In Loving Memory Of Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001

In Loving Memory Of Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001

by Bobbie Sue Messer

ISBN: 9781435716247


Published in Literature & Fiction/Poetry

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

A legend lost

In 1973 Ralph Earnhardt died, And on the inside you cried. With your hero forever gone, You became withdrawn. Not knowing what to do, You turned to the only thing you knew. Racing took away the pain, For you to be whole again. You were a survivor, And became a better driver. In 1975 you made your debut, And your racing skills grew. In 1978 you finished fourth in the race, Soon heading for a better place. Through the years you became a legend, Your championships adding up to seven. Among these awards you won more, Something know one will ignore. On February 18, 2001 you joined your dad, And for that we will forever be sad. A legend you will forever be, Across this land for all to see.

A Sad Day

As the intimidator went across the track, You knew that he was planning his attack. For he was waiting to speed pass them all, Knowing some would end up in the wall. Earnhardt was a race man through and through, Achieving so much status since his debut. He touched the hearts of every single fan, Where you knew that he was one great man. Which made his death much harder to bear, For you knew that he would no longer be there. All his fans cried when it happened that day, Standing still not knowing what to say. In their hearts they would forever be sad, Even though they knew he was joining his dad. Praying for him to race along those golden streets, With ten thousand angels filling the seats. We can only hope that we will meet again one day, When we to begin our journey to heaven to stay.

A time to grieve The man in black, Being laid to rest, Is so hard to digest. He gave his life, Doing what he loved. Now he's racing, In the clouds above. He was the best, this world did see. The man in the black, with a number 3. You see his grave, and wonder why. The world's greatest driver, Now lives in the sky. Will we ever understand, What the lord has planned? Will we ever learn to forgive, For not letting Earnhardt live? Our hearts mend, As the years go bye. While we learn, to say goodbye.


Dale what can one say, To take the pain away. For losing you that way, Breaks my heart everyday. When I look at your face, I know no other racer, Will take your place. You where the best, This world did see. Most times I find myself Down on my knees. Pleading to the Lord, To send you back to us, Oh how the world, Would make a fuss. For the man in black, Would finally be back, And we could see him, Race across the track. All those movies about you, Are so hard to get through. To watch them with you gone, To me just feels so wrong. I plead, Lord this is not fair, Then I sink farther into despair. Death happens to us all, We wish we could just stall. For all our loved ones we leave behind, We have no way on knowing, What will happen to them in time.

Family Values

Before each race you would pray, That was how you would begin your day, Praying for all the racers to be safe in the race, And those that were sick to feel his embrace. Family values and church, your parents gave to you, And as you grew up, it stuck to you like glue. When you had a family you did the same, Making sure they knew the Lord by name. You was not perfect that we all know, But what you did have gave you a glow. You lived your life great to the very end, To where it was like we lost our best friend. You are now an angel living in heaven above, Flying across the sky like a beautiful dove.

Father and son racing together.

In February 2001 they opened, Daytona Speed weeks together as two, Of the Rolex 24 Hours crew. An annual sports car race, Still trying for first place. The Earnhardt's finished second, In their class that day. And fourth overall, Proving to those who doubt, That the Earnhardt's do stand out. Dale and son were more than, Just stock-car drivers, They were survivors. Father and son, champions, Behind any wheel, Having one gone now, Feels so unreal. It is as though, Your heart is gone, We can only pray, His memory will live on. If we think we cannot, Remember him anymore, We just need to remember that day, And his memory will forever soar. Dale Earnhardt will always be, The Intimidator man, To all true race fans.


Even at the age of five, His racing dream was alive, He could not wait to begin. Knowing all the races that he would win. He decided to learn what he needed to know, By watching his dad Ralph Earnhardt. So the garage is where he would go, For that is where he needed to start, By watching a race car being taken apart. Racing was all that was on his mind, Knowing that it would happen in time. He watched his dad in his number 8 car, Longing for the day he to would be a star. He grew up around the North Carolina race track, Knowing in his heart there was no turning back. He started out as all the other racers do, Having so many struggles to get through. As the years slowly passed he came to be, The intimidator driving the black number three.


When Ralph Earnhardt died, I wonder if you cried?

You were mad for two years, But never said if you shed any tears.

Your hero was forever gone, Which made it hard for you to continue on.

Your hero would never be able to see, You become the intimidator, Driving the black number three.

You wanted to impress, The best man you knew, Most days were hard, For you to get through.

The words you would never hear, Ralph Earnhardt say out loud, Was son you make me so proud.

Though deep down in your heart you knew, That Ralph Earnhardt, Would always be proud of you.

Even though Ralph lives in the sky, I know he was there to watch you fly.

You lived a life that made you, As happy as any man could be, It was only fitting that it ended, In the black number three.

Now you are watching Dale Jr, In that number 88 car, Knowing that in your eyes, He will forever be a star.

In Loving Memory

Help remember a legend today, By going to DEI or ebay. Buy everything that you see, That has anything with a number three. Show your love for the man in black, Who loved to race across a track. He was a hero to this nation, Giving us so much inspiration. He taught us to live out our dream, By living life to the extreme. The man that we thought would live on, In this life is forever gone.


Please Dale they cannot forget you, For then my days would seem so blue. Without your memory continuing on, It would mean you were truly gone. To never again see your face, Would be nothing but a disgrace. If know one cared about you, It would break this heart into. You should never be forgotten, Those who do should feel rotten. For the Intimidator should always be, In every store for the world to see. Even though you are in heaven above, We can still show you love. Dale I hope you will always know, In me your memory will always show.


Dale I hope you are able to fly, When you race across the sky. Your fan's have only one prayer, For you to know that we still care. That day they said your life was through, Made us scream, please say it is not true. Races will never again be the same, For we will no longer here your name. . I hope you are racing on tracks of pure gold, With the wondrous sight of the Lord to behold. Will you race with angels in the black number 3, As though you were racing on TV? The intimidator once again at his best, Putting his racing skills to the test. . I know all race fans will agree, That is something we would love to see. Dale losing you was such a crime, For you where still in your prime. I will forever be a number 3 fan, To the one called the Intimidator man.

Racing was your dream

Racing is all you ever wanted to do, School work never interested you. You quit school to live your dream, Racing cars to the extreme. Ralph was not all that glad, Which made you mad. He wanted you to finish school, Which to you seemed so cruel. Racing gave you such a thrill, You knew you had the skill. You had the potential to be the best, For you where so obsessed. Nothing would stop you, From reaching your goal, For racing made you feel whole. You hit the big time at twenty-eight Which was not a moment to late. Everything else is no mystery For you go down in history. As the greatest driver we all knew, And we will forever miss you.

Rookie Of The Year

In 1980 with a young yet solid team, You were living every man's dream. You had the determination to prove, That in any car you could move. You were a rising star, In that number 2 car. You blew them all away, When you beat the veteran that day. The NASCAR Winston Cup Series title you got, Which no one ever forgot. You took the rookie crown this year, You fans stood up to give a cheer. A true race man on the rise, Which to his fans was no surprise.


Dale some how you knew, That day your life would be through.

You said we would see something we had never seen, I sit and ask why something so mean?

Why did you have to go in your number 3 car, For it left an emotional scare.

We sit and watched our hero die, And all the world could do was cry.

You left in such a horrible way, To where we can never forget that day.

I sit and wonder over and over again, When you hit the wall did you feel any pain.

It breaks my heart when I wonder what crossed your mind, When you knew that you were leaving your loved one's behind.

With each passing day I hurt more and more, All I can do is try to make your memory sore.

Dale Earnhardt in my home you will forever be, The worlds greatest driver that this world did see.

The Best Man the World Did Know.

So many years have slipped by, And still we cry. That day we do recall, How your life was gone, When you hit the wall. The greatest man the world did know, Was lost in that Daytona show. Your memory is so strong today, Your fan's hope to keep it that way. By buying everything that they can, To help remember a great man. As long as we continue on, Your memory will never be gone. The man in black with a number 3, Is still the greatest to you and me.


Dale Earnhardt would always say, This to the racers everyday.

To win you have got to beat me, But no one beats the black number 3.

I am known as the intimidator man, You will either hate me or become a fan.

I fly across every race track, Without even looking back.

I come here to the track to win, Until then you will not see me grin.

A cold stare you will soon see, Is all that you will get from me.

God gave me this gift to use, And to do with it as I choose.

So I put my foot on the gas, This number 3 car you will never pass.

Dale Earnhardt, a true legend you will forever be, The man in black driving the number 3.

The Daytona 500

In February 1998 after 20 tries, Dale Earnhardt won his greatest prize. The Daytona 500 he took the win, While wearing the biggest grin. This was the 71st of his career, We all knew he would persevere. It came in his 575th Winston Cup start, For winning this was in his heart. Placing him sixth on the all-time wins score, His legacy will forever soar. Earnhardt added to his name in 98, Which made him oh so great. When NASCAR honored him, And his father Ralph as two, Of the 50 Greatest Drivers that nascar new.


You loved to be out in the wild, Doing it since you were a child. Being some where up in a tree All the birds that you could see. Hunting and fishing gave you peace, Being your own pressure release. Doing it for only an hour or two, Was the best of all worlds to you. When you drove out to the lake, You got a much needed break. No one will ever comprehend, How the fish were your friend. Before you would get up and leave, They would do tricks that you would not believe. Later on you would head to the race track, And the fans knew the Intimidator was back. You would once again have that mean stare, That said I am back and you better beware. You were the best at everything you set out to do, Is there any wonder that we will always love you.

The Intimidator

Dale Earnhardt was the man, That was loved by every race fan.

He was the man in black, Racing across the track.

The Intimadator he soon came to be, His teammate's they would agree.

"Stay out of my way," You would here him say.

You should know before I begin, "That I came here to win.

Get in front of me and try to stall, And I will shove you into the wall.

Coming second is just wrong Winner's circle is where I belong."

My heart felt like it would burst, On the races that he came first.

To me he will always be the best, A race fan just a little obsessed.

The Legacy Continues On

In 2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined his dad on the track, Number 8 racing with the man in black. Dale earnhardt was proud as any man, Being his son's number one fan. They had only one thing in mind, To never be left behind, Be the best in every race, And you will be in first place. Racing is their one true love, A talent sent from heaven above. Dale Earnhardt Sr. is now gone, In Dale Jr. the legacy continues on.

The world's greatest driver

Dale earnhardt was known, Through out the land, As the intimadator man, His car was black with a #3, So well known to you and me. Racing he started very young, For he was Ralph Earnhardt's son. He raced every chance he got, Hoping for a much better spot. He raced to make his daddy proud, And soon earned the love of all the crowd. The fans would come from miles around, For winner's circle he was bound. He left this world oh so fast, We still cannot believe that he has passed. The world's greatest driver he will forever be, To true race fan's like you and me.

Choosing A Hard Career

Racing is the hardest career for a man to choose, For he finds that he has so much more to lose. When he finds he wants something better in life, Along the way he can lose his children and wife. Sometimes he finds that he may be a little obsessed, Which makes him more determined to be his best. He hopes to find that one who will really care, That no matter what they will always be there. He gets lucky to find that one to be by his side, Hoping and praying for her to be his bride. His racing carreer begins to rocket to the top, Knowing no matter what he never will stop. Through the years he achieves all time success, For we all know that Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the best.


Ralph Lee Earnhardt started it all, When he answered the racing call Racing five times a week near his home, For Ralph never had the urge to roam. The first in the family to become a star, In his legendary number eight car. He was a demon on the dirt track, Never taking the time to look back. Ralph was the ulitimate driver to, Giving us more than he ever knew. Passing on before he could see, What his family would come to be. Having Dale Sr, Dale Jr, and Kerry to, Becoming race care drivers just like you.


Winning the Sportsman Championship in 1956 In this race, his car, he never once had to fix. For he worked on every car he drove so good, Keeping him from having to look under the hood. Just changing tires and then beating everyone, Never once stopping until the race was done. Being the toughest racer to ever race with, You would be lucky to just come in fifth. He was a very smart and talented man, Saying, always do the best that you can. When in a race car never let anyone win, No matter if it is your family or a friend.


Ralph Lee Earnhardt would never again race across a track. On September 26, 1973, he passed away from a heart attack Knowing that his career lasted twenty-three great years, When his fan's heard they shedded so many tears. The man called, "Mr. Consistency" and "Ironheart", Would forever be embedded in everyone's heart. Ralph won more than three hundred and 50 races, Remembering ever single one brings smiles to our faces. Wishing that his heart could have been a lot stronger, So Ralph Earnhardt could have lived so much longer.

Our Anchor And Rock

When Ralph died at the age of forty-five, We wondered how Dale would survive. Our hearts went out to the whole family, Knowing how hard to go on it must be. When you loose your anchor and rock, Most times we find we go into shock. We cry begging, please do not let it be so, For we just cannot let our loved ones go. Soon we find it is less harder to bear, For we can always talk to them in prayer. With racing Dale worked through his pain, Making his life so much easier to maintain. Concentrating on being the best he could be, Being the Intimidator, driving the number three. Our hearts break knowing he to is now gone, The Earnhardt Legacy will forever live on.


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