Entity: An Enemy Found

Entity: An Enemy Found

by Mr. Theodore J Thayer

ISBN: 9781491223543

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Literature & Fiction/Horror, Children's Books

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Book Description

A young German nobleman, Vincent, has been used to paranormal happenings in his family's mansion for a while, but in recent times, the events have been getting worse.

With the help of his butler, he finds that things are worse than he originally thought.

Sample Chapter

"When we had split up to research things on this coat-of-arms, and the cursed documents that were stuck to the back of it, we found that Träger was buried somewhere in the catacombs. So, that could very well be one of the contributing factors of this curse. One of his descendants just happens to beCatèrena Landwirt, the woman we also know as Jezebell. From when she learned about Träger, to just before she died, she was going to the spot where he was buried and leaving him small memorial gifts like black roses and the like. Somehow, each time she went back, there was something for her, in return. One of these times, she obtained a rather gothic-looking pen and a thick pad of parchment paper" Dennis explained.

"We also uncovered an old layout of the original castle design." King began. "It was hard to find as it was in a vault in an obscure part of the library. Dennis somehow happened upon it and shocked the librarian with the find."

"Come to find out," Dennis started to explain. "One of the original builders of the library was one of Menfred's ancestors who immigrated and wanted to try keeping the files secret and safe."

"Apparently, the pen and parchment paper Catèrena Landwirt found was used to write that demonic book of spells, rituals, and the like." Dennis continued. "We also found something in the hilt of one of the swords from your family's coat-of-arms, Vincent."

This piqued Vincent's interest and he intently listened to what Dennis and King had to say about the secret found in the family coat-of-arms.

Before they started, the coffee and donuts arrived for their breakfast. Liz grabbed a donut and munched it like she had not eaten in months. Vincent and Gertrude just looked at her in surprise, then amusement. Liz stopped, noticing the gazes.

"What? I'm hungry! The hospital food, though okay, was not much." she remarked. ~ Excerpt from Chapter 7


Excerpted from "Entity: An Enemy Found" by Mr. Theodore J Thayer. Copyright © 0 by Mr. Theodore J Thayer. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mr. Theodore J Thayer

Mr. Theodore J Thayer

Born in late 1974, Theodore has always had a fascination for entertainment. Being able to imitate character actor vocals such as W.C. Fields & Edward G. Robinson, as well as several cartoon character vocals, has been a love of his for years.

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