Blood, the Currency of the Spirit World

Blood, the Currency of the Spirit World

by Jacqueline Trought

ISBN: 9781628394047

Publisher Xulon Press

Published in Religion & Spirituality/Occult & Paranormal, Religion & Spirituality

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Book Description

Take your life from the mundane gridlock of that which is seen by the physical eye into the reality and truth of the spirit world. Live your life with absolutes, and the knowledge and wisdom that flows from the throne of the Almighty God. Come face to face with that which controls you and with divine wisdom and authority, command it to begin serving you. Enjoy this book on blood with an imaginative twist that commands the exciting edge of reading.

Sample Chapter


The Covenant of Marriage

One of the answers to solving life’s mystery of success.....

The covenant of marriage is designed to be ratified upon the shedding


of blood from the unique bond to be shared between a man and


his wife. The wife presents a virtuous body to her husband, and a holy


covenant is cut and sealed between them in sexual intimacy as man and


woman ultimately become one.


The shedding of blood in the covenant of marriage elevates the


institution of marriage from a mere earthly agreement to a spiritual


knot—the making of two individuals into one. The internal mixing of


blood and fluids within the body, designed ingeniously as only our Creator


could, creates a bonding exchange as man and wife hold onto each other


and the body speaks its own excited language in flames of emotional and


physical tones.


This mysterious union bypasses the knowledge of the physical eye


and encapsulates the legalities of spirituality, enabling the two with


supernatural powers that guarantees a united force to successfully


combat and destroy the enemies of the dream of sweet love and harmony


envisioned for the life of the marriage.


Virtue however, is the foundation on which this covenant is built.


Making this case seems more of an allegation of insult than an absorbable


truth. The honor of virtue is no longer a gift reserved for the marriage


bed. Society does not wave red flags of warning for impurity.


The rumor mill of gossip for the suspected young girl who seems to


be passing out her jewel has dried up. So easy it is for precious virgins


to be taken—and not just once, but passed over and handed over as


cheaply as candy. The factors that desecrate the institution and cheapen


the parties are at the helm of the vessel that destroy marriage. The truth


is that impurities introduced before marriage and into marriage create


its demise. The demise may begin with husband and wife but spreads its


fangs from the children of the union down through generations.


Impurities create dissension, dissension breeds disgust, disgust


entertains deceit, deceit is the cohabiting partner of lust, lust is driven


by brokenness, and brokenness is the product of impurity.


Like father, like son. Monkey see, monkey do. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


These clichés have long existed to prove generational curses are kept


alive within families. We call them curses but never stop to explore their


beginnings, and if a family member tries to break the mold, somehow


it triggers a sense of intolerance. People we love and care for suddenly


become the enemy, and from our souls gush distaste strong enough to


produce lifelong adversaries.


Who wins? No one. What do we gain? Absolutely nothing! However,


the pressure in our souls to carry out this vindication of keeping our


adversarial differences alive is rock solid. Instead of watching over and


caring for our sisters and cousins, we isolate ourselves and gloat when


the byproducts of our indifferences take their toll. You may ask, how can


we fight against the passion of our souls to satisfy that which we cannot


even fathom? I say, think in terms of the beneficiary. If I benefit, then


hand over the blessings—cough it up; bring it. If not....

Excerpted from "Blood, the Currency of the Spirit World" by Jacqueline Trought. Copyright © 2013 by Jacqueline Trought. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Jacqueline Trought

Jacqueline Trought

Jacqueline Trought: Pastor, Author, and Naturopathic Health fanatic; currently serves as an assistant to her husband Apostle Winston Trought at Covenant On The Rock Family Church in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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