Who Will Weep For Me

Who Will Weep For Me

by Peter Glassman

ISBN: 9781491297483

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


A medical student, a law student, a dental student and a mob-connected friend have increased their bond from high school days when one of their group is murdered. Deborah Sterling, a Boston hospital nurse was the 7th victim of the Boston Stocking Killer and the group’s only female confidant. The four grief-stricken enraged men pool their resources to seek out and destroy the murderer amidst fruitless efforts by Boston Police and FBI resources in the tumultuous 1960’s. Edmund Sorelli, the Boston Stocking Killer, targets young nurses fitting the profile of his unwed nurse mother. A common thread from the characters’ teenage experiences produces a lethal confrontation a step ahead of the BPD and the Federal Agency.

Sample Chapter

WHO WILL WEEP FOR ME Being half-Jewish half-Italian in 1950’s high school was unique for Massachusetts Medford High Schooler Michael Waxman. Both Italians and Jews shared clannish ethnic bonding from their strong sense of family and persecution as minorities. Waxman finds identity with his Jewish teenage friends through a Hebrew youth organization called the AZA while retaining his Italian upbringing lifestyle in Little Italy in South Medford. Any anti-Semitism by Italian teens is countered by Waxman’s friend and gangster classmate, Carli Santo. Surprisingly, Santo allies with Waxman and four of his Jewish friends while still nurturing his mob-like upbringing. In parallel time, Boston Latin School honor student Edmund Sorelli lives in Italian East Boston with his blonde unwed nurse mother. Sorelli studies hard as an outlet for his sense of isolation and sense of non-family as his mother frequents bars, men and booze on Saturday nights. Rosaly Sorelli doesn’t know who Edmund’s father was and doesn’t care. She doesn’t understand her son’s anger and rage at her lifestyle and his sense of being different from his classmates. Sorelli vows to punish his mother and any girl at Boston Latin who behaves like her. Since high school graduation, the five Medford High students who had bonded closely continue to meet on a monthly basis at the College Deli in Somerville, Massachusetts. Each member has chosen a career path in which three are still within the education process. Michael Waxman is now a third-year medical student at Boston University and shares graduate school stories and angst with his high school friend and third-year dental student, Wendell Golden. Melvin Slinger chose a legal direction and is finishing Harvard Law School. Two of the group are already set in their adult livelihood. Carli Santo, the only non-Jew, had been in the auto-mechanical vocational high school program and apprenticed to a mob-connected chop-shop auto dealer and now has his own non-legal business. The female of the group, Deborah Sterling is a young nurse eight years out of high school still single and without romantic attachments. Edmund Sorelli has left the Army Military Police with a trail of three murders in Europe–each victim a blonde young nurse. He laughs and scoffs at the futile efforts of the Boston Police and the FBI to profile and find him as he continues his quest to prevent women like his mother from duplicating his illegitimate-child status. Life appears stable for all until Michael Waxman stares aghast at the projected slides of the 7th murder victim of the Boston Stocking killer during forensic pathology class. It’s Deborah Sterling. Waxman brings the news to an emergency meeting at the College Deli and from the gloom of grief comes a resolve to seek out and destroy their close friend’s murderer. Mel Slinger uses his Harvard law school connection to obtain information about the Boston Stocking Killer while Carli Santo uses his mob connections to do the same. They set out to identify and trap Deb Sterling’s murderer ahead of the BPD and FBI who seem powerless to do so. Peter Glassman

Excerpted from "Who Will Weep For Me" by Peter Glassman. Copyright © 2013 by Peter Glassman. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Peter Glassman

Peter Glassman

As a baby boomer and retired physician I'm devoting my time to writing medical, crime and historical thrillers. My life as an author began in 2003 after several individuals at Toastmaster's International speeches suggested "you should write a book". My first novel THE EYEMAN shows the consequences of untreated PTSD in a Vietnam War returnee. In the author's note of each of my 9 published novels I've revealed the reason behind each book creation. Even when I read other authors I look for the story behind the story. I live in retirement in San Antonio Texas spending several hours a day writing and editing my novels. I currently have over 34 story lines waiting to blossom into pertinent, poignant prose interlaced with humor and reality.

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