A Spark in the Darkness

A Spark in the Darkness

by Karen Higgs-Faretta

ISBN: 9781480802179

Publisher ArchwayPublishing

Published in Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Spiritual an inspirational. Dark experiences can be filled with lights and sparks of hope

Sample Chapter

It is more than possible to live through dark and tramatic experiences.  If you ask for help you will find that a spark of hope will never fade.  When my oldest daughter suddenly passed away and I found myself in the middle of a divorce and I wondered if there really was a spiritual aspect to life and death.  When I woke up paralized from a brain aneurysm and was able to walk again after only 5 months I was convinced that there is something bigger than all of us.  I wrote this book to encourage anyone to keep moving even if they are in the depths of despair.  There is a purpose.  Grieving a loss is necessary and it is important to know that the sorrow will end and you will heal from loss. I hope that you will discover for yourself that there really is a Spark in the Darkness for all of us. 

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Author Profile

Karen Higgs-Faretta

Karen Higgs-Faretta

I was never left without a spark while living through dark and traumatic experiences, facing the death of my oldest daughter, a divorce, a brain aneurysm that left me paralyzed. The path was dark yet filled with a spark of light. Through this book I encourage the reader to look for their own sparks and to never give up because there may be something better in store. This book is spiritual and inspirational.

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