Protect the Butterflies

Protect the Butterflies

by Sherylyn B. Bailey J.D.

ASIN: B0793TZ33L

Publisher XLIBRIS

Published in Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

The story takes place in the 1960's in a ficticious town in Mississippi. The towns people do not interact but Joseph, who is white, and Elizabeth, who is black, find a way to talk and interact with each other unbeknown to anyone.

Their secret comes out after some boys do the unthinkable to Elizabeth. Joseph must defend himself from the acusations since no one can tell him and his identical twin brother apart!

Once you start reading you will not want to put" Protect the Butterflies" down!

Find the answer to this question in the book: Who is Eddie Robinson?

Sample Chapter

Dr. Gerald and Olivia Sans lived in a big white house in the affluent part of Sanson, Mississippi. Gerald Sans was a physician specializing in orthopedic medicine. It might as well be psychiatry, for all of the patients that do not go to his office. He sets a few bones now and then, but people do not trust him. Dr. Gerald Sans always started his patient consultation by saying, "This is not my specialty."

The statemet did not invoke trust in his diagnosis. No one quite understood why he decided to settle in Sanson, Mississippi. Most folks speculated that his wife, Olivia, had a lot to do with it.

His wife, the former Olicia Pluckett, was from Sanson. She married Gerald when he graduated from medical school. Everyone thought they would settle in the next town-Ripley, Mississippi- fifty miles away. Ripley has a big pretigious hospital, Veder Hospital where Dr. Gerald could have practiced his specialty. But Dr. and Mrs Gerald Sans settled in Sanson.

People said that Olivia insisted on settling in Sanson because she woud lget the elevation of her rank. By marrying a doctor and staying in Sanson, no matter how uslful or useless his specialty was, Olivia would be someone.

Soon, Olivia became bitter. Nothing was going for her as planned. She often walked through town with a frown on her face, until her identical twin boys were born. She flaunted her pregnancy, and then she flaunted her babies. She named her sons Joseph and John.

Joseph and John were so identical that even Olivia could not tell them apart. The delivery was so fast that, to this day , no one knows who the older twin is. The twins, as they are often referred to, had ruby-red hair when they were born. Their hair was in patches on their head. Their eyes were piercing blue, and they had very delicate features and red cheeks....

...."At least", Olivia often said to herself, " I will have my doctor and my lawyer. My boys will be somebody and set this town on its ear!"


Excerpted from "Protect the Butterflies" by Sherylyn B. Bailey J.D.. Copyright © 2013 by Sherylyn B. Bailey J.D.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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