Crossroads from Damascus: Mississippi Headlights [Kindle Edition]

Crossroads from Damascus: Mississippi Headlights [Kindle Edition]

by Jason Akley


Publisher Outskirts Press

Published in Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

The legalization of marijuana is becoming an issue more mainstream these days, but most of its advocates still come from the underground. Crossroads from Damascus is a chronicle of the consequences of pot addiction. As a collection of stories and poems connected by non-fictional, inter-related narrative passages, they also tell what was happening while writing them--a tragic yet funny chronicle of working as a traveling lab tech while trying to hide a weed habit.

Sample Chapter

"What is it that you love? What burns in the fire, or the fire itself? Or should I ask which is it you really want--the things that change or things that change you? Mira! For how does the fire burn, my friend? The fire burns by consuming only that which it can change." He was still kneeling by the pot. The ground leaves from his pouch he poured into the kettle. The fire was going good now. The kindling from the crate crackled as the heat dried it, as it began burning. I couldn't help but watch it, watch it burn as the man spoke. "Before, this wood had no purpose. It was left here to rot in this warehouse. But now, as it burns, it has more than just something to do, and as the fire burns away its imperfections, what can change about it, it becomes what is acting on it, because, you see, it already has all the properties to become it, to become fire... Now this wood has a purpose. It warms us here, in the dark. And it is the same with your will, my friend. Only when it burns, burns with the fire of love, does it have a purpose--the purpose to unite with the love that made it and thus become as it is... Siempre va, my friend. So it is with time, that eternal river, with which we wish to unite so as to see our perfection, our changelessness, for how does time measure itself? Does a fire really end? Or only what became the fire? What your pale reason hides from you?"

Excerpted from "Crossroads from Damascus: Mississippi Headlights [Kindle Edition]" by Jason Akley. Copyright © 2009 by Jason Akley. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Jason Akley

Jason Akley

Jason Akley enjoys spending time with his two daughters and hopes to continue engaging readers with thoughtful stories.

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