A Limitless Policy: A Samuel the Vampire Novel

A Limitless Policy: A Samuel the Vampire Novel

by James T Carpenter

ISBN: 9781495976742

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Horror, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


My name is Samuel Johnson, and I’m a vampire. This is my journal recounting the series of events that led to this written form of punishment…or “rehabilitation” as some call it.

I’m a member of an organization called Vampires Against the Evil (VATE), which identifies aliens disguised as humans—and kills them. We’re supposed to avoid killing humans who aren’t aliens, but it’s usually okay if a few die. Truthfully, we can do just about anything to accomplish our mission. It’s a limitless policy.

Sample Chapter

Why I’m Writing this Journal

My name is Samuel Johnson and I’m a vampire. I’m writing this for fellow vampires so they should already know this about me. The facilitators at our rehabilitation center in Colorado told me to write this as if I were writing it for humans because the mistakes I made in my last assignment hurt them. Stupid humans. I mean that in the positive sense of the word. I’ll let you determine which one.

I’m really an all right vampire. Okay, I'd be better if I didn’t have to write this damned journal and live through this rehabilitation that I’m currently going through. But I guess that’s the point of this journal. To help me deal with my sins against human and vampire kind. Despite what the writing of this journal implies, I am a civilized vampire who deals with other civilized vampires as well as humankind and werewolves. Werewolves and I don’t get along, but that might be said of all vampires. Regardless, the reason I came here is because of my mishandling of an assignment for VATE, or Vampires Against the Evil. That's what we (or, for the time being, they) do. Fight and destroy Evil Ones and aliens.

Bungling my assignment was a bad thing. Not that it was as bad as the other vampires’ reasons for being here. Many went on a rampage and killed, then drank the blood of humans. Only Evil Ones do that. We don’t. Some of my companions killed other vampires. A definite bad thing. In the bad old days, we other vampires simply would have killed them. But in the twenty-first century, rehabilitation is the preferred method. In comparison to either of these deeds, mine might be thought of as nothing. All right, I could have killed fewer humans. I had extenuating circumstances, I did, despite what others might say.

It might be helpful for the less informed reader if I share a bit about myself (although those supervising me at this Aspen Retreat Center know all about me so writing this is a bit nonsensical — but I do want to eventually leave this place — and they say one requirement for my leaving is the writing of this journal to the humans whom I hurt). For you humans reading this (ha!), I don’t have the classic vampire look, that is, my skin isn’t always pale, my incisors aren’t any longer than usual (except during a rampage, an act that is frowned upon), and I don't wear a black tuxedo or cape. I am about six feet tall and thin, the look of many vampires, although there are those among us who are short and chubby. We tall types look down on them and sneer. I have black hair in a buzz cut, dark green eyes, a long and narrow nose, and high cheekbones. My fingers are long and thin; if I had eight per hand, my hands could easily be compared to a spider. When I was back in the Des Moines, Iowa, metropolitan area and working at the various financial institutions where I hunted and killed aliens, I wore business casual, that is, for a man, a button-down shirt, nice slacks and shoes not of the athletic variety. As I write this journal today, I sit around in a set of dark blue sweats and I’m barefoot.

I am fifty years old, although I appear to be in my thirties due to the slow vampire metabolism. Not old for a vampire and perhaps a little bit young. I grew up in the heartland of the country where my parents raised me to be a respectable and civilized vampire. (Yes, despite popular legend, we vampires are born like our human kindred; our metabolism is different, so for our sustenance we require blood rather than the food humans eat. In the bad old days, we feared we were an aberration, if not an abomination, compared to humans; in more recent times, we’ve concluded we, similar to werewolves, are a genetic mutation of humanity.) My parents fed me raw meat while young, taught me the ways of VATE (both parents were agents and both were killed in the line of duty), and the proper use of my powers. Ah, yes, my powers. As with any vampire, I have super strength, super speed, and night vision. I have the ability to transform into a bat and into mist. (So human legends of us turning into bats is correct.) When I was young, I liked to do that often. Unfortunately, I lost my clothes in the transformation process; thus, when I transformed back into my humanoid form, I was naked. Embarrassing. My parents punished me for these indiscretions. Regardless, VATE sessions taught me to stay fully clothed both when I turned into mist and when I became a bat, so resumption of human form was no longer a time of shame. I also have the ability to get into human minds to plant, destroy or modify ideas. Also (and this is useful in this modern age), I have the ability to short out or modify electronic devices or their data. Much to vampire kind’s surprise, the manipulation of electronic devices (and their data) proved in some ways to be similar to human mind control. Perhaps as humans created electricity we vampires evolved to handle it as well as electricity’s creators. Between us vampires, we can also exchange psychic energy. If one of us is weak and helpless, we can give that vampire a “psychic jolt,” so to speak.

Based on vampire protocol, I only use my powers when necessary. Actually, if I’d used one or two of them more wisely in my last assignment I wouldn’t be at this center, nor writing this damned journal.

As I mentioned, I was a member of VATE. Similar to humans, we vampires like to organize ourselves into organizations and groups. VATE is probably one of the largest. An organization of equal dimensions (of at least being in as many geographical locations as VATE) is the Watchers of Vampire Affairs and Cleansers of Others’ Messes or WOVACOM. This organization is specifically designed for those times when our presence (that is, vampire kind’s) becomes obvious to the humans at large. Such occurrences are bungled assignments (like mine) or Evil Ones rampaging through a metropolitan area or human vampire hunters developing organizations of their own. WOVACOM’s job is obvious. They ensure certain humans don’t figure out that we vampires are behind certain murders, and, if there are times when we, Evil Ones, or aliens get out of control and cause a great deal of damage, WOVACOM does the damage control necessary so humankind remains oblivious. An organization both of ours respect is the Vampire Watchers of the World, or VWW, an organization that utilizes the technology of the modern world to track down aliens (a task it does quite well — it locates their workplace or homes so we of VATE can hunt and kill them) or nests of Evil Ones. The latter it does less well than the former. After all, the Evil Ones are just like us, only evil, so it has difficulty discerning between the two of us. There’s also the High Ruling Council (HRC) and its more local branches. Each continent tends to have one of these, while VATE, WOVACOM, and VWW are more confined to the United States and Western Europe. Not to say that vampires of my ilk aren’t hunting down and killing Evil Ones and aliens in the developing world. They just aren’t as technologically advanced.

(I will get to the story of the reason for my stay here in time. However, if I must assume that stupid humans are reading this, I must educate them as to who and what we are. And my defense of our civility — as well as the incivility of both Evil Ones and aliens — is necessary.)

When we vampires first discovered that we were different, perhaps a few thousand years ago (our historians haven’t yet determined if we arose before or after historical humanity appeared), we were all Evil Ones. We rampaged through humanity's communities, killing and drinking the blood of any humans who were foolish enough to be our prey. Obviously, humanity didn’t take kindly to this treatment of them, so they replied in the only logical way. By trying to wipe us out as a species.

Some intelligent vampires gathered, decided genocide was not a good solution and determined that, as vampires, we needed to develop less dangerous ways to survive. And we did (at least those of us who aren’t evil). Up until about the twentieth century, vampires maintained their own farms and livestock ranches to feed themselves. For much of humanity's history, we stayed away from large cities so we could live and prosper in our own communities. In time, we also provided for city dwellers who received a goat, sheep or cow once or twice a month. The city dweller sucked all the blood from one of these animals in one sitting. The best way for a vampire to live is to get a pint or two of blood a day, but drinking two or three gallons in one sitting can satisfy even the most ravenous vampire for a few weeks. There’s much more to our history of finding human-free ways of getting blood, but that’s not the reason for this journal.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century and the advent of blood banks, our food supply problem has disappeared, at least in the United States and Western Europe. In developing countries and some parts of Eastern Europe, the old “drink the blood of livestock every month” still applies to many vampires, although they also use blood banks in large cities. We vampires have our own to which humans readily give blood with the belief that one of their fellow humans will use it in a time of need. Although that is incorrect, the very fact that we drink that human blood rather than killing humans for their blood could be said to be beneficial to the human race at large. The Vampire Blood Supply, or VBS, is run by vampires for vampires, and at least the vampires I knew in the Des Moines area received their monthly blood supply at the chapter meetings of VATE. Not only did we receive useful instruction concerning our jobs and our lives, we also received that life-blood (pun intended) we needed to live. But more on these chapter meetings later.

And, because we get our blood through civilized means (and we always have animal blood, yucky though it may be, available), I say that we are “civilized” vampires.

Because of our abilities and our knowledge that not all vampires are civilized, we feel responsible to humans to protect them, if possible, from our less civilized kindred. The Evil Ones. Many Evil Ones act like we civilized vampires. They live in apartments, townhomes and houses like their human counterparts, go to work, raise kids and appear to be your average next-door neighbors. Except for the fact they may visit you, kill you and suck out all of your blood. These Evil Ones are the most difficult to find and kill because they are so much like us other vampires and humankind. When we first began to hunt and kill them, these Evil Ones were also the most dangerous because we couldn't tell them from anyone else in the crowd.

Not that all Evil Ones are this way. We’ve occasionally caught one of these types of Evil Ones and learned they also have organizations that mirror ours. Where ours try to do good, theirs try to do evil.

But there are the other Evil Ones. They are most aptly described as feral vampires. They live in nests of five to a dozen, lose all aspects of civility and exist merely to hunt and eat. These types of Evil Ones live in deserted buildings, among the homeless or out in the wilderness. As classic vampire legend says, they sleep during the day then hunt and kill at night, except for those times after they have feasted upon so much human blood they sleep for days or weeks. While I was in Des Moines, I aided in the destruction of such a nest.

A word about werewolves: We vampires are cold, calculating and very methodical in our ways (well, except for the feral Evil Ones). We tend to be withdrawn from humanity at large and keep to ourselves. Werewolves, at least in their humanoid form, are wild and crazy people without inhibitions and known for their partying and wild sex lives. It's the wolf in them. Because of our personality differences, we tend to not get along. But enough of them since they have no relevance to the narrative I must write.

And aliens — the reason for my downfall and the real reason for being in this rehabilitation center. Although the exact time is unknown to vampire kind, sometime at the dawn of civilization, an alien vessel crashed upon our planet.

During the earliest of civilized times, we vampires were largely concerned with our own well-being and working out feeding methods that didn’t involve killing humans. Once enough of us figured this out, we could again become productive members of society and protect humanity from our evil and feral kindred. Being vampires and having the ability to shape human minds, it was only logical that at some point a vampire would rise to power. The specifics are irrelevant, but those of us good vampires were able to trace patterns of human murders and determine that one of our evil brethren was this great leader and his closest associates were as well. We had to wipe them out. After that, groups of vampires formed to keep watch for such happenings in the political structure of humankind, and, if such discrepancies were discovered, put an end to them as quickly and quietly as possible. (Or sometimes it was better to involve so many humans that when the Evil One died there was too much confusion and too many corpses that when a particular person simply disappeared nobody noticed.) These groups also noticed that sometimes the Evil Ones simply wanted to destroy the human institutions rather than merely kill the humans. Such kindred had to be stopped as well.

In such a venture, as the vampires descended upon the cadre of what they believed to be Evil Ones, they discovered their enemies weren’t vampires at all. With a twist of the head, a crack of the neck, green ooze poured forth from these enemies’ bodies. They were less human than we were. In one such encounter, these beings revealed that they came from another planet, colonized ours and, if they didn’t seek world domination, sought to destroy as many human institutions as possible. Such was as unacceptable to us as our evil kindred wanting to use humanity as a source of food.

These aliens were humanoid but not naturally human. Many years ago a VATE group came upon a pod of aliens, aliens still in their original green, slimy form. Humanoid, yes. Human, no. We aren’t exactly certain about their transformation process, whether they transform into only one human in a lifetime or can transform into many human forms. If we ever find a pod and can keep an alien alive, I'm sure these questions will be investigated.

For us in VATE, it’s crucial to know the best way to kill our enemies. For Evil Ones, it's decapitation. Wooden stakes through the heart can incapacitate us vampires, but the loss of the head causes us to melt into ash. (We civilized types prefer to die of old age.) The best method for an alien is to break its neck and watch the green ooze pour out. It’s also best done by surprise.

For that is the job of VATE. To protect humans and their institutions. And to do this VATE gives us carte blanche authority, granted, preferably without the use of too many of our powers. But, if a few humans die, that’s okay. As long as the majority and their institutions survive. Of course, if too many humans die, it’s frowned upon. (And I know this well.) But, before my bungled assignment, I believed that we could do almost anything to succeed in our mission. A limitless policy, so to speak.


Excerpted from "A Limitless Policy: A Samuel the Vampire Novel" by James T Carpenter. Copyright © 2014 by James T Carpenter. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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James T Carpenter

James T Carpenter

James T. Carpenter is a senior procedure analyst at a property-casualty insurance company. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian area studies from Knox College in 1984. His previous book, Hanged for the Few, is a theological fantasy published in 2011.

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