Atlantisville: Sci/Fi Fantasy (Caverns) (Volume 1)

Atlantisville: Sci/Fi Fantasy (Caverns) (Volume 1)

by Fred W. Harrington


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Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Following a dream, Sam finds a vast mound of magical treasures in his West Virginia caverns. It leads him and Kyndrah to the medieval kingdom of Atlantisville with a fairy tale castle and lifestyle. Loved and hated as the new King and Queen they try to survive co-existing between two worlds with lovable friends, luck and ingenuity.

Sample Chapter

Sam's Lifestyle

Living alone isn’t bad if you do it right, Sam thought for the umpteenth time.He smiled broadly. It can be quite delightful and pleasurable if you do it correctly.

Those feelings were based on his very personal definitions of ‘alone’ and ‘right’. And being independently wealthy, he took special precautions not to let anyone invade his personal space and privacy. It probably doesn’t have to be that way if you are willing to be trusting and take risks. But then you have to constantly work overtime to get along with others who don’t understand you; especially women I’m attracted to.

So he wasn’t very trusting anymore. He’d tried it, and had too many ex-wives and ex-employees to prove that trusting people didn’t generally work for him. His reasoning was simple. Why spend any part of what’s left of my life worrying about what others think, and what they will or won’t do… for me or to me?

Sam took many steps to insure his seclusion. He wasn’t the type to want an army of mercenary types around to protect him or unsightly walls, fences and barbed wire. So he hired a few key security people and turned to the things that had made him wealthy in the first place… his inventions so that he could maintain his time alone.

Many of the companies he owned (or controlled) manufactured his ingenious security equipment. And it was the best the world had ever known.

The fact that it was reasonably affordable and simple to install and use added to its popularity. And almost overnight his security products became the standard of industry and the general public.

Naturally Sam spared no expense to incorporate the best of his own security devices to protect his sprawling West Virginia farm including all the buildings, his rolling acreage, and mountainous terrain. And various portions of his assets had varying degrees of security. The places he spent the most time naturally had the highest security level. And there was a part of his farmhouse that was his inner sanctum, an office into which no one but him was usually allowed. Places with valuable equipment had the next highest security, and so forth. But there were places where the precautions were more lax.

Sam’s definition of ‘lax’ meant that these were locations where he permitted people he considered necessary (or desirable) for security and household maintenance: a few staff; business associates; and entertainers. These types of people were allowed the right of entry if, and only if, they complied with his regulations. And that right varied according to how much he trusted, wanted, or needed them.

To many people, his regulations were difficult and demeaning. But Sam didn’t care. People, either complied with the security required of them or they weren’t allowed on his property.

One class of people, his domestic staff, consisted of well paid live-in people.

They helped meet his basic needs as well as maintain and protect him and his ever expanding property. They were handpicked by him only and highly scrutinized. Although they were not confined to his property, they had to agree to be surgically fitted with implant devices that monitored everything they did (work wise and personally). Either they accepted and lived with this extreme invasion of privacy or they were not employed. A side effect of this surveillance was often quite entertaining as well as a source of blackmail information if needed.

Sam’s business associates ranged from high ranking company executives to a few individuals with whom he enjoyed working. Most of their security regulations included rigorous background checks along with personal security devices they had to wear externally to insure they were no threat to him. Rarely did any of them stay overnight. What these people were led to believe was that the devices used various electronic techniques to insure they were who they said they were, and only went where they were allowed. What they didn’t know was that these devices also allowed Sam’s unique security staff to maintain constant visual and electronic surveillance of them while anywhere on his property and could injure or kill them if necessary.

The other category of people allowed onto Sam’s property was women for entertainment purposes. And their qualifications and security were the strictest of all.

Sam personally selected these women, mostly from the internet, although he kept up ads in some of the tabloids. He was amazed at the variety of females available looks-wise, their values (or lack of them), and the working conditions they would tolerate.

Generally Sam found it was quite simple to identify (and avoid) females that had any of the three qualities he disliked in any human. These were religious hang-ups, being prudish or control freaks.

The characteristics he most desired in females were also very easily discernible. He preferred very pretty, girl-next-door type physical attributes rather than so-called glamorous beauties. And he disliked ugly legs, saggy breasts or large butts. Stupidity was intolerable to him in anyone.

In contrast, some female qualities that were important to him were not as easy to ascertain. He wanted his women to be feisty, adventuresome, and yet sensually submissive. In summary, Sam desired pretty, fun-loving, intelligent females that would help him do whatever he wanted to mutually enjoy life and have satisfying sexual encounters.

Although he hoped each woman he selected would be available for awhile, he recognized that he’d be lucky if they were. They usually stayed with him for a night, a week or a month at the most. He kept hoping to find a keeper although the rapid turnover of female company didn’t annoy or frustrate him at all. In fact he rather enjoyed systematically checking out the never ending supply of applicants.

Like most things Sam did, selection of his ‘Female Pleasurers’ (FPs as he referred to them) was done according to a list of systematic procedures.

Step #1 was to locate a possible FP candidate.

Step #2 was to check out her background in every possible way.

Step #3 was to interview any FP that seemed eligible. Leaving his farm domain didn’t happen often, but he always met a prospective FP in a location he liked. This was generally a luxury hotel and included an evening together getting acquainted under safe conditions dining and dancing. He often even selected and paid for the band ensemble to ensure it was to his liking.

Step #4 only occurred for FPs who submitted to and successfully completed the previous steps. It included passing stringent medical evaluations by his physician.

Step #5 for an FP was acquiring the necessary security devices. He insisted that anyone allowed into his dwellings submit to the surgical implantation devices that monitored everything she did (work-wise and personally). As usual the remotes also had the ability to control, injure or kill them if he deemed it necessary. Naturally he agreed to pay for the removal of these implants when their service was terminated.

Step #6 was performed by Sam’s lawyer to ensure compliance and secrecy agreements.

Step #7 was similar to step #3 in one respect.

It occurred off site at a luxury hotel. For anyone who successfully passed the 1st six steps, he set up a sleep-over during which he tested each candidate’s adventuresome nature.

Step #8, the final plunge, only occurred if all seven steps met with his approval. The FP was invited to spend time at Sam’s estate.


Excerpted from "Atlantisville: Sci/Fi Fantasy (Caverns) (Volume 1)" by Fred W. Harrington. Copyright © 2014 by Fred W. Harrington. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Fred W. Harrington

Fred W. Harrington

Fred Harrington grew up in New England and migrated to West Virginia. Living on his 43-acre farm near the Ohio River, he keeps busy gardening, teaching, and writing stories. His published books to date are:

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