Laden Lane

Laden Lane

by Vlz

ISBN: 9781628382051

Publisher Page Publishing, Inc.

Published in Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers

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Book Description

Something is in the woods and it is coming for you. If you hear a knock at your door, Do Not Answer. If you hear the doorbell ring, run and hide, Don't Scream. The residents of the small town of Burl are getting worried. There's a killer they call the brunette strangler and the killer is getting closer to their town, making rounds, and now the killer has taken one of their own.

Sample Chapter

The sun disappeared behind gathering dark clouds as the wind-brushed air swept through the forest, swaying pines and other trees, causing leaves to rustle and loosen from their limbs. Fall time was spooky time in the woods. It was the month of October, the month of All Hollows’ Eve, the one scariest night of the year, and here Carly was out there in the woods all alone and a storm was brewing and there was no sign of Babs.

The forest suddenly became an eerie habitat. Carly thought about that shadowy figure she saw the other day in the woods. She remembered Decker saying it was just an old stump, and Carly prayed Decker knew what he was talking about. She still wasn’t sure what day it was. How did she lose track of time so easily? What was she doing out there in the woods? Obviously, Babs wasn’t out there. She called to Babs but never got answered. She never seen any sign of tracks along the path.

Anxiously, Carly’s heart picked up a beat. She felt compelled to go home to 222 Delmar Street. She needed to speak with Dorian. She had to figure out her next move. She needed closure, an end to it all. She turned and started back for Laden House, and that’s when she saw someone out of the corner of her eye. Who would be out there in that dense thicket? She knew it wasn’t Babs. She called out her name several times, and Babs never answered.

The winds stirred heavily in Carly’s ears, almost as if the wind had blown in one ear and out the other. Carly wasn’t sure she heard the sound of twigs snapping underfoot or if it was just her overactive imagination playing tricks with her mind. Either way, Carly didn’t much like the fact she was there in the woods all alone. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and regulate her heart then continued on her way back toward Laden House.

The winds dissipated, and the woods fell silent. Only not for long. The winds came again, and this time, Carly knew it wasn’t her imagination. There was someone out there in the woods with her. Stepping up her pace, she glanced over both her shoulders as she moved along the path toward Laden House. First her left shoulder then her right shoulder and then her left shoulder again. She felt quite positive someone was following her. There was no mistaking it. There was a man.

The man stood way back in the woods. He was too far back for Carly to make out his identity, and yet there was something strangely familiar about the dark figure.


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My third thriller, HELLEN BACK has to do with college student, Jennifer Luck, who meets evil nasty vicious queen, the dean of Kale University, and finds herself inside a nightmare with no end. My first novel, Identity Crisis, is now on Audio at Identical twin sisters find themselves in a bizarre twist of past, present, and future events which catapults them into a vortex of pure insanity...think; Oleson twins meet Norman Bates. "The Hut in the Woods" is due for release soon on Audio...Carly Ruth Laden marries knight in shining armor, only to discover he is a no-good low down dirty rat leading a secret life, and hurls his in-laws into a hell on earth.

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