Summer Letters

Summer Letters

by Dan Petermeier

ISBN: 9781625103512

Publisher Tate Publishing

Published in Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

During an adventure-filled summer, one letter will either bring two people together or force them to say goodbye - forever.

Despite dating several girls in his life, when 20 year old Liam Roberts is introduced to a flirtatious and eye-catching young woman, their mutual attraction soon stretches boundaries he never thought he would cross.

Over the course of a summer filled with a variety of adventures and storms, Liam's love life starts to heat up. Will he make it through to see the rainbow at the end of the storm or will he have to wait out yet another downpour?

Sample Chapter

...During the course of the week, Liz began annoying her friends with her insistent questioning about the Valentine’s Day surprise. It was a good thing that Liam didn’t know too many of her friends that well because that limited the number of people she drilled for hints of what he planned. She looked forward to February 14 with so much anticipation she walked the halls of school as though she was on a constant sugar high. It was mental torture. Even though Arielle eased her mind about the minute chances for an engagement ring, the thoughts still surfaced every so often.

Liz could see a long-term future with Liam. He was her first serious boyfriend, and she loved everything about him. Despite an occasional image flashing through her head of her wearing a white dress and walking down the aisle someday to meet him, she knew it was not happening anytime too soon. Some days she couldn’t even process the fact that in just a few months she’d be walking down the runway in a cap and gown to receive her high school diploma. Any plans beyond the beginning of summer would have been like trying to peer into the next century.

When Emma arrived at the house at about four thirty, Liam was already strategically placing candles in Liz’s bedroom. Her bedroom had been cleared out earlier in the day, the furnishings relocated to a spare room in the basement. Liam borrowed six folding tables from coworkers and used the two others his family owned and set them up around the perimeter of her room, placing six-foot-tall bookcases in each of the corners.

“This one looks better over here,” she told him, taking a tall, red taper candle and placing it next to another. “It adds the right amount of romance…two reds together.”

He definitely had underestimated the number of candles it would take to fill her bedroom, and within just a couple of hours of initial staging, they were nearly out of props and needed to make a return trip to the Emporium.

Since Emma had a love for candles, she probably knew best which style and colors would add the look that Liam already established. Seeing as how he had fallen short in purchasing enough candles to begin with, he trusted her to buy the right number needed to complete the surprise.

A portion of this chapter has been removed here...

First, she noticed the red votive candles near the front of the room, and then glancing from side to side, she noticed the small flickering tea lights that were tiered on the tables.

Unbelievable, she thought. She closed the door, a puff of smoke wafting past her. Turning around, her entire family and Arielle were standing in the hall. She couldn’t process things fast enough. “Is my room on fire?”

Then she heard it. It was faint at first, but the sound grew louder every few seconds. It was the song she’d come to associate as hers and Liam’s, a sweet love ballad playing in her room.

“What’s in there, Liz?” Arielle grinned.

“He’s in there, isn’t he?” she shouted, nudging her friend.

Arielle remained straight faced as Liz stood with her back to the door, unable to speak again.

“Are you going to show us?”

“C’mon, Liz. Is there something to see in your room, or what?” Arielle pleaded.

She simply couldn’t say a word. There wasn’t really anything she could say. What she just saw was over the top, but still she had to see it again to process it. So with eyes closed, she slowly opened the door. She opened them only to be shocked for the second time. In the middle of the candle-filled room stood Liam, arms spread wide and holding a sign that read Happy Valentine’s Day, Liz!

And in seeing her boyfriend in a sea of light, she collapsed, falling backward with her head slamming into the wall before she landed on the floor.

*The book continues at this point.

The following is an excerpt from a later chapter.

When he was ready, he took the envelope again, and carefully opening the seal, he pulled out the letter. It was just a simple piece of white stationery. No decorations, hearts, or other markings highlighted the top or the edges—something she often did on notes she wrote to him in the past. He took a deep breath and read the words she wrote to him.

Dear Liam, I want to start off by saying I’m sorry for closing you off the last couple of weeks. It has been a tough inner battle, and not talking to you has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I know I didn’t make it easy for you.

I can honestly say that when we met, I had no idea that I’d go crazy for you like I did. It was so sudden, and it gives me the chills to think about the awesome feeling of falling in love. Every day since then you have been on my mind, and as I write this letter, I stare at the picture of us at Christmas, and I realize just how happy you made me.

I remember the first time we kissed. It was my first kiss, and I will treasure it always. I remember the time we danced on the golf course even though the music was so hard to hear. You didn’t like to dance, but we did it anyway—because you did it for me.

I remember on New Year’s Eve when we had the house to ourselves and you blindfolded me. You handed me a baseball bat and had me hit a candy-filled piñata, and somehow I managed to pop it right at midnight. It scattered Hershey’s Kisses all around the living room. I still find one every now and again with the wrapper still intact, and it reminds me of how your love for me has never ended or even been foiled, even though I’ve seemingly melted away our relationship. I’ve put you through a lot, and you’ve been by my side the whole way. You did so many things for me, and I remember them all, to the point it makes me cry knowing how much heart you put into everything.

I can’t tell you what a difference you have made in my life, and I know I am better for it.

Despite all of this, some things have happened with me that I can’t explain or even understand. There are things that have affected me and are bigger than I can handle right now. I wish I could, and I wish I was strong enough to let myself allow you to be a part of it now and for whatever may be in the future.

This letter is so hard for me to write, but I know that if I said it in person, I may lose myself. You deserve so much more than what I’m able to offer right now. Words can’t express how much it pains me to say what I am about to say. I don’t want to say it, but I have to, and I hope that one day you will forgive me.

I have to say good-bye, Liam.


Excerpted from "Summer Letters" by Dan Petermeier. Copyright © 2013 by Dan Petermeier. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Dan Petermeier

Dan Petermeier

Raised in a small town in Minnesota, Dan Petermeier has always been known as a writer. Though he has written many short stories, Dan was most recognized for his talent in writing in the business world. Dan longed to write a novel and he for years that he would one day write "Summer Letters", a real-life inspired love story.

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