Heir to the Stars

Heir to the Stars

by Lionel Suggs

ISBN: 9781257017089

Publisher Lulu

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

What are the limits of power? The Royal Flush have all been gathered to play a game to not only determine the limits of all power, but to find an heir to the Absolute Infinity. Journey with the Suits through the infinite Omniverse and beyond in order to discover the limits of power...

Sample Chapter

<Page 21>


<I can’t stop her attacks…>

“Peace will be established through oblivion!” She said. “No exceptions.”   

<That was a mid-level attack from her. If she uses a high-level attack, this planet is finished.>

“You know, although this is an alternate reality, this planet isn’t the same as the regular Earth.” She said.

“Every single thing about the planet that you remember is still the same here except for two things: Humanity is dead and this planet is exactly ∞^ trans-kilometers in diameter.” She explained.


With that moment, Chris Spades had realized that he had been analyzing everything as if we were on the regular Earth. Because he was not utilizing his mastery of dimensions, because she did not exist within it boundaries, he neglected the tiniest of details.

<While I have been analyzing her wrong, she hasn’t been doing that. Her first attack was no mere city wide destruction attack. Her smallest attack could have easily...>

“My Kuronatsu will cut through your possibility and nothingness, and I will avenge my fallen sister!” Nikkou said, as she used her impassable presence to dance circles around Chris Spades.

“If you have no star, then you have no destructive power right?”

“Freeze for a spell as I strip you of your power source.”

With the flick of a thought, Chris Spades completely stopped the imaginary spatial area that she was in.

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Author Profile

Lionel Suggs

Lionel Suggs

Lionel Suggs (1989-current) was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to a single African American mother, grew up around the East Coast, constantly moving throughout his life. Since a young age, he has always had an extremely high imagination. In the eighth grade, he wrote his first amateur book. He wrote poetry for a while, and even submitted some of his writings to a school newspaper. In 2010, he started self-publishing his own titles -- the Heir to the Stars series, and the Glory of the Defeated series.

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