her second book, The Saved Man: The First Century, is available as an ebook on After having lived in Indiana most of her life, she now lives in California.

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