Shadowed Reflections

Shadowed Reflections

by Tru Essence Tru Essence

ISBN: 9781483676548

Publisher XLIBRIS

Published in Literature & Fiction/Poetry

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Book Description

The poetry expresses love and understanding of self; understanding for love and strength of the source of all that keeps most people just on the other side of what some may consider “insanity”. The inner voice of the average person is all of us. Relating to our inner inquiries about ourselves, Shadowed Reflections digs further inward to find out why we feel so deeply and how these feelings affect the next steps we take. One’s connection to the truest form of themselves is displayed in the pages of Shadowed Reflections. The poems display a broad spectrum of a lifetime of emotions.

Sample Chapter

Shadowy Places 
 We all have shadowy placesFrom whence we have evolvedPaths left behind for others to find While they are on their own journeys As we reach the overpass leading from our pastMilestones We are still left alone to figure out which direction to goLike a hedge mazeOur roads are directed specifically Through forest-like ideas and agendas
Where I’m Going 
In the sunshine, my mind sees rainIn the moonlight, my heart feels painIn my dreams, I long to feel sober Wishing these nightmarish realities will soon be overCrashing with intense burning at every twist and turnGrabbing blindly for an irrelevant lesson yet to learn Will I ever complete what I set out to do? Will I ever begin to have a clue?Going forward with my eyes tightly closedIs like falling backwards with my eyes wide openedGravely feeling without feeling I’m paralyzedThe shock of not knowing has surrounded confusionEntering into existence with an intrusionI block out my hopes by covering up with uncertainty  With good reason for being careful not to care about meI care but I maintain a distance between my dreams and meI shall acquire that which is necessary to play dead in the face of success and victory I’m trying to pull away from this me that is, but I am restrainedIt still feels to me like I’m going forward with my eyes tightly closed And that feels like I’m falling backwards with my eyes wide open As I whisper, “God, please catch me”
Flashes of Light 
There was a calm that was feltUnknowingly, all the cards were dealtIn the mind of the dealer, the job is done And the game isn’t over until someone has wonI look at my hand then at the others and notice their expressionsI wondered was anyone willing to make the confessionThat we all have the same hand Who is more? Who is less? Who will claim victory? Who will claim distress?Eyes shift Jaws tightenLights flicker and time runs outLast call Who will be first to fall?
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