Rise and Shine: Anxiety & Depression, & Life Management Tools

Rise and Shine: Anxiety & Depression, & Life Management Tools

by Ron Williams

ISBN: 9781499010039

Publisher XLIBRIS

Published in Self-Help/Motivational, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Combination of Detailed Cognitive/Behavioral Modification Positivity Process (Book’s majority), and allowing Our Faith to Grow (basis of Our Positivity/Our Foundation), is what I Needed and is All We Can Do For Ourselves! Timeless TRUE Self-Help Book & Huge Education written and Translates to All. Parallels between included PositivityTools/Skills and the Bible are drawn, and when I look further into the parallels/uniformity between This Positivity Process which flat out Saved My Life+, and the Bible, it’s Uncanny In Such A Positive Way :), & That’s why it is SO EFFECTIVE when One Works It!

Sample Chapter

NOTE:  Book written through (3) publications, and over 4 years.  For Paperback, if "New" and "Used" offered, order "New" to ensure get Final Edition ( 4/7/2016).


So Why Select this Anxiety and Depression and Life Management Self-Help Book?


I bet my Life on the contents of this Book because frankly speaking, I would not be around today (nor would you be reading this), had it not been for the Tremendous Skills/Tools I came across, Learned, and subsequently, to have been Lucky Enough to Grow to Experience and Know what is Written in this Book; And all this for the price of a Good Pizza with extra toppings, and future bargains are a possibility :). And as for me, what that amounts to, is I would be receiving maybe an average tip as the delivery boy (at age 59 +) :). Regarding the :) s you will see throughout this Book: You will understand that Humor, a Laugh, and a Smile is very therapeutic (for specific reasons), and is like taking a free natural pill to lift one's Spirit and Well Being. And yeah, you may find a grammatical error here or there, but not in Content, and what I say to that, which is the way we need to handle the mistakes we make day to day in our lives is, first of all, fess up and say, ooppss, Sorry :), I'm just a human being, and to be human is to err.


When looking back at all the Changes within, from having Extreme Levels of Anxiety and Depression for 25+ years, with all that went along with that (e.g. constant panic attacks, feeling like I was the most fragile person on planet earth, (4) times behind those barred windowed buildings, and even worse you will see), to such a Feeling, well, it just seems Magical! As you will read, I think I was truly the Ideal Guinea Pig for all of the Downs and now the True Ups involved, and most importantly, for the understanding what it really takes to turn it all around +.

A Complete Process including Detailed Instructions, and Optimum/Proven Coping Skills & Tools (Unmatched I believe), are provided for All. These Tools & Skills are those that we were not born with but we need to Learn. This Detailed Process teaches us how to change or reprogram a negative mindset to a Positive mindset to prevent or eliminate significant levels of Anxiety and Depression in Life. This is the Bottom Line Key to Self-Improvement or Recovery from an Anxiety & Depression perspective. Besides, a Positive mindset is what it takes to Aspire in Life (most all People believe this by now). If this process works for those most afflicted, such as for me, it will work for Anyone! I am certain there is not anyone who couldn’t get something out of this Book unless they have been fully educated on these matters, and more importantly, have experienced all this. Take it from someone who has been Living and breathing this for 35+ years and counting; and believe me a lot of those years, up front, felt like it was 24 hours a day. Why for Anyone, is further explained in the 1st paragraph of the Introduction (section 1.).

Additionally, this Book goes One Big Step further, addressing what I and many Others believe is Necessary to Solidify Recovery (or Improvement) from Our Anxieties & Depression, and then Solidify Our Well Being (i.e. Our Positivity and Peace of Mind). This Allows us the potential to achieve True Peace of Mind/Tranquility through Life, Living Comfortably in an imperfect world (Everyone’s Goal!). When we become Positive Thinking People via the Key Tools and Skills Process included in this Book, which Is Crucial for People to appropriately deal with their earthly problems, especially for significant sufferers from Anxiety and Depression, we then become more Clear In Thought and More Apt to See and Sense What Really Is Important in Life; and that Should Include Our Belief System/Spirituality/God (addressed in section 4 of this Book). When we acknowledge, per my and many other People’s Beliefs (hopefully), that without God, there would be absolutely nothing, including Ourselves, all the Animals and Wildlife, and this Ecologically Perfect World we were born into… well, that pretty much sums it up and validates it … doesn’t it, or shouldn’t it :)? Unless of course, we believe in the Big Bang theory where, I guess, that belief is based on some state of entropy or something where All This including Ourselves, just miraculously by luck/chance, came into being and ended up this way ((?:)). When we work on our Positivity via the Tools, Skills , and Instruction set specifically addressed in this Book, together with Our Faith (section 4), then I Firmly Believe this is as Good as we can do for ourselves as human beings on planet Earth, providing us that potential to achieve that True Peace of Mind through Life.

Another Key Reason Validating the Importance and Need to Combine the included Positivity Tools & Skills Process with Our Faith, is the synonymous nature of doing this when compared to those 12 Step Programs and their approach to deal with addictions (for alcohol or drugs). These programs have been around since 1939, and to this day are considered to be the Best Approach in Dealing with addictions. The basis of these 12 step programs involve the Best Approach steps necessary for the People to rid themselves of their specific addictions, and combining this with the Needs for Belief in a Power Greater than Us; and that is Belief in God Ultimately. So, when Combining Our Belief in God with the included Detailed Cognitive/Behavioral Modification Approach, which I Am Convinced to be the Best Means to Resolve Our Problems with negativity, or Resolve Our addiction to negativity which it is in a sense especially if we are significant sufferers with Anxiety and Depression, sums up and Validates my Complete Understanding (and gut feeling) that in a True Self-Help Book form, It Can’t Get Any Better …

Yeah, I Know For Certain that this Book Is Truly Special, and Could be Tremendously Beneficial to Lots of People out there. So Please, Read On for You and You’re Loved Ones!

Life Is Good, Thanks, &

God Bless!

Author Ron


NOTES: A): "Look Inside" at the site for Book (linked from this site), includes "Table of Content" summarizing extensive coverage of Book: e.g.  Importance of Eating Well, Exercise, Tools/Skills dealing with: Relaxation/Patience/Underreacting to things, Loving Ourselves Unconditionally, Eliminating Panic Attacks, negative to Positive Thoughts Conversion/Replacement, Our Unrealistic expectations & Should-Do lists, Worries, What-if thinking, Anger, Being Assertive Communicating with Others(not aggressive nor passive), Insomnia, etc., and All Important Section 4 as well (Spirituality, Mindfulness, Living Life with Child Like Exuberance , Simplifying Life, and why People/Society struggling (e.g. excess use of cell phones, social media...)). B): Go to "author Profile" below, for Success Stories I personally saw with Book in hand only ; this Clearly Id'd How Powerful of a Book this has become. The Positive Impacts were Impressive + to Life Saving actually! Further insight post publication also provided in author profile. C): Summing Things Up: We are All the same basic People, the way We are, think, and operate, and the only difference between each One of Us and Our Well Being (aside from Exercise and Eating Well as mentioned) are Our unique negative thoughts/negativity (vs. Our Positive thoughts/Positivity) that affect us individually.  The Book's Detailed Tools/Skills & Instruction set which identifies How Best To drill down to Our negatives and sources of Our negativity and resolve matters, is why this Book is So Effective if One Works It (i.e. Work it to the extent considering One's condition as the Book addresses).  Resultant Positivity results in/maintains Healthy Brain chemistry/function, and based on the laws of attraction, this enhances Our Positivity and One's Good feelings as opposed to negativity which negatively impacts Brain chemistry which can sum up to Anxiety and Depression. Parallels between the included Positivity Tools/Skills and the Bible are drawn in the Book, and when I look further into the parallels, it is uncanny in a Positive Way :).  When considering the existence of Quantum Physics/Mechanics which is known to be the vehicle by which the laws of attraction occur and Who/What is the Provider/Designer of this Phenomenon (Our Supreme Being = Subject of the  Bible :)), It Just All Sums Up as We connect the dots...  So when the Positivity Tools/Skills are arranged in an Optimized manner as I Learned and as they are presented, along with section 4, this allows Us to Optimize Our Well Being & Positivity.  Hence, that is why the Book material is So Effective and is as Good As We Can Take Care Of Ourselves. I often say to Religious groups I run into, Thanks for doing what You are doing... But I let them know, although the Bible does say...  "be Positive", other than Faith which Of Course is Huge+, it does not say How Best To Do that when dealing with Our earthly issues based on Our Biological and Physiological make-up, ... or maybe how to Breathe best, etc, as the Book addresses. D): Having Ellen or Oprah say something Good about this Book, or having a popularity contest here, & subsequent ramped Amazon sales (= rankings), has Zero Bearing on How Special/Important of a Book this Truly Is Now...  E): Section 1.8, letter f) ..., copied/pasted at the end of the the included "Sample Chapter" Book text below, explains the rationale regarding my chosen writing style regarding Capitalization and the :)s; there is Power in a :), so :)...



This Self-Help Anxiety & Depression & Life Management Tools Book contains all the information and material necessary and geared for those most afflicted (i.e. significant sufferers from and Anxiety and Depression (A & D)). However, the included Optimum/Proven Coping Skills and Tools (Unmatched I believe), will help Anyone really. If you have a Tremendous Set of Tools and Skills that Effectively Rids one from Extreme Levels of Anxiety and Depression and allows that individual to subsequently Flourish, then don’t you think it will also serve the purpose of teaching any A & D sufferer, regardless of the extent of their condition, the Tools/Skills necessary to Ward Off Significant Levels of Anxiety and Depression in their Lives? NO DOUBTS, It Absolutely does! The Tools and Skills provided cover all the key issues one could have which can lead to Anxiety and Depression. A standard template is essentially provided that can be used to select those issues and corresponding Tools and Skills that can readily help any individual. There is no need to “Reinvent the Wheel” here in one’s adventures to find alternate means to deal with Stress and Negativity through Life. For those average individuals out there that have average levels of Anxiety and Depression in their lives (was going to say normal here vs. average but what is normal anyway :)), there is a number associated with a card game that you will pick up on as you are reading through this that might be an approximation of the extent of repetitive Training days of selected Tools/Skills necessary to appropriately deal with Stress and Negativity. These Optimum Tools/Skills will greatly help you, to help yourself, eliminate or reduce the extent and magnitude of Anxiety and Depression that may crop up; hey, everyone has or will have some levels of Anxiety and/or Depression in their Lives. As far as that number is concerned, I am certainly not talking about a game of chance or a card game here, because I Know this is the Real Deal (no gimmicks!).


All the information/material contained in this Anxiety and Depression and Life Management Tools Book (i.e. Step by Step Life Management Instructions and Tools) is So Very Important, especially for current sufferers from Anxiety and Depression (A & D). So Please, read through all of the material thoroughly. Section 1.4 addresses specific Instructions concerning the highly recommended or I should say required (in case you are significantly afflicted with A & D) Training and Actions to be Most Effective! Please, If you feel you need to jump in and start working something? - anything?), or this process(?) ASAP, in case you are Suffering with Significant problems with Anxiety & Depression, and are having trouble reading and comprehending things , then, Please GO TO SECTION 1.1. For that matter, if you feel you are a significant sufferer with A & D and are really struggling regardless of your reading and comprehension ability, then Please read section 1.1 as well, just to be sure and to be aware of Very Important Matters. Not trying to scare anyone here, but Anxiety and Depression unsolved could lead to Life Threatening matters; this is no selling ploy by any means since I for one have personally been at that level in very deep pits and have attempted something grave. Yeah, I know pretty Sad! Hence the Passion I have in wanting to Help Someone #1!

In a sense you can look at this Book to be synonymous with a 12 step program for addictions, although there are two notable differences, aside from the fact I am not talking about the number of steps here. First of all, as addressed in the Preface: The Importance and Need to Combine the included Positivity Tools & Skills Process with Our Faith, is synonymous with those 12 Step ... (ditto contents of last paragraph in Preface shown above) ... sums up and Justifies the Importance of this True Self-Help Book (besides Knowing that in a Self-Help Book, it really Can’t Get Better …) ! Now, regarding the differences mentioned: The addictions discussed in this Book are not directly related to addictions to alcohol or drugs, but instead are related to addictions or Problems with Our negative Thinking Ways which Lots of Us Have Become Way Too Good At. Although, I Need To Identify, when People do recover from their addiction to alcohol or drugs, then it is Imperative they find the Best Means to deal with their earthly problems minus their addiction; and needless to say, This Book could be Huge For Them As Well! The other Key difference is that 12 step programs address the Need for an individual sponsor and support groups to help eliminate their addictions, which of course is necessary for such addictions. Well, the Beauty with the included Positivity Process, geared to shed ourselves of our negativities, is, aside from support from a Power greater than us (i.e. God Ultimately, or “Step 2”)), this Process really Only Depends on Ourselves to be able to resolve Our negative ways and become Positive. As we train Ourselves By Ourselves to become Positive and Good within, we no longer depend on others to make us feel Good, and therefore become Much Less Affected if not impervious to negative inputs from others. All of Our interactions with People will then be So Much More Positive and Real than before (when we had all those unreal negative thoughts going on). Besides, as desired, we will then be more able to Help Others as Best as we can (within Our Potential). As far as the correlation in the steps between a 12 Step Program and the included Positivity Process is concerned: Step 1 & 3 (based on the Traditional 12 step listing) ....

Continuing to reflect further on the importance of the interdependency of the included Positivity Tools & Skills Process, and section 4 material, Our Belief System/Spirituality (& Mindfulness) provides what I believe is Important for Us to develop a Solid Foundation/Core with Good/Solid Standards, Values, & Integrity, helping us become Good/Solid & Positive People through Life. Without a Strong Foundation/Core, then I don’t believe it would be possible to appropriately build-up Our Positive Selves, and be Internally Strong People in the long run (i.e. with a weakened Foundation/Core). I dig in deeper in section 4 and address the parallel character qualities between what we learn from the Bible (if you are Christian) and what we learn from the included Positivity Tools & Skills Process.

Very Religious people usually believe that Spirituality/God alone is all that is necessary to shed one from significant levels of Anxiety and Depression. I believe for some that could be true. Although, I am Pretty Darn Sure that their situation could improve if they were to combine their Faith, with the included Positivity Tools & Skills Process to better deal with their day to day earthly problems, considering the realms of Life here on planet Earth, and the resultant negativity and Anxiety and Depression that All will have to deal with sometime in Life; A & D does not discriminate against Anyone! As a minimum, I seriously think the included Positivity Process (or partial), would serve to put more Smiles on their faces (and within), and would enhance their Well Being and Positivity. Now for those busy minded, negative thinking People out there, and I certainly was one that fit that category to the Nth degree, it is imperative we do Learn and Work such a Positivity Process in order to get and stay Positive. This subsequently Maximizes Our Ability To Reap the Benefits of Our Spirituality and Faith. For those who experience significant levels of Anxiety and Depression, the included approach allows us to readily deflate our negativity so it does not result in a domino effect of more negativity, day to day, hour after hour, and yeah, even minute after minute, as it can get, which can seriously Impact and Control Our Lives.

It took me till the ripe older age of 46 to come across the included Positivity Tool & Skills Process, and it Seriously Saved My Life (!); sometimes I stop and wonder how and why I made it through all that in the past. Before that, Nothing at all worked to resolve My struggles with Significant if not Extreme levels of Anxiety and Depression; whether it be reading information (or a different book), or going to those psychologists, or even worse, going to the psychiatrists, where they often seemed to not really care. In the latter case, it just seemed like I was just being categorized, which I was actually, and they just wanted to force a pill down my throat in order to get the session over as quick as possible, knowingly, that I would be back. Of course, to this day, I always felt and Know that this approach is fueled by $s for the doctors, and $s for the pharmaceutical companies. All this just made me feel like it was just an endless journey of hopelessness to my eventual demise. Yeah, I was really Bad Off, but I don’t think I am alone here in the way I felt and with this opinion!

Generally speaking, when you are reading something that says to just think Positive and not negative, or you talk to the more helpful/caring professionals who say the same thing essentially, it all sounds good at the time but when you close that book or close the door behind you, your thought process remains unchanged really. Although there may be momentary feelings of glee or hope during these times/moments, that momentary feeling of positivity and hope quickly disappears. How I felt was ---AAAARRRRHHHH :); I can laugh about it now but certainly not before! Nothing told me before that it Truly Takes a Process to really do it appropriately via a Cognitive/Behavioral modification approach encompassing a repetitive training process, until I heard my Angel’s voice on a radio station which began the process of completely turning things around for me. Otherwise, I know I Would Not Be Here! And Yeah, I say Angel in this Book often, because I do feel this way. Looking at it from a Spiritual perspective, there are God’s Helpers/Messengers (just talking about People here really :)), one of which I mention in several areas of this Book, who I learned from via her Program. The Optimized Positivity Tools & Skills Process which she and her chosen experts developed was funneled into this Book. Bottom line, this teaches us How To Change the way We React to everything really, but Does Not Change Who We Are As Individuals, unless we Need to go to that extent (?). And again, Additionally, I was able to provide a few Key pieces and helpful hints that can Only Help, based on my many grey hairs, and all so many years (35+ years) of experience on these matters (i.e. Living through the highs and all so many excruciating and previous lows). In effect, contrary to going through the Psychologist/Psychiatrist witch hunt which it often felt like, as will be explained, the included Positivity Process and Tools provides this Comprehensive and Complete Set of Tools and Life Management Skills teaching us how to be Our Own Real Time, 24 hours a day, Psychologist/Psychiatrist (minus medication), as needed. And with the inclusion of section 4 material and tying the Key Pieces together as explained, I know this combination Is As Good As It Gets To Maximize Our Positive Selves!!!

Regarding the Importance of Positivity from other People’s perspectives, the Book “The Secret”, published in 2006, which is understood to be the #1 Motivational/Self-Help Book of all time, selling more than 19,000,000 copies, addresses it’s Importance. The Secret essentially identifies, in the eyes/thoughts of famous people in the past, the common understanding is that we need to think Positive to Aspire in Life; how True that is! As Wikipedia addresses about that Book: “It is based on the law of attraction and claims that Positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased happiness, health, and wealth…… as we think and feel, a corresponding frequency is sent out into the universe which attracts back to us events and circumstances on that same frequency. For example, if you think angry thoughts and feel angry, it is claimed that you will attract back events and circumstances that cause you to feel more anger.” And of course on the flip side, when we exude Positivity, we get Positivity back in return from the Universe. In a related DVD I saw “What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway”, highly educated People/Scholars discuss Positive thinking and the Positive return phenomena based on quantum physics and the mysteries of the universe, and some still wonder if there is a God; (? :)); hmmm, so who created or designed our Universe and quantum physics :)? Anyway, “The Secret” sounds to be a real Good Book, although, from my understanding, it does not address to the reader How To think Positive in Life. 23 years earlier, the Lady I learned from, started her business to determine the Best Approach to Deal with Anxiety and Depression. That Approach which she and her experts developed is, I am Convinced to be, How Best To convert our negative thoughts and mindset to Positive Thoughts and Mindset in Life, considering the way we are, think, and operate as humans. And again, this is what I funneled into this Book along with a few Key Elements I was able to provide, which I Know can Only Help.

This Book is now a 3rd and Final Edition. Since the Original publication (Rev. date: 6/19/14), per the 2nd release (Rev. date: 2/19/15) changes, and now these 3rd release changes, introductory type alterations including explanation updates and additions were made for the most part, eliminating extrapolation on the part of the reader for additional clarity. This included better definition regarding the Significance/Importance of Working the included Positivity Tools and Skills Process, in conjunction with Our Belief System/Spirituality (& Mindfulness), in order to Best Take Care Of Ourselves. The 2nd release updates were directed towards the Positivity Tools/Skills in this Book, while the 3rd release updates focuses more on the importance of the section 4 material (Our Belief System/Spirituality (& Mindfulness)) and its Interdependency with the Positivity Tools & Skills Process. Additions to section 4 material were also included, reflecting on observations made related to all that is addressed in section 4, and on our contradictory negative thinking ways (these days), within Individuals, Families, and Society. Otherwise, the Main Content of this Book really has gone unchanged. As a result of these updates, the Book has Grown (and I have Grown too actually), not from the perspective of being a literary masterpiece by any means again :), but from the perspective of what I Know Can Truly Help Lots Of People, and Now, More People. Besides, I wanted to try to perfect (from an earthly sense) my bucket list item Book :). ....

Note: For those who have purchased the Original or 2nd edition Books who are aware of this 3rd edition, and who I have not contacted, if desired, notify me per my e-mail (, and I will promptly provide an IS (New) / WAS (per edition you currently have) document that clearly identifies the differences (ditto what I did per 2nd edition updates).

It certainly has been a Very Interesting ride as a first time, unknown, one Book only Author (i.e. being my bucket list item Book), writing about such a topic (A&D Self-Help). I did understand what this might mean regarding the Book’s success. Nonetheless, I was Gung Ho on the prospect of How Many People I could really Help out with this Book which has always been my #1 Incentive, Knowing the Content’s Integrity, and how well this could do, considering how many people do struggle with Anxiety and Depression, and how much interest I have seen per my personal advertising endeavors. But for People to actually go to the length of purchasing this Book from an unknown with all so many Books out there on Anxiety and Depression, not to mention, all the popularity surrounding many of them via advertising campaigns etc., is an iffy/I’m not sure… type inner reaction for most. The initial royalty check ($13.30), and similar results thereafter made that clear :). The last time I looked while doing the 3rd edition updates, my Amazon was like a gazillion :). But, I Know if I had a reputation and all, etc., then I know this Book Would Do Very Well, if not Extremely Well. Nonetheless, no matter how well this does over time, I Know This Self-Help Book is Special, Effective, Powerful, Timeless, and I Am Certain there is not Anyone who couldn’t get something out of this unless they have been fully educated on these matters and have lived through it all themselves. And yeah, this is the Real Deal and is as Real as it Gets, and my gut tells me, in a True Self-Help Book form, addressing how to deal with Anxiety and Depression and then Aspire and Beyond (i.e. to Rise and Shine), I really don’t think there is anything better…


If I had Pixie dust of some kind that I could deliver with the Book's introduction, providing people the true sense of how I felt during the 25+ years suffering with Extreme levels of Anxiety and Depression, feeling like you are in an endless tunnel, never really seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, while scraping rock bottom, and then giving them a lengthier dose of how Life is now, and how Good it can get for them, well  the results would be Huge, getting this Book in the hands of People to Help Them #1! YES, this True Self-Help Book is All In Truth, All So Real, and not just written for Others like me, but is written for All...


1.8 .... f) As far as Capitalization of words, or not, no need to give this too much thought really. Maybe if I did not capitalize the word God, then that would be a problem. Otherwise, no ill intent. I just weighted them based on the relative importance it felt at the time when writing. Besides, this approach provides a Feel for what is being said as does the occasional :) I add, versus just having standard lower case words for the most part without a :); in my opinion, that would Just Not Do It :). I know it is unorthodox and is inconsistent at times and, therefore, sorry to some. But if you are feeling too critical of this, then maybe that might be telling you something. Some things in Life we just want to lighten up on and underreact to . . . so just let them go . . ., Life Is Too Good ! :).


Excerpted from "Rise and Shine: Anxiety & Depression, & Life Management Tools" by Ron Williams. Copyright © 2014 by Ron Williams. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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