The Gym Show

The Gym Show

by Kelly Springer

ISBN: 9781496049414

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Literature & Fiction/Historical, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

'The Gym Show' tells the story of a man faced with an impossible set of circumstances.

High school principal Jim Adamson discovers two of his students engaged in an activity that can only be described as taboo and finds he is at a loss as to how to manage this troubling situation.

With the help of a most uncommon ally, he finds a solution, but in doing so, he risks everything.

'The Gym Show' takes the reader through seven months in the lives of these high school students and teachers, and the man who does things his way—thoughtfully, but without regret and without apology.

Sample Chapter

November 1969, Mercyville, Pennsylvania

He waited eagerly among the dusty folds of the draperies, Blade did, wanting to watch to see if his “Old Sport” as he called him—as he called all of his boys—would follow through with this next acquisition. A camera affixed upon a tripod sat next to Blade, who was fast becoming conscious of the sound of his increasingly powerful breathing.

In the context of their games, the man never used his real name, only “Blade”, which was the name he used, and “Old Sport”, which was the name that he had given to the each of the other boys.

He could feel that this “Old Sport” was nervous, yet Blade sensed in him an energy that the boy usually lacked during their prior couplings. That momentum, Old Sport, is called Desire.

The boy, for his part, was at first reluctant to approach his next mark, but upon the pretext of digging for information about a girl, he gained an uncommon confidence. He really didn’t know this kid that well; he knew that the kid’s older brother had been a friend of Blade’s before he had graduated, but other than that, there was nothing remarkable about the skinny, dark-haired boy. But now that he was here, his excitement began to increase and knowing that Blade was hidden within the curtains waiting and watching made this eventual tryst all the more thrilling.


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Author Profile

Kelly Springer

Kelly Springer

Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Kelly Springer earned a B.S. in Education from Penn State University. Following graduation, she transplanted herself to Indiana and has been a Hoosier ever since. She earned a Masters Degree in Language Education from Indiana University and is a 25 year veteran of Indiana’s public schools. Currently a technical writer, she lives in suburban Indianapolis with her husband of 22 years, a set of extraordinary and hilarious twin daughters, one wily and precocious son, and two very poorly trained Labrador Retrievers. The Gym Show is her first novel.

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