The Pendulum of Extremes Dilemma: The Search for Truth to Reach Heaven

The Pendulum of Extremes Dilemma: The Search for Truth to Reach Heaven

by C. A. Wilson

ISBN: 9781478722267

Publisher Outskirts Press

Published in Religion & Spirituality

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Book Description

IS OUR CURRENT "FAITH" AND "LIFE-STYLE" WORTHY OF"HEAVEN"? We may all desire to live with God in HEAVEN when our current life is over, but will we? This book will address this question for you with detail and clarity.

Sample Chapter


For this writer, the word pendulum brings to mind a grandfather clock that must be in constant balance to function properly.  If the pendulum swings to the far left or far right, it can be argued that it is out-of-balance and needs an adjustment to correct the extremes of its movement.   In societies of the world we see these far left and far right extremes in government politics, court-room dramas, ways to be happy and so-forth.   Although we all have our opinions, it is hard to know who is actually right in any given circumstance and whose opinion represents the correct answer or best balance in any given situation.


Balancing the clock or finding a proper solution to any given problem may require a thorough investigation of the directions before any action is taken to balance the clock or render correct solutions to solve the problem.  It is no different in the religious world in which we live.  For Christians, our book of directions is God’s Word – the Bible.  For those who seek to know whether or not heaven is a reality for them, the Bible is available for all to study, but instead, many choose to follow family, preachers, the traditions of others and so-forth.


In Christianity, history reveals that previous scholars of the“Word” had a strong desire to obey His commands and find that proper balance for themselves and others. The study of these scholars has resulted in many religious groups or sects that surround us today, but why are there so many different views when there is only one truth?   


Great men, who truly love God, have great desire to know truth and they usually make conscientious efforts to follow the text in the “book of directions” (the Bible) to ensure that the proper balance is achieved.   However, as the years wear-on, many of their followers stray from the text to distort any balances initially sought.  


Nearly every religious movement drifts from its original position to a position of extremes. One group then sees another group as being apostate or wayward and migrates to an opposite extreme to protect their own theological position.  They over-react toward each other and become prejudiced in regard to the beliefs of their respective group.  Thus, we have a world of extremes, confusion, radicalisms and division.

In Christianity, relative to our subject of salvation and quest for heaven, a few of these extremes, existing in the past and especially today, may be illustrated by various examples as follows:


Ø   ONE - Saved through sacraments and works of merit

Ø   ANOTHER – Saved by grace


Ø   ONE – Saved through faith only

Ø   ANOTHER – Saved through works


Ø   ONE – Holy Spirit literally indwells believer

Ø   ANOTHER – Holy Spirit indwells only through the word of  God – the Bible


Ø   ONE – Baptism essential to be saved

Ø   ANOTHER – Baptism appointed, but not essential to be saved


Ø   ONE – Holy Spirit received in water baptism

Ø   ANOTHER – Holy Spirit received through believing and repentance


Ø   ONE – Every Christian has same rewards in heaven regardless of works

Ø   ANOTHER – Rewards for Christians in heaven depend upon good works


Ø   One -- Believers who are forgiven/born-again (saved) have eternal security

Ø   ANOTHER – Christians must “work-out their salvation” to be ultimately saved   


In our SEARCH FOR TRUTH TO REACH HEAVEN, the swing of the pendulum takes us to far left and far right extremes, but this writer does not choose to viciously attack those positions.  He only wishes to point out the errors in doing so.



The transparency of his own life demands his admission to having missed the BIG PICTURE himself many times, but in this late stage of his life he can only proclaim, in this moment of time, what his collective studies have revealed to him.   He is thankful to God for an extended life and good health that has given the opportunity for additional study-time.   He truly seeks to allow the Word to dictate his theology – not vice-versa where God’s written Word is used to support one’s views or destroy those of another. 


The writer’s strong desire has always been to find the proper balance of scripture through the study of God’s Word without adding-to or taking-from it.   If, in the course of this book, he ignorantly does either of the two, it is his fervent prayer that God may forgive him by searching the depths of his heart to see that his intentions were only to ultimately glorify His name.  


For the reader, the writer does recommend conclusions reached in his studies, but certainly does NOT intend to bind his opinions on anyone.  All souls are responsible for their own destiny.  If friends, relatives or even acquaintances believe they are Christians, this writer will always treat them as such.   Only God has the right to judge our hearts.


In this writer’s studies he has attempted to properly divide scripture for his own understanding, but also for the benefit of other seekers.  He has not used commentaries, books or any other outside influences in his studies.  Additionally, he seeks no recognition or monetary gain from sales of his book “The Pendulum of Extremes Dilemma”.  His primary desire is to minister the truth of God’s Word -- to enlighten others who also may be seeking to understand how God and man interface with each other – to help guide all men and women of faith to their place in heaven. As a balanced approach to “reach heaven” through the proper division and study of God’s Word (the Bible), a very simple “snap-shot” of what the author wants to convey in his book is reflected in the following synopsis. 




The Bible says that all who “believe” that Jesus was/is the Son of God and “repent” (change) will have their past sins “forgiven” through the blood of Christ and be “born-again” of His Spirit through the love, mercy and grace of Deity. Here, believers inherit “eternal life” to be INITIALLY “saved” from damnation – i.e. “saved” from the penalty of their sin – since all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Relative to INITIAL salvation, this activity of Deity is very basic and fundamental to Christianity.  Perhaps millions of books have been written on “how to be saved” and it is clearly understood by most Christians, but this represents only half of God’s plan for the redemption of man.


“The Pendulum of Extremes Dilemma” does cover INITIAL salvation, but this is NOT the primary intent of the book. As the late Paul Harvey would say “Now here is the rest of the story”.  Therefore, to capture “the rest of the story”, the author is more concerned with what man DOES (or does NOT do) AFTER he is “saved” – i.e. AFTER his sins are “forgiven” and he is “born-again”.  This is not the end of our search for heaven. It is only the beginning.  It would appear that the Christian world is ignoring this most important piece of the “salvation dilemma” on why a righteous life-style is necessary to KEEP a soul “saved” (without falling away) to insure that heaven is rewarded to them.


A believer’s ULTIMATE salvation will be the result of sacrificing self and possible suffering to walk in the Spirit for glorification of the Father through honorable “good works”.  This should be the Christian’s primary objective and task in life. These are the “works” that represent a servant’s faith and love for God that will be the results of having “WORKED OUT HIS OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING” – like Paul’s challenge to the Philippians in verses twelve and thirteen of chapter two.


An entire book could be written on just the two words FEAR and TREMBLING. Why? Because our life-styles should have changed to righteously work for God instead of living for self – which could cause us to “fall-away” and possibly lose the INITIAL salvation that we had been given through grace – the very reason for the FEAR and TREMBLING.



For faithful believers, these works (good or bad) will be recorded in the Lamb’s book of Life to be eventually judged by God upon the servant’s death or the return of Christ. Therefore, coupled with a believer’s INITIAL salvation, his honorable works of faith and love for God and others will justify (as God determines) a servants ULTIMATE salvation and his entry to the heavenly realm of God’s kingdom. 


All spiritual and honorable “good works” (through the Spirit) will be rewarded for the servants sacrifice while living and laboring on planet earth. However, all physical and dishonorable “bad” works of the self-centered flesh will be burned to suffer loss.  If the believer (servant) falls-away from God to lose his rewards during the time he is working out his salvation, his name may be removed from the Lamb’s book of Life to lose eternal life that he once possessed when INITIALLY saved by grace.


The author believes that “The Pendulum of Extremes Dilemma” is needed in our Christian world today or it would not have been written. He also believes it is a plausible supplement to the Bible.  God’s Word is divided and heavily used throughout the book to support (without lack of congruency) that which is advocated for a Christian’s earthly journey to reach heaven. 


However, this book would be meaningless if separated from God’s Word as though the Bible did not exist. The author encourages Christians to always diligently study (not just read) God’s Word for guidance in their lives.


Excerpted from "The Pendulum of Extremes Dilemma: The Search for Truth to Reach Heaven" by C. A. Wilson. Copyright © 2013 by C. A. Wilson. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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