Cell Wars: In the Beginning

Cell Wars: In the Beginning

by A Miles

ISBN: 9781494292492

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Children's Books/Comics & Graphic Novels, Children's Books/Action & Adventure, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description you want your children to learn about the body and keeping healthy but through an entertaining story? Join Bands, a white blood cell who is still in training at the Bone Marrow School. He is desperate to go on missions in the veins and arteries and fight bacteria and viruses. Find out if he is successful or does he have to stay in school?

Sample Chapter



If you were to open your mouth, you’d see a shiny set of teeth (hopefully), a tongue and some funny looking dangly thing at the back of your throat. If you were to open your eyes really wide or even pull back your eyelids (my daughter does that and it’s disgusting), you’d see a small black circle (the pupil) surrounded by a beautiful ring of colour (the iris). Mine is blue. My friend’s is green with brown freckles on it. (Honestly it is!)


Now look carefully at your eyeball, the white bit. Can you see thin, reddish-pink wavy lines? These are blood vessels. They are tunnels, which carry blood around your body. Do you know what blood looks like? Yes I know it’s a red liquid. I mean do you know what it looks like up close. Really close. If you have a look at blood under a microscope, you see hundreds and hundreds of tiny red blobs all rushing along. These are called red blood cells. There are millions of them in your body. You can’t see them with your eyes and you can’t feel them in your body but they are there, keeping you alive.


They have help. There are some really important blood cells inside your body. You can’t see or feel these either. They’re white and they are slightly bigger than red blood cells. They are called white blood cells (You knew they were going to be called that, didn’t you?)


Now really use your imagination to go deeper into your body. Imagine you could peel back the skin off your wrist to see the blood vessels (revolting and very messy). Pretend you have shrunk so small you can fit into one of those blood vessels. (My son says that would be epic!) You find yourself in a tunnel, next to lots of other tunnels, all curving one way or another, up and down a vast area, next to the skeleton inside your body. Hundreds of red blood cells would be swimming next to you, carrying you along in the watery plasma liquid.


Now picture yourself swimming inside one of those long, creamy bones from your skeleton. The bone has a hard outer casing but soft, spongy texture middle. This is the bone marrow and this is where all blood cells are made. Most of your bones make blood cells. As you get older (like me), its only bones like your spine, breastbone, ribs and small parts of your legs and arms that produce blood cells.


So finally you are in the bone marrow, a jellylike substance, which contains blood, fat and some very special cells. Look around and you see hundreds of white, round balls with jellyfish type legs. These are the white blood cells and they are about to start their very important job. Let’s watch and see what happens.

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Author Profile

A Miles

A Miles

Amanda Miles is a teacher, school governor, mother of twins and wife. As of last year she decided to publish a series of fictional books but with non fiction facts (which her son prefers to read!). Encouraging not only boys and reluctant readers but also grown ups who want to learn something along with their children, is her aim.

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