Mind Behavior

Mind Behavior

by Naomi Hollimon

ISBN: 9781493108114

Publisher XLIBRIS

Published in Health, Fitness & Dieting/Mental Health, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Book Description

This book is the guide for a healthy mind particularly for those dealing with mental illness. The tips and coping mechanisms underlined in this text are to be found nowhere else. As a bipolar I outline firsthand how to get back on the road to recovery and how to stay there. Every page is to bring you to a better you and by that enjoy your full capabilities in creating and developing the best function of your mind behavior.

Sample Chapter


Chapter 1

What is bipolar?


To give one definition of what bipolar is would be unfair. The textbook definition

will lead you to believe that this disease falls into two categories of a mood or mental

disorder, or the combination of both. But is it truly that simple? Bipolars, like myself,

can be manic and have the high and low mood disorder. But my experience has led me

 to believe that a bipolar is a person who had a traumatic life experience. Yes the mania

is there and the elevation and downfall of mood is there but more importantly we

are living proof that the world and the people in it has a profound impact on us. The

disease is caused by that. We don’t wake up or are born bipolar. Our disease is the result

of a cause that has happened to our minds, bodies and spirits. Everyone is manic or

emotionally unstable throughout their lives, so how are some of us bipolar and some of

us not? Simple. The average bipolar has that state of being or emotion for a lasting

amount of time and is operating or functioning with the aid of medication or therapy

to live a semi-normal or productive life. This onset is usually determined by some life

altering thing. It could be stress, environmental factors, or other extreme life experiences.

So to define this disease is to say that being bipolar is a state of being that is triggered

by trauma to the whole being of a person, causing him or her to think or act in a

way outside of their normal and healthy way of who they are. They are forever

changed and sometimes reliable on medication or others to grasp the reality

of this change and help return them to the state of normalcy they once knew.











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