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Book Description

Outlaw pilot and lawful fly girl/journalist become unlikely coauthors in this multi award-winning stunning True Crime Biography. Jack Reed refused to talk to cops & press until MayCay Beeler contacted him in prison. Convicted cocaine smuggler Reed finally breaks his silence about his alleged role in Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Drug Cartel, and stunning punishment for refusing to rat in the courtroom in longest most publicized drug trial in U.S. History. A nonviolent offender, Reed becomes the victim of a tragic sentencing mistake. His stunning story has never been given to any other journalist.

Sample Chapter

My story starts on the 4th day of February, 1987. From memory, I painted the rustic home depicted in this book. I shared this home with my two most cherished companions and various creatures. Sheldon- my young girlfriend and lover, best friend and confidante- hails originally from Southern California. Norman, our beautiful golden retriever, is a native of Florida. He has shared much of the adventure that I am about to relate. Our creature friends consist of what you might expect to find in a tropical rainforest. We co-exist quite nicely.

Our secluded home is located on the primitive Caribbean coast of Panama. We have lived here approximately six years. It has all of the amenities that you would find in a tropical paradise including a pristine white sand beach and a blue lagoon fringed with coconut palms the trade winds blew through.

It’s mid-morning. What few chores I am responsible for have long been completed. I am lounging in my hammock on the porch, enjoying a cup of robust Panamanian coffee. I am trying to decide whether I want to go snorkeling this morning or wait until later in the day. We have a barrier reef on the outer edge of the crystal clear lagoon that our home has been constructed in; the home sitting on stilts a few feet offshore.

Sheldon is off somewhere- likely working in her garden in a different section of our property. Our homestead comprises about ten hectares, which translates to twenty five acres more or less. It is a peninsula with a three hundred foot high ridge running through it, mostly covered with dense jungle. There is an isthmus on the peninsula with a low spot in the ridge. Little vegetation grows here due to the constant trade winds gusting and carrying salt spray from crashing waves on the seaward side of the peninsula. It was in this area that Sheldon, on her way back to our little home, reported seeing some men at the top of the isthmus. She said it looked as if some of them were armed. I was shocked to hear this- because to see anyone on our property, except our native neighbors, was akin to seeing aliens.

It took me about two minutes to reach the area where I had a clear view of the isthmus. I had to traverse the face of a steep cliff behind our home on a narrow path we had excavated to access our beach and other flat sections of the property. Our garden guest house, water wells and other structures were all located in this area.

Now I was confused-not being able to see a soul, but knowing that Sheldon was not playing some kind of practical joke on me. This is not her nature, and there was no doubt about the seriousness of her report.

It was the next moment that I heard the sound of an outboard motor coming around the point of the peninsula. Not one- but two native Cayucos appeared. These are long slender boats carved out of large trees. Each boat was carrying about eight people that looked like natives dressed in street clothing.

This further confused me, because even though we have been visited on rare occasion by native friends- there had never been more than four or five show up at one time. As the boats negotiated a tricky channel through the reef surrounding our lagoon, I stood on our beach surveying the situation. By now they were close enough where I could see them clearly. I was unable to recognize anyone that I knew.

The next moment I received the surprise of my life. As the boats reached the shore, every person onboard stood up with some type of weapon pointed at me. They were screaming in English and Spanish for me to lie down on the beach. About that time, the men that Sheldon had seen came running down the isthmus, armed to the teeth. Some surrounded me- others went off in different directions.

One, who appeared to be the leader of the raid- and who looked and acted like an American- handcuffed me. He took out a photo- glanced at it and looked at me hard- saying that I was the one they were looking for. He identified himself as a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, and advised me that I was under arrest. He informed me that I had been indicted in the United States in 1981 for drug related crimes along with my Colombian friend Carlos. I was told that he had been captured two days earlier in Colombia. Sheldon and I were to be returned to the states, where I would be prosecuted. I was also informed that they had known where I was living for a year and a half, and they didn’t bother with me until they captured Carlos, whom he referred to as the “Kingpin” of an organization he called the Medellin Cartel.


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MayCay Beeler

MayCay Beeler

MayCay Beeler is a spirited vivacious American aviatrix, record breaking pilot, award-winning television personality, multi award-winning Amazon #1 Bestselling author, veteran TV host/producer/journalist, spokesperson, and active FAA Chief Flight Instructor with a passion for all things flying.

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