Small Folk Rhymes (Small Folk Tales 1) [Kindle Edition]

Small Folk Rhymes (Small Folk Tales 1) [Kindle Edition]

by Christine Larsen


Publisher Christine Larsen

Published in Children's Books/Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths, Children's Books/Early Reader Series, Children's Books/Ages 4-8, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

'Small Folk Rhymes' is the first in my 'Small Folk Tales' series of six e-books. An original collection of poems for small folk – to capture and enhance their own wondrously fertile imaginations. With chapter names that include 'Guppy Puppies', 'One Lonesome Shoe' and 'Echidnas are not Kidding', these cheerful verses will delight small hearts with the carefully chosen clipart and photos to enhance my words, adding their own brand of quirkiness and charm. A talented reader could share my words with those smalls who have not yet begun their reading journey to becoming a besotted book lover.

Sample Chapter




I’m a cow – ‘MOO’ – a cow,

Eating grass and hay, and now,

‘Abracadabra’ I will mutter,

Turn grass into milk and butter.

What a milky, mooey magician is a cow!

* * * *

I’m a bee – ‘BZZZZ’ -  a bee,

I buzz from flower to tree.

So busy making honey,

Clear and golden, sweet and runny.

What a busy, buzzy worker is a bee!

* * * *

I’m a flower – blooming – a flower

My face has the power

To make you smile as you smell,

Cause a tear in your eye as well?

What a lovely, happy blessing is a flower.

* * * *

I’m a cat – ‘MIAOW’ – a cat,

I DO adore a pat.

Curling and stretching, I loudly purr,

Just love me, feed me, stroke my fur.

What a soft and gentle cuddler is a cat!

* * * *

Was that a mouse – ‘SQUEAK’ – a mouse?

Did it run loose in your house?

Munching out on your Weetbix,

Teasing your cat with some new tricks.

What a mischievous little mouth has a mouse!

* * * *

How about a ‘BOK-BOK’  chook?

I lay eggs for you to cook.

Smooth feathers have I, and the beadiest eye.

My quick beak can catch a fly flying by!

What a clucky, pecky bird is a chook!

* * * *

Wait a minute – where’s a duck?

Here I am – to say ‘WUK, WUK’

A waddler on land, on water I sail,

Clean up your garden of worm, slug & snail.

What a handy, dandy bird is a duck!

* * * *

Here I am – ‘WOOF’ – your dog.

I’ll chase a ball, a stick, a frog.

I’ll work for you, I’ll play with you,

I’ll always be your own ‘true blue’

What a fearless, faithful friend is a dog!

* * * *

I’m a fox, such a fox,

Fast and sneaky ’round the rocks.

Try to catch me and you’ll fail,

You’ll just see my bushy tail.

What a nifty, shifty fellow is a fox!

 * * * *

...+ 8 more verses,

   + selected clipart and photos to enhance the words.


Excerpted from "Small Folk Rhymes (Small Folk Tales 1) [Kindle Edition]" by Christine Larsen. Copyright © 2013 by Christine Larsen. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Christine Larsen

Christine Larsen

Christine is - a wife, mother, grandmother, and writer. In a past life she has been – a Secretary, Lifeline telephone counsellor, Community Careworker – and a farmer throughout each of these. Today Christine is a born-again writer after countless rejections of her children’s stories over three decades ago. Between financially stretched times and 'busyness' raising kids, milking cows and farming, no space was left to believe in herself as a wordsmith. Her works were tucked away on a back shelf to gather much dust, until a series of unexpected events coincided with her ‘empty nest’ syndrome. At first Christine embraced a variety of crafting pursuits – and then gathered her courage and had another ‘go’ at writing. Success came with recognition and acceptance by Squidoo and Ezine Articles. Both platforms considered her words also worthy of praise and awards – reinvigorating her developing positive feelings sufficiently to embark upon an e-book self-publishing learning curve with Amazon’s Kindle. At last, Christine is celebrating the wonderful and unimagined results of her most passionate dreams and beliefs – like the power of words to teach small minds to never ever stop enquiring and learning about this vast and beautiful world of ours. If her words can influence and lead small folk to fully embrace this basic principle, Christine believes a greater degree of understanding, appreciation, tolerance and acceptance will be born and grow within each small heart. She is SO proud to be a small part of this.

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