Andersons Survive the Civil War Then Seal It with a Kiss

Andersons Survive the Civil War Then Seal It with a Kiss

by Peggy Savage Baumgardner

ISBN: 9781628383256

Publisher Page Publishing, Inc.

Published in Literature & Fiction/Historical, Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Andersons Survive the Civil War, takes the reader on a fascinating journey of one Irish family's relocation from New York to New Orleans just as the Civil War was about to erupt.The family survived not only the long wagon ride south, but also the tense years of conflict when the Union soldiers took over New Orleans. There is a love story that persists over many years and thousands of miles against all odds. The love is then Sealed with a Kiss.

Sample Chapter

Irish settlers came to America and were trying to get settled in New York. Due to the inclement weather conditions in New York and receiving a letter from family members, they decided to migrate further south to New Orleans. The problem with the migration, it was during the 1800's and a Civil War was going on. They had not seen any bad situations while they were living in New York, but as soon as they headed south, they were confronted with hate, bigotry, slavery and very bad treatment from the Union soldiers. The government was also trying to make them choose sides. If you refused to choose, they would draft you. What the Irish immigrants expected to find in America was a land of opportunity. Why they actually found was the worst war ever fought in America.

Being new immigrants in America, the family was neutral between the North and South. They had family in both areas, so they really had no problems with either side. They actually didn't even know what was going on between the North and the South.

They had to deal with blockades, mob attacks, death and destruction. Flag Officer David Farragut's blazing attacks through the night was the worst. He fired over 16,000 shells. His intent was to destroy the Confederate River Squadron.

The Union Soldiers brought in by General Benjamin Butler, with the supposed intentions of freeing the black slaves, actually made slaves of everyone in New Orleans, regardless of race, creed or color. They arrested some of the plantation owners, put them in jail, then turned their families and their slaves into their own personnel slaves.

General Butler's soldiers showed total disrespect for Confederate women as well as the Confederate men. On May 15, 1862 he posted a note to all women. "As the officers and soldiers have been subject to repeated insults from the women (calling themselves ladies) of New Orleans in return for the most scrupulous non-interference and courtesy on your part, it ordered that hereafter when any female shall by word, gesture, or movement insult or show contempt for any officer of the United States she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of town plying her avocotations.

Many women were molested. If their husbands, fathers or brothers tried to intervene they were beaten or killed.

Some people say what the Anderson family did was Mystical Magic or Luck of the Irish. Some thought it was Witchcraft or Tricks of the Devil.


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Author Profile

Peggy Savage Baumgardner

Peggy Savage Baumgardner

Peggy is retired from Local Government and is married to Frank Baumgardner who is retired from Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, she has two children, Charles Bryson and Chery Bryson Friday, Three Grandchildren, Michael Friday, Edward Friday and Carol Ann Friday. She is native North Carolinian, but spends her winters in the Florida sunshine.

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