Eddie Eagle's Gold Rush

Eddie Eagle's Gold Rush

by Wayne Cameron

ISBN: 9781628381108

Publisher Page Publishing, Inc.

Published in Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

A young eagle dreams of growing up, striking out on his own and building a nest so spectacular it would be the envy of every eagle. Along the way he witnesses the discovery of gold in California at Sutter's Mill!

Sample Chapter

    Eddie woke on the morning of New Year's Day 1848 to find a light snow falling in the woods and valley around his home. He stood up, stretching his strong wings as far out to the sides of his body as he could. He was thankful for the spacious room in the nest, especially with his parents not in it. It was eight feet across and nearly ten feet deep, which was very roomy when he was a young eaglet, snuggling at night with his parents, his mother's wing lovingly draped over his body.

    But now he was getting bigger and the nest could no longer hold the three of them with room to spare. He was five years old now, full grown and just as big as his father.

    Eddie took a moment to admire the nest his parents had built just before he was born. It was a sturdy structure of interwoven branches, so carefully crafted that each branch was locked into place. Over the last five years his parents had fixed and added to it as needed, repairing any damage caused by storms, high winds, and the like. The nest had survived everything Mother Nature could muster, a testament to the great care and love his parents had put into making it. It was perched high up in a towering oak tree with a spectacular view of the valley in which they lived. Gazing at the landscape, he thought how pretty the ground and barren, leafless trees looked with a thin coating of white upon them. He liked these light snows. It was just enough to cover everything in pure white without causing the trouble and headaches those really big snowstorms brought. He remembered a few years ago when a howling storm barreled through the valley, bringing so much snow he thought it would never end. His parents spent all night and much of the day with their wings spread out over the nest, protecting young Eddie from being completely covered in cold snow. Every so often, one of his parents had to get up and flap their wings to clear the heavy, wet stuff from the top and sides of their nest. Dad was worried the added weight could cause the nest to collapse and tumble to the ground far below.

    Eddie walked to the edge of the nest and peered over the side. He saw his parents perched side by side on a branch about ten feet below him, quietly talking. He spread his wings and launched himself out of the nest, making a quick half circle and gliding down to his parents. He landed next to his mother and gave her a little kiss on her beak.

    "Good morning, Mom! Good morning, Dad," Eddie said gleefully. "What a beautiful day!"

    "Good morning Eddie," his mother replied. "It is a lovely day!"

    "It's about time you got up sleepy head," his dad joked. "I thought you weren't going to get up until lunchtime!"

    "Oh, stop teasing him," his mother said, giving his father a disapproving glance. "When you were his age you would sleep in every morning you could."

    "Yes dear, you're right about that," his father laughed, "and what great dreams I had those mornings!"

    The three of them laughed and Dad nearly toppled backwards off the branch, having to flap his wings furiously to steady himself.

    "I'm going to clean up the nest," Mom said with a chuckle. "How about you boys go find us some breakfast?"

    "Okay, Mom," Eddie replied. "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!"

    "Don't even think about bringing something like that back to my nest!" Mom exclaimed with a laugh, taking to the air and looking back at Eddie and his father, "You'll break it for sure!"

    Eddie and his father both laughed and watched Mom settle into the nest. Eddie's father sidestepped across the branch to get closer to Eddie.

    "Ready to go, Dad?" Eddie asked.

    "Not yet, son," his father replied. "I want to talk you a bit first."

    "Okay," Eddie said nervously, shifting back and forth on his feet. Am I in trouble? he thought to himself.

    "What did you dream about this morning, Eddie?" his father asked, looking at him intently.

    Eddie shuffled and looked down, feeling embarrassed. He thought dreams were childish and could not look his father in the eye. Noticing his son's discomfort, Eddie's father moved closer and placed a reassuring wing around his shoulders.

    "Don't be embarrassed, son," his father said, spreading his other wing over the landscape in a sweeping motion. "When I was your age, I had many dreams. And what glorious dreams they were! Dreams of being free, seeing myself as a big and strong eagle, gliding high in the sky with the world beneath my wings!"

    "Really?" Eddie said in amazement. He had never heard his father talk like this. He always knew his father as serious and practical.

    "Yes, Eddie," his father replied. "I dreamed then, just as you dream now."

    "I thought they were kind of silly," Eddie said, "dreaming about being all grown up like you, living on my own and building a nest so spectacular it would be the envy of every eagle."

    "Dreams are never silly, Eddie. If something is worth dreaming, it is worth trying to accomplish and live it. You are growing up, my son. You are no longer a young eaglet, you are becoming an Eagle," his father said proudly.

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