Listen Without Your Ears: The Road Ahead

Listen Without Your Ears: The Road Ahead

by Joe Gwerder

ISBN: 9781480801523

Publisher ArchwayPublishing

Published in Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Nonfiction

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Book Description

This book is focuses on the human condition and challenges you to open your mind and listen to your inner voice.

Sample Chapter


chapter 4
Finding Your Place
First, do not intentionally search. We will not fi nd what we look for directly. Each of us has designed for ourselves a crooked path. At each and every intersection or turn we have options and choices. None are right and none are wrong. Each choice simply takes us in a certain direction that will produce experiences. With each experience we move and gain more choices. This life of physical experiences is not about arriving at a fi nal destination. It is all about the experiences themselves. If we search only for that one thing or specifi c outcome we will always fall short in a broad sense. Success or failure is a judgment we each assign to our individual experiences. In actual reality they do not exist. Life is about traveling not arriving. As we travel our many roads, we will enjoy some more than others. This is much the same as some will enjoy chocolate more than vanilla, and vice versa. When you’ve had a long ride on a rough road, you greatly appreciate your times on the smooth roads. Without opposing experiences there would be no comparable. As humans we see many examples of this in our differ
26 | Joe Gwerder
ent lifestyles. How often have we seen an individual who has large monetary values, out of balance in other areas of their life? The simple reason is: without the absence of monetary possessions, how would someone relate to their value at all? How many news reports have told us of wealthy Hollywood stars or athletes who have one troubled relationship after another? There are even repeated legal problems with many of these same folks. They can have more money than most of us will ever see, yet experience a life of personal turmoil. Many people actually began with modest or even minimal monetary value and after a realization of drastically increased income, move into a mode of troubled experiences. They transitioned into wealth prior to their personal priorities being established whereas their individual values take precedence over their external values. The balance that needs to take place is one of “remembering” a past of limited monetary value without “reliving” it. When we can accept a personal change as good for us, because we chose to change our experience in that arena, we use our memory only as a tool to remind us of our new, more benefi cial experience. To take this paradigm to a much more important realm, consider the concept of freedom. Many of us don’t completely appreciate our freedoms here in the US. Although our current political sector and bureaucratic system is very corrupt and deceitful, we still enjoy an overall day-to-day choice making ability. I believe what we really enjoy the most is a journey fi lled with accomplishments, seeing others benefi t and content, and challenges that test us, but turn out as our desires suggest. The satisfaction that comes with self determination and perseverance is very hard to deny. The greatest pleasures in life can only be realized in concert with others’ pleasures. If you were
Listen Without Your Ears | 27
secluded on an island, any accomplishment you enjoyed would be limited without the presence of others. As it turns out, our “place” is actually not a place at all. “Movement” is our “place”. Nothing is stationary. Every particle has energy and is moving constantly. When our movement is in “rhythm” with our surroundings, we feel in sync. That is to say we are at “home” in that environment. A strong sense of belonging is what all of us desire for. If you are not in rhythm with your current environment, step back and examine what areas or parts you wish to change. If you can improve these areas by simple suggestion or by raising awareness in yourself and others, you can create benefi ts for all involved. If the environment is very resistant to your request, you may wish to change your surroundings. Attempting to change others for your satisfaction does not prove to be benefi cial long-term. Everyone has freedom of choice. Move toward environments where the choices are accommodating to yours. Our “place” is our journey itself.






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Author Profile

Joe Gwerder

Joe Gwerder

While growing up in a small Northern California ranching and farming community, Joe was exposed to a childhood of many challenges including an abusive father. Even though he has always had the ability to "listen" to his feelings, it is only within the last 10 years that he has given them credence. He now writes about common life issues and experiences through his abilities to "feel" information. He also believes many more of us can listen if we simply know how to start.

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